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Morning Madness

Deacon lay asleep in his King Sized Bed. He snored rather heavily and some were rather like Hisses. All of a sudden the Alarm Clock sounded off at an ear grating pitch. Deacon jumped up so high he hit his Head on the Ceiling. He falls back down and growls in pain. "Grr... My Head." He moans. Raine is sitting in Bed next to him, wearing Ear Muffs, with a Grin on her Face. She puts down her Book 'The Art of War' and looks over at Deacon, who is sat there, arms folded, grating his Teeth. "Sleep well, Dear?" Raine chuckles. "You really have to end it with these Games." States Deacon. Raine smiles. "I thought you liked an early Morning rise." She smirked. "Not when i bang my Head on the Ceiling." Moans Deacon as he points up. "You're so attractive when you're Angry." Taunts Raine. "... I find this a worthy Apology." Grins Deacon, beliving he may get lucky. "But enough banter... We have the whole Day ahead of us." Says Raine as she jumps out of Bed. Deacon frowns upon his misfortune. "Is it Kitsune Nature to be tricky?" Remarks Deacon. "... No Comment." Smirks Raine. "If i had Eyes... I'd be rolling them." Moans Deacon. "Turn that frown upside down, Grumps!" Laughs Raine. Deacon gets out of Bed and stretches. "Don't give me Nicknames." Groans Deacon. "But it's Fun... Grumps." Replies Raine. "Stop that!" Exclaims Deacon. Raine shrugs. "Fine... I grow tired of it anyway." Sniggers Raine. Deacon grates his Teeth.

Bad Breakfast?

Deacon and Raine were eating their cooked Breakfest in their Dining Room.. "You ever think of giving the Walls a new Paint Job?" Inquires Raine. "But Black goes with everything." Replies Deacon. "But Black is so bleak. Why not Green? Or Yellow? Or Orange?" Smirks Raine. "You cannot be serious." Moans Deacon. "Seriousness, what is you?" Jokes Raine. "By the Gods... Your Grammer..." Responds Deacon. "I am Disapoint." Continues Raine. Deacon twitches. "You know i hate Bad Grammer..." Moans Deacon. "You're Winner!" Raine mocks. Deacon Facepalms and let's out a long sigh. "What is the Day? Piss Deacon off Day!?" Questions Deacon. "No... The Commission Board turned that Idea down." Replies Raine. Deacon frowns. "You frown too much, you'd make a terrible Joker." Moans Raine. Deacon takes a swig of his Mead. "I've resorted to drink... And it's not even past 10 yet... New Record." Groans Deacon. Raine gives a frustrated look. "Would it kill you to lighten up?" Questioned Raine. "No Comment." Grins Deacon. "Don't let Six know about that weakness." Mocks Raine. Deacon growls upon hearing his Arch-Nemesis' Name. "I'm senseing a troubled Mind..." Jokes Raine as she imitates writing on a Notepad. "You are just impossible." Groans Deacon. "Lovely View..." Says Raine as she ignores Deacon's Moaning and looks out the Window. Deacon rubs his Forehead with his Tail. He sighs. "Women..." He comments. He bites off an Egg of his Fork with his Little Mouth.

Chaos... And it's not even the Evening

Deacon walked down the Hallways of his Battle Ship. Dr Wily walked beside him along with OVA.Deacon, a Counterpart of his from another Timeline. "And so you see Sir the Quantom Fusion Generators can't hold that much Power..." Wily informed. "What Short Round here is saying is that HE can't reverse Engineer something i could take apart and rebuild in 5 Seconds." Cut in OVA.Deacon. "That's not your Project though." Stated Deacon. "Yes but it would benefit us if i took over..." Responded OVA.Deacon. "Listen here, i handle the Weapons Department." Snapped Wily. "Oh indeed... You can build a fantastic Spring Man, who is nothing more than a Glorified Slinky, yet you fail to even build a Trap-Room full of Instant-Death-Spikes. GG Wily, GG." Berated OVA.Deacon. Deacon was starting to get agitated by their bickering. "Right! Wily you work on more Robots, Sir know-it-all will work on their Weapons... Then he will return to his own Project. Is that clear?" Snapped Deacon. The others nodded. There was an awkward silence. "Why are you still here?" Questioned Deacon. The others sped off to the Labs. Deacon let out a sigh. "IQ of 400 my Ass... And as for Wily... For the love of Destrumorph." Groaned Deacon. He continued to walk down the Hallway. Chet and Razor Claws were having an Arm Wrestle to decide who gets the last Can of Chaos Cola from the Vending Machine. "I won't... Lose... To a... Girl." Groand Razor Claws. "Whatever you say Mr Pink." Chuckled Chet. "It's not Pink... It's Light Red." Responded Razor Claws. Chet won. "Back to work you two." Said Deacon as he walked on by.  The two Saluted and waited until he walked around the Cornor for Chet to taunt Razor Claws.

Leader of the Fan Club...

