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First Colonists — Personal Logs - Files #4|2179-2813

January 6, 2179

Chall, Damian Frue
(SN: 50269-86753-DC)
These damned figureheads. Don't they understand that LV-426's atmospheric processor is about to explode. It clearly shows the integrity of the hull as 46% yet they don't want to listen. This is stupid, I don't know why I bother myself with Weyland-Yutani. The boss treats us like utter crap and I personally feel that they should have blown this planet to hell. As a civil engineer back on Earth, Traditions company just absolutely had to go.

January 8, 2179

Quartz, Jane Hopper
(SN: 84244-34795-JQ)
Acheron is fine but not as good as Earth. This wasteland is at the very least better than that BG planet with the desert-like outback. The marines stationed here are useless though. Don't do anything but pick up a donut and lick it. Hopefully we can return to Earth in time for the demolition of the Empire State Building. The damn tower has been up for decades and hasn't crumpled one bit. I hope that here on LV-426 they still send the traditional mails, the old father could use a letter or two so he doesn't panic about my safety.