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At the colony of B.G.-986 5 workers were out in the middle of the day studying the blue-prints of the new security office they were ordered to fix. Aparently it had some power failures and the Weyland-Yutani security force, repetadly got locked into there own station. Then what appared to be a meteor flew over. one of the men's curosity got the best of him. when he arrived at the crash sitte he saw a huge metal vehickle laying down pale green eggs that cam out of a conveyor belt. he quickly ducked behind a rock and pered over it to see more. he sneeked behind the vehichle and walked over to the pit he climbed down and looked at one of the eggs. the egg opened, The man pered into it. the a spider like creature with a tail jumped out and lached it self on his face. he let out muffled screams and then he want in to unconsisnos. the other 4 men came over and found there friend. they pulled him out and tried to pull the thing off,but to no avail. then 4 more eggs opened. the man were astonished so they to fell victim as more creatures lached on to them as well.

Chapter one-The Hunt Begins

The eliet Yautja and his hunting party looked over there hunting grounds on a three-diminsional map. The eliet hunter's name was Ven'tarken wich ment in Yuatja language brave one. He then told them what they would be hunting. He pulled up two images one of armed humans wich were on route to their hunting planet as they spoke,and serpents. He then ordered them to dawn their armor and get ready for the hunt. He to went off to dawn his armor. His armor was diferent from the others, he wore a mask that was similar to his ancestors, all was simirliar but the eye holes. the mask was know has the wolf mask. The eye holes were the shape of ovals and were red. He grabbed his equipment wich he earned from battles won. he then turned and walked into the pod launch room. He ordered them into the pod and set the quardenants.

When the pod landed it stayed in cloak as did they. He walked to the edge of a cliff and uncloaked as did the others. He looked about the area and turned. He looked at them and said "Let the nunt begin." the hunters nodded, turned on their cloaks, and dispursed.

Chapter two- The exterminators 

The marines drop ship came to land on air craft pad at the colony. The seargent came out first and signaled his marines out. A total of 5 came out. two wemon and 3 men. the men were all shaved. The sargent began to explain the mission to them he was a tall african american man with short black hair. his name was Donaven Renmic. the three men marines names were Burton Jones, Franco Greenman, and Charles Dainmen. The two wemon's names were Kelly jean, and Donna fineman. The sargeant continued to speak and said "Alright marines our mission is to find and rescue and remaining colonist. Lets move out."

The marines moved slowley down a dimly lighted hallway. "Franco move up ill cover." Whispered the sargeant. Franco nodded and led up front he pulled out his motion tracker. He put his hand up and said "hold up got something." Then a rat scurried across the floor. He smirked and said "alright lets keep moving." Sargent Renmic then stoped them and said "Hey there should be a back up generator in this room. Lets get it on then it will be a whole lot easier to spot enemys. "Good this beingin the dark is making me scared." Comented Kelly. "Good then yout turn it on" said the sargeant. She cursed herself for saying that and opened the door gun ready. she then pulled a lever and lights came on all around them.

Then she walked out and said "Task completed sir." The shared a short smile then kelly was pulled under the metal grating. "Kelly!" Screamed Donna. And She opend fire down the hole. Then a loud shriek came from all around. and the sargeant Said "Lets get moving to dropship to call reinforcemnts." The soldiers ran down the hall way and turned into others. Donna left the group to hide to frightened to follow orderes. "Donna Get back here!" Exclaimed Franco. "Leave her!" said the sargeant. Donna was in a ball crying in a room when she heard something. she turned around and saw a black figure rise up it grabbed her by the head opened its mouth and unleashed it's inner mouth giving here a head bite.

" Hello U.S.S ship Gordon can you hear me!?" asked the sargeant. nothing but static. He tried agin same thing. "our comunications are cut." He explained. "were on our own."

Chapter Three- First fight

Ven'tarcen was on a branch of a treee stalking his prey. it was a serpent unaware of his presence feasting upon the corps of a dead colonist. he then jumped down behind the serpent and extended his Combi-stick and drove it through his preys head. then he heard a loud scream and turned around to see a pratiotarian whip it's tail at him. He was flung through the air and he feel on the ground. he leaped up. he saw another tail but dodged it. he activated his plasma caster and fired at the huge beast. two shots hit the creauture. it took a step back and grew angry. it charged at him he jumped aboved the creature and landed on a tree branch. the pratiotaron missed its target and rammed its crown into a tree. wich knocked the tree out of the ground. it turned and doged a blast from the plasma caster. it ran twoard the tree using it tail to try and stab its foe. Ven'tarken though it would try to climb the tree but he had forgotten only the smaller ones can climb. so the pratiotarian drove its tail straight through the tree and it began to fall. The hunter jumped from it and landed behind the pratiotarian. And reactivated his plasma caster. the beast turned around breathing with anger. it charge at him. The hunter jumped straight to the beast and drove his right wrist guantlet blades into the creatures face. he kicked away from it and fired the plasma caster wich blew the beast face right off. he landed and walked over to his kill.

