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Chapter One

Six, Dark, Rookie, Omega, Shadow, Sonic, Metal Sonic and Seven were speeding towards Capital City to Fight the Deacon and his Army of Cyborg Ultra-Morphs. "Whats the Plan?" Inquired Shadow. "We Arrive, Find Deacon and kick his Kin-Slaying, Heratical Ass!" Responded Six. Shadow Nodded. They sped into a Street. A Cyborg Ultra-Morph pounced a Seven. She grabbed it, Slammed him into the Ground and blew it's Head off with her Fusion Shotgun. "These Things are called Ultra-Morphs? More like Ultra-Suckers." Seven remarked, Sarcastically. Two more jumped at Metal Sonic but he blasted them apart with his Wrist-Rockets. "Subjects: Terminated. Ass-Whooping: Delivered." He beeped. "Well this here be a Piece of Shtako Army he got." Spoke Dark. "You under-estimate me, Yautja Scum." Chuckeled Deacon, who was standing atop a building with the other Four Chaos Emeralds. "Come down and say that to my Face, Coward." Responded Dark. "You and your Puny Weapons are useless against me, Yautja. Only a Guardian can Kill me... And they're Extinct." Gloated Deacon. "Yo Mamma seemed to Appreciate my Plasma Caster." Responded Dark. "B*tch you just got Owned." Spoke Rookie, who Bro-Fisted Dark. "Enough of your Weakling Insults, My Minions will Deal with you!" Exclaimed Deacon. "Like im scared of Little Yellow People." Chuckeled Dark. "Go Frakk yourself!" Responded Deacon. Deacon Teleported away as a Group of Cyborg Ultra-Morphs surrounded the Heroes.

Chapter Two

"Im calculateing there is at Least 30 Hostiles surrounding us." Spoke Omega, who shifted his arms into Gatling Gun Mode. "I'll be sure to add them to my Trophy Rack." Chuckeled Dark. "Im not sure im comfortable with you haveing Xenomorph Trophys. Even if they are Cyborgs." Responded Six. "Oh come on!" Moand Dark. "I own the Apartment. My place. My Rules." Six Said. "Speaking of owning stuff. Let's own these Ugly Mofos." Interjected Rookie. One Cyborg Ultra-Morph charged at Six, who jumped over it's Head, Ripped it's Arm off and whacked it with it, sending it flying into another. The others backed away. Heavy Footsteps were heared. A Cyborg Predalien-Queen walked Forward and let out a Roar. "Look at the Size of this Ugly Mother..." Exclaimed Dark as he was then wacked into a Car. Omega opened Fire but the Beast's Armour made the Bullets bounce off. "Anybody got a Plan B?" Inquired Sonic. "Yeah. Run!" Replied Rookie. They all scattered as the Cyborg chased after them. Six climbed up a Building. "No way that Thing can Climb up here. It's too Heavy." Spoke Six. The Beast started to Violently Climb up causeing to Smash Windows and make Holes in the Concrete. "Oh Hell no!" Exclaimed Six, who started to use Parkour to Climb Higher. The Monstrosity nearly stabbed Six with it's Tail but she dodged out the way. The Cyborg was then hit in the Back by Rockets from Metal Sonic and Omega. It fell and crushed 3 Cyborg Ultra-Morphs. Shadow Homeing Attacked it's Exposed Back then jumped away and Blasted it in the Face with a Chaos Spear. "Alright. Now it's my Turn!" Shouted Six as she jumped down and stabbed it's Head with her Tail. It Roared in Pain and shuck Six off. Seven started to Blast it with her Fusion Shotgun and then jumped onto it and ripped off it's Chest Armor. Sonic Homeing attacked it multiple Times. It stumbled and fell over a Car. Six punched through it's Back as it got up and then Burst out of it's Chest. "Oh the Irony." Muttered Dark as he helped kill some Cyborg Ultra-Morphs.