Deacon walked into his Lounge and sat down on his large Leather Couch. He let out a Sigh of relief. He opened a Beer and turned on his mounted TV, flicking through the Channels. "There's always something Good on Space TV." He stated. A 'Human' Hand reached from behind the Couch and rested on Deacon's Shoulder. He jumped and Squeeled like a Little Girl... thankfully the Room was sound-proof so his Dignity was intact. He looked behind him and Dark Samus was there in her Human Form, which she was only ever in around Deacon, smiling... A rather disturbing Smile. "Sweet Node of Tyranny! How'd you get in here!?" Deacon exclaimed. Dark Samus jumped over the back of the Couch and sat next to Deacon. "Raine gave me the Password. It was Password... Ingenius!" Smiled Dark Samus. "Why'd Raine give you the Password?" Inquired Deacon. "Oh... She thought you might be lonely." Responded Dark Samus. Deacon folded his Arms. "I'm never lonely. Raine must be mistaken." Replied Deacon. It was a Lie... A terrible Lie. "Oh Deacon... You can't Lie to me." Sighed Dark Samus as she inched a little closer to him. She always found a way to make him uncomfortable. "Look. Even though Raine is fine with this i'm not... I have Morals about this stuff." Said Deacon as he cut straight to the point. Dark Samus crossed her Arms and gave him a Doubtful look. "You're just scared of being able to handle two at once." Smirked Dark Samus. "I am afraid of nothing." Boasted Deacon. "Good." Grinned Dark Samus. Deacon gulped. Before Deacon could react he was pulled behind the Couch. His Arms waved frantically in a Comical fashion from behind the Couch as Kisses and Moans sounded out. "Waah! Somebody help me!" Exclaimed Deacon. He tried to pull himself up but was pulled back down. He continued to exclaim for help as the Noises continued. "Ahh! Ridley! Get me outta here!" Deacon cried out.

It's complicated

An Hour or so later Deacon was laying on the Lounge's Bed next to Dark Samus who was under the Quilt. If you're wondering what his expression would be like, it was compareable to the wide-eyed, teeth bearing, shocked look one may have after hyperventilating. He was trying to grasp the situation at hand... On one hand he knew that Raine wanted him to have fun when she was not around, but on the other he was a One-Woman-Guy... Still. He was finding it hard to regret at the moment. "Just as i imagined..." Smiled Dark Samus with her Eyes closed. Again... He felt uncomfortable. 'She actually imagined it... Why am i surprized!?' Deacon thought to himself. "Well... Uh... I... I... I have to... Um... Attend to my Duties." Stuttered Deacon. "Raine told me to keep you here." Grinned Dark Samus. "But... But... my Duties." Replied Deacon. "Consider it a Day off... Captain." Dark Samus chuckled as she put on Deacon's Captain Cap. "But i need to check in on the Command Bridge." Informed Deacon. Dark Samus was silent for a moment. "Fine... But remember i need you to 'Report for Duty' later... So be quick... Or i may have to come and find you." She grinned. Deacon nodded. As soon as possible he was out the Door. He let out a Sigh of Relief as he walked down the Corridor.

Check up

Deacon walked into the Command Bridge Room. Star Wolf was laying back drinking Coffee. "Urgh... Well... I'm afraid i can't let you brew that, Starbucks." Sighed Wolf as he put the Coffee in the Bin. "Such an aquired Taste." Wolf continued. Deacon did the 'Attention-Cough'. "Oh... Captain! I didn't know you graced us with your presence." Wolf spoke. "It's ok... Those Coffees are not for everyone i agree." Responded Deacon. "Indeed Sir. How was your 'R&R' if i may ask?" Replied Wolf. "Um... You know about... That?" Questioned Deacon. Wolf nodded. "Well... I... Um... Have no complaints." Informed Deacon. Wolf let out a hearty Laugh. "I thought as much Sir. Your Mood is rather fine on this Day." Smiled Wolf. Deacon nodded. "Well... As you can see Sir. I have all of the Crew in tip-top condition. Everything is running very smoothly." Wolf stated. "Good. I knew my faith in you was well placed, Wolf... Take a break. Get something to eat. You earned it." Replied Deacon. Wolf nodded and smiled. "Thank you very much Sir." Wolf spoke with a hearty laugh. Deacon nodded and walked out of the Room. He started to make his way back to the Lounge... With a spring in his Step... Most unlike him. "...'Cause i'm happy. Come along if you feel like Happiness is the Truth. do, do, do, do..." Deacon began to sing. Stranger things have never been seen.

Time occupiance

Deacon strolled down the corridor. Ridley came around the corner and walked alongside Deacon. "So my Friend... I see you found her well?" Chuckled Ridley. "Everybody knew about this before me?" Questioned Deacon. "Ironic, is'nt it?" Grinned Ridley. "Well i have no Complaints anymore... But why do i feel as if i'm being left out of something?" Stated Deacon. "... You're just being overly concerned, we tell you everything." Replied Ridley. "I guess so my Friend." Deacon responded. "Well i must be off anyway." Ridley said. Deacon nodded and Ridley went off. Deacon continued back to the Lounge. He walked inside as the Door opened. He walked over to the Bed. 'Hum... She's asleep.' He thought to himself. "No i'm not." Dark Samus said with a Grin. Deacon jumped due to shock. "Now... You were a bit late. So... I'll have to give a rough punishment" She grinned. Deacon was pulled under the Quilt.


Ridley strolled along a Hallway, as he reached the Door in front of him he came to a halt. He looked around him, nobody was about. "Password; Double Surprize." Ridley said. The Door opened and Star Wolf welcomed him inside. "Still know nothing?" Questioned Wolf. "Yep." Ridley answered. Wolf chuckled. Dr Wily, OVA.Deacon, Ganondorf, Reala, Zonic, and Raine were all preparing differant Party things. Raine was ticking of things from a Notepad, with a Smile. Ridley walked over. "She's keeping him busy just as planned." Ridley grinned. "Good. Good. I want everything to be perfect for him." Raine replied. "But he does suspect something is going on." Informed Ridley. "As he should... He is smart enough after all... I still can't belive he forgot about his own Birthday." Raine spoke. "Maybe he just blocked it out after all of those Years." Ridley suggested. "Maybe." Responded Raine. She put her Hand on her Stomach, there was a nearly unnoticable mound. "So, he gets two surprizes... What is it?" Chuckled Ridley. "It's a Boy... He gets a Son." Replied Raine. Reala walked over. "Everything is done and ready, Boss." Informed Reala. "Good. I'll get Dark Samus to bring him here." Raine responded. Reala nodded.