All he could remember was that he was thrown into a room. A strong armored human threw him in there, he was then left in the room. Next thing he knew something jumped on his face, then it went black. He awoke and couldn't find the thing that attacked him. He walked around the room, he then felt a pain in his chest. A monster then ripped from his chest and ran out into the room. The man fell to the ground and the monster was taken from the room. It was put into restraints and had the number one branded onto it. It shreiked a window cracking scream, the beast was then left in the room.

It had grown to full size in a few hours. The restraints wer released and it crawled around the room. A door opened and two men were pushed in. They saw the creature and ran, looking for a way out. It grabbed one of them and stabbed him with its tail. The next man had his head pulled off. It feasted off the bodies of the dead men, it didn't know it was being watched. "Two men in only six seconds. Perfect to become a weapon, and look it sees us now," said a scientist. The creature screamed at the window where scientists were watching. It wanted more food, more blood. A few hours later they opended its cage to feed, an Android pushed a human in. When the android turned around it had its head torn off. The scientists tried to run but they were slaughtered, the creature ran through the lab. It killed all in its path and escaped into the colony LV-459.

I'm running it's following me, this creature,It killed my friends, it's grabbing me. No, no,no!

I woke up, the same dream for three nights in a row. Yet it wasn't a monster from my imagination, it was real. Five years ago I was sent to LV-890 on a bug hunt. After the fight my squad was killed, I my brother were picked up. A thing latched to his face before we were picked up. The last thing I remember was my brother being sent to a lab. I get out of bed and walk to the mess hall. I grab my food and sit down next to the three guys I know best. Mark Dillinjer, Fred nicks, and Jack Noll. Craziest Marines I ever met, yet none of them have ever seen a Xenomorph. After, what I think was brekfast, I walked back to my locker.