Chapter Three

The Heroes finished off the remaining Cyborgs. "Humph i expected more of a Fight." Mumbled Shadow. "Nothing Ultra 'bout these Guys, hey Shads?" Chuckeled Sonic. "Dont call me that." Responded Shadow. The Deacon came flying by (With the use of Black Goo Wings) and landed in an Alley way. Omega blasted him with some Fusion Bolts but had no real Effect on him. Deacon wacked Omega, sending him flying, then he picked him up and took him atop a Rooftop. Omega blasted him in the Face multiple Times. "You want a Piece of me? You want a Piece of me?" Exclaimed Omega. "No. I want Two!" Responded Deacon as he ripped him in Half and then threw him into the Street below. Six came rushing round the Cornor. "Six." Spoke Deacon. "Deacon." Replied Six. Deacon grew his Black Goo Wings and flew at Six. Six dodged and grabbed ahold of Deacon. They flew through an Office Building and crashed out the other Side. They got back up. "The Humans are Weak, they deserve to Die!" Shouted Deacon. "They deserve to choose for themselves." Six responded as the Two grappled with eachother. Deacon threw Six away. "Then Join them in Extinction!" Exclaimed Deacon as he blasted Six with Corrupt Electricity Bolts that sent her Flying into a Wall. Deacon took Two Chaos Emeralds off her and then assaulted Seven and stole her Chaos Emerald. He Teleported onto a Massive Skyscraper with Engineer Technology on it. "My Siblings could not Stop me... Now i Claim your Sun!" Exclaimed Deacon as he powered up the Device with all 7 Chaos Emeralds. Six was crawling on the Floor in Pain. "Come on Six. You have to get up. You have to stop him!" Spoke Rookie. "Lifeform: Six... My Power Levels are Failing... Heavy Damage has been sustainded... Take my Parts and have a Power you've never known. Fufill... Your... Destiny!" Spoke Omega who ripped out his Power Core. Six nodded. (Cue Badass Music) Omega's Parts started to Fly onto Six giveing her a Jetpack, Fusion Gun-Arm and Plasma Wrist-Blade on her other Arm. "Deacon... Im comeing for you." Spoke Six who blasted off into the Sky.

Chapter Four

Mecha Six came Flying by in the Sky when a massive Engineer Worm Drone blasted out of the Ground. Mecha Six flew back and blasted it with Rockets then Chopped off it's Head with her Plasma Wristblade. She flew past a Clock Tower and mowed down 12 Cyborg Ultra-Morphs on the Way. She reached the Skyscraper and swooped the Deacon off it while Blasting the Device in Mid-Air. The Deacon started to Punch Six as they banged into a Building. "Urrgh. Die like your Siblings!" Exclaimed Deacon. "They were your Siblings too!" Replied Six as the Two Punched it out in the Streets. Deacon tried to Escape but Six cornered him on a Bridge. Deacon unleashed a Volley of Attacks on Six that Dazed her. He knocked her onto the Floor. Pulled out a Engineer Sword and jammed it into Six's Shoulder and Cut off her Arm. "You were always the Bravest of us Six but you never could make the Hard Decisions. The needs of the many outway the needs of the Few." Gloated Deacon as he readied the Final Blow... Seven came rushing round the Cornor and Blasted Deacon with her Fusion Shotgun. "No. This Planet is mine. Six is mine to Kill not yours!" Hissed Seven as she beat up Deacon.  "We need a Truce. All i want is to be back in Charge. Besides who would you be without me?" Gloated Seven. Six got up. "Time to Find out." Replied Six. She picked up an Axe and rammed it through Seven's Head and ripped it off. Seven's lifeless Body fell to the Ground. Six picked up Seven's Fusion Shotgun and walked up to Deacon. "You cant Kill me... Only a Guardian Xenomorph can." Spoke Deacon as he struggled to get up. "Let's put that to the Test." Replied Six. Deacon Quickly Teleported away before Six could get a Shot. "Humph... Coward." Mumbled Six as she threw the Gun to the Ground. The others started to stare at the Savior of Earth. Dark put his hand on Rookie's Shoulder. "You Fought well Today... For a Human." Complimented Dark.

Chapter Five

The Heroes return to Tails' Workshop. Rouge runs up and hugs Shadoe. "Im so Glad your Safe... Where's Omega?" Rouge Inquired. Shadow bowed his Head in Sadness. "Omega's... Omega's Dead?" Asked Rouge as her Eyes started to Water. Tails took a look at Omega's Remains and took them off into another Room. Six got some "Xeno-Sirum" and started to Regenerate her Arm. Shimmer walked up. "Are you Ok, Six?" He Inquired. Six smiled. "I'll be Ok. I've had Worse." She Replied. "Do you need any Help?" Shimmer asked. "Nah. Besides i dont want my Acid Blood to harm you... Look... Umm i have to go away for awhile." Spoke Six. "Wha... Why?" Questioned Shimmer. "It's Important... It's to do with Deacon and Xenomorph Prime." Answered Six. "Your... Your going Home." Spoke Shimmer. "Only for a while. Dont Worry, I'll be back soon enough." Replied Six. A while later everyone was waiting for Six's lone Departure. She opended up a Portal to the AvP Universe and could see Xenomorph Prime. She started to say Goodbye to Everyone. She got to Shimmer... "Shimmer? I will be back... They cant keep me down." She Spoke. They smiled at eachother. Six walked upto the Portal. "Shimmer. I... I will always be your Friend." She said before Disappearing into the Closeing Portal...

TO BE CONTINUED... (Dramatic Music)