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though they look more or less the same as normal xenomorphs, ADVENT xenomorphs are very different from their human-spawned counterparts. as the name suggests, they emerged from ADVENT soldiers instead of true humans, and as a result, they inherit the memories of the countless tactical simulations that most ADVENT troopers have downloaded into their minds via the psionic network. this gives the ADVENT xenomorph unprecedented knowledge of both human and alien combat tactics, making them a force to be reckoned with. there is no observed difference between xenomorphs spawned from troopers, sheildbearers, and officers, as they are genetically identical, though there are variants of the ADVENT xeno strain.


Stun Lacer Xenomorph

the higher muscle fiber density of stun lancers compared to other ADVENT troopers gives these xenomorphs a marked increase in agility and strength. "xenolancers" tend to be warriors instead of drones or other xenomorph castes.

Advent Priest Xenomorph

the unusual synaptic configuration of ADVENT priests allows for Psionic transduction between otherwise distinct and unrelated cell types found through out the body, giving this xenomorph increased capability for the storage and release of Psionic energy. "xenopriests" have the ability to enter a psionically-enhanced cryptobiotic state similar to creatures like brine shrimp and tardigrades, during which time they are nearly invulnerable to small-arms fire and adverse environmental conditions, but are unable to attack their opponents. normal xenos have a similar ability, but they aren't protected by a force field. they also have the ability to "link minds" with nearby xenomorphs, increasing a swarm's cohesion and overall effectiveness. xenopriests are often drones, as their already-high intelligence and ambush tactics are increased tenfold by their psionic abilities; their cryptobiotic abilities allow them to lay in wait of prey in any environment for centuries at a time, and their mind-linking powers can be used to enhance the tactics of nearby warriors. if there are multiple xenopriests present, it is possible for a hive to create a completely organic version of the "psionic network" used by ADVENT, resulting in a terrifying enemy with the rapid reproduction rate and exceptional savagery of a traditional xenomorph hive combined with the long-range, instantaneous communication capabilities of the psionically-enhanced ADVENT army.

variant: xeno-cardinal

a praetorian spawned from an ADVENT priest, serving as a powerful psionic conduit for the theoretical psionic network mentioned above. able to link minds with hundreds of xenomorphs at once, the xeno-cardinal would constantly be surrounded by an entourage of xenopriests, while also serving a similar role in a group of other xeno-cardinals protecting the queen, who serves as the primary leader of the network.

ADVENT Purifier xenomorph

xenomorphs spawned from ADVENT purifiers have greatly enhanced thermal regulation glands, giving them near-total immunity to being set on fire. while they can still be burned, they are much less flammable than other variants, substantially increasing their survivability.