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Ale'Xia is a fan character created by YueHatake 23:57, January 10, 2011 (UTC)YueHatake.

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Ale'Xia is a female Youngblood. She is clumsy for a Yuatja and is usually known for slaying an entire colony. The Youngblood is not the one her Elders bet on for killing Serpents. They actually doubt her abilities and usually she is dismissed when in the presence of the Elders. The Youngblood is hot-headed and not easy to get along with her fellow Youngbloods, who call her foolish, but she is determined in slaying her first Serpent and proving her Elders wrong.

The Youngblood has wristblades and the usual armor that a Youngblood would have, though her peers believe she should not go on hunts and tend to the younger Yuatja children. Ale'Xia is 203 years old. Ale'Xia gets captured during the time she visits Earth. The Corporation plan on using her to create the Yuatja Human Hybrid.