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ALIEN:  Specimens of Evolution

Quick Notes:

  • Specimen 6 is a reference to Alien Vs Predator (2010) but won't look identical to that design.
  • Any similarities to other fanfictions are completely coincidental.
  • I do not own the license to the Alien franchise.
  • My xenomorph designs are inspired by origional models from the movies, games and some comics, and aren't intentionally similar to other fan-made models.
  • My work may vary setting/location so make suggestions in the comments.
  • If you have any ideas for my work submit any ideas in the comments for designs, locations or character names/nick-names.
  • This work belongs to me: Stodgy.
  • Thanks for reading, and have a good day! 

Great Work dude. But two many Parodies from Aliens. Very good though. From Lycan.

Chapter: 1

"Rise and Shine, Marines!" Yelled Commander Thompson, a wide grin across his scarred face.

"C'mon, what d'ya guys want, Bed and Breakfast? Get up! He screamed in frustration.

The woken Marines were just getting out of their cryo-tubes. They all just started doing their usual wake-up check-ups from the medic stations to see if they had any negative symptoms of  the cryo-sleep before they wandered down into the lockers.

"He gives the best wake-up calls, eh?" Joked Sergeant 'Steel-burner' Gunners.

"The best!" Laughed Corporal 'Howler' Wolf.

The two squad members laughed to themselves while dressing into their USS Marine gear, and then loading their firearms of choice. With Wolf grabbing the classic and marine standard Pulse Rifle, and Gunners grabbing his trusted shotgun and extra shells. Looking over the room, they saw the usual tough-nuts, the battle-ready soldiers. Some even carried the all-powerful Smart-guns.

"Everyone down in the cargo bay when you're in your equipment!" Shouted the Commander over the yelling in the locker room.

"Briefing C'mander?" Spoke the Rookie on the bench, a Pulse Rifle slung over his shoulder.

"You bet your ass, now get movin'!" Shoving marines out of the room.

"Better get down there then, huh Wolfie?" He said over his shoulder down the corridor, arrows of white paint plastered on the walls.

The marines all circled the Commander with some slouching against, and sitting, on some cargo storage boxs.

"Attention Marines! We've been sent here to guard a Weyland-Yutani facility from any threats from the outside and guard any from the inside. We must keep this facility secure for the scientists to conduct their experiments. Questions?" The Commander asked from the crowd.

"What threats from the inside, sir?" frowned Gunners.

"Xenos, you can do some homework on them on your tech-pads on the way there." He yelled, chewing on some chewing-gum. "Any more?" He asked.

Corporal Wolf raised his hand with a smirk.

"What is it Gunners?" He asked, concerned by his smirk.

"I'm Wolf sir, that's Gunners." He responded, pointing at the true Gunners.

"What is it Wolf?" He asked, still concerned.

"How do I get out of this Chicken-shit outfit?" He smirked, his rifle slung on his shoulder.

Chapter: 2