Chapter Four- Birth Of A New Foe

A unblooded predator stalked his pray a serpent which was busy harvesting humans. he jumped down and grabed the creature from behind but was whiped by a tail and knocked on the ground. his prey jumped on the hunter and opend its jaws. but miscalculate. as his iner jaws shot out it's foe grabbed the inner mouth and tore it out and stuck it into the serpents face. the serpent let out a squeal and died. He pushed it off of him. He then stood over his kill and let out a victory cry. He the took off his mask and ripped off the serpents finger and dipped it into its own acid blood. and began marking himself. he then turned after finsihing and was attacked by a face huger.

Chapter Five- Grunt Hunt

Seargeant Renmix was alone trying to see if Donna was still alive he walked into the room she was last seen and saw her dead with a whole in her head. then a Xenomorph jumped from the shadows and was shot down. then another and another came out he backed out into the hall and killed the two of them. he turned to see more creatures crawling ligting fast. he started walking backwards firing in a panic. he came out of the door. and yelled to his marines to get the robot sentry online. Charles got it online and it mowed down xenomorphs. Then a tail came behind him and stabbed him in the back. Franco saw the xenomorph on the ship and shot it it fell on the floor and it acid blood made it melt through the grating. "Fall Back!" ordered the sargeant "I'll hold them off!" "but sarge..." said Burton "JUST DO IT!" Ordered the sarge. Franco and burton retreated while the sarge fired into the seemingly endless waves of black horrors. he started getting a thrill from it and forgot to check his ammo. and had to switch to a pistol. he backed into a corner and got stabbed by a tail. the tail turned to show him his attacker he layed eyes on the predalien. The Beast opened its mouth and used the iner jaws to kill the man.

Chapter Six-Lost An Old Friend Gained A New Allie

Franco and burton were in the jungle by the time the sargeant died. they stopped near a torn down tree to catch their breath. " This isnt happenin this is not possible!" Said burton trying to calm himself. Franco just stared at him and said "You a wuss ya'know that." Burton got mad and said. "Oh yeah im gonna be calm when were the only to people on this planet!" "What did you think when you joined the marines? A free loly pop and the guy saying have an easy life?" said franco. "Now lets keep moving." He said and they continued on. they went past the torn down tree and saw the corps of the pratiotarian. They stood there in shock. They said nothing and continued on. Burton pointed to a science facility. they walked in and saw tons of xenomorph pictures and cages with crab like things. Then Franco said softy to himself "Their studying them. He heard a shot gun cock and he turned around to see it aimed at him. "Finally i get to do my job." said burton. "you work for the company dont you." Burton nodded. "then why didnt you just kill us." asked franco "becuase my orders were to make sure i got a specimen in you" Burton explained. "But why did you sound so cincerened about the sarge?" asked franco. "Becuase you see he was tough as nails and these creautures take on the personality of their host so we though his born creauture would be able to take all the test. but yours will do. now get down on the procedure table." said burton. Franco began walking the turned and smacked the shot gun out of burtons hand. Then he tackled him and brought out his combat knife and stabbed burton. He then got up and ran out of the facility. He kept running becuase he knew these colonies had Some bunkers but he never thought they were used with a disastor such as this he thought the colonist left the planet. then he heard a clicking sound. he quickly turned around and was grabbed by an alien creture not what he had normaly fought but bigger, stronger, more dangerous. He kicked away and shot the creatureit fell to the ground and tried to activate it's bomb but was killed by a tail that went through his face. then a creauture steped out from a tree and brought out his tail agin. and swung it at franco. who dodged. and shot the beast. who shrugged off his bullets and used its tail to knock him to a tree. Franco was near unconsious and was about to be killed when a spear went the creatures back and the creature was swung away. Franco looked up to see Ven'tarcen who turned and was going to fight the beast. He watched as the two mosters fought a brutal battle. The creauture who had saved him from certain death was evenly matched with the beast. The creature who saved him was the same species as the one who was killed by the alien monster. Ven'tarcan threw many wrist bladed attacks and the other clawed at Ven'tarcan. Ven'tarcan then slayed the beast with his spear. Ven'tarcan then walked over to franco and put his hand on his shoulder. This was a sighn of greeting.

Chapter Seven-Hunts end

Ven'tarcan had made a new allie for he thought any species that could hold their own aginst an abombanation was worthy of survival. The human apparently understood that Ven'tarcan wanted to be allies. Then they heared a rumble and they turned in the direction it was coming from. The Queen walked through he trees and roared at them. The human at his side fired with its weapon at the queen distacting it. Ven'tarcan then jumped on it back and started to satb it the queen hit him off with her tail. and was agin fired upon by franco. She chased him into the forest knocking down trees and everything in her way. Ven'tarcan the got up and brought out his spear. he jumped from branch to branch until he saw his human friend conored. He jumped next to the queens head and shooved the spear into the side of her head and actvated his plasma caster. He then blew her face off and went to his human friend. He then pulled out a knife from his boot and gave it to him. He then began to take his mask off. He could tell the human was not to suprised considering all he saw today the predator then blooded him. Ven'tarcan then said i would hunt by your side any day." in english. Ven'tarcan and the human both walked back to thier ships. Ven'tarcan had already killed all of the serpents.