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Policy.png This page contains an official policy on Alien Fanon. It has wide acceptance among editors and is a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy. Thank you.

On the Alien Fanon we are dedicated to write articles in a good style and demand on a high quality. Here the most fundamental rules concerning article quality are written down.

If each user follows these rules the Wiki will be free of so called stubs and bad articles which got no considerable content. So please respect this Quality Policy.


  1. All articles must be suitably categorised and put in the correct categories.
  2. Categories must be well-established categories that are used for multiple articles.


  1. All articles must adhere to not contradicting the established canon.
  2. All articles must be at least one paragraph in length.
  3. All articles must make use of acceptable punctuation, spelling and grammar. This includes the article title.


  1. Appropriate heading sizes must be used. The largest heading to use should be header 2 (==example==).
  2. Headings should not be capitalised.


  1. All articles must be formatted correctly with no stray/unnecessary html tags.

Image usage

  1. No uncredited and/or poorly licensed images. Images and aspects officially class as "derivative works", and thus must be classed under a "Fair Use" license when uploaded, and furthermore must be accredited to their respective author.
  2. Images should be displayed at 200-300px wide (max. 300px).


  1. Use of appropriate infoboxes. Images should not be over 300px wide. An appropriate use is that Infoboxes are placed on articles that does describe e.g. Xenomorph Species, Planets, Substances, etc. to give a short overview however, not on fanfiction stories or stories in general, because they make no sense there.
  2. One infobox per article.
  3. Infobox images must strictly be suitable examples of the article's content, e.g. a planet's orbital photo, a character's face, a chapter's symbol and colour scheme, etc. Captions must describe the image in a clear and concise manner.
  4. No infoboxes within infoboxes.


  1. Article titles must be concise.
  2. Article titles must not begin with grammatical articles, i.e. "the/a"(src), or end with full stops. A page named "The Ultramorph" or "Ultramorph." can only be titled "Ultramorph". This policy can only be waived in exceptional naming circumstances, e.g. pages named "The Council" or etc. where a lack of a "the" would appear exceptionally odd. Articles used elsewhere, such as "Ancient Council of the Xenomorphs", are permitted.


  1. Diction (word choice) must be at an acceptable standard. Examples include sentences that need to be re-written into a more realistic and/or formal format.


  1. All articles must make use of an Author, Property, Community or Free Use template.
  2. All incomplete articles must make use of the Construction template.
  3. All header templates (Author, Free Use, Community, Property, Construction etc) must be placed at the very top of the page, and preferably in the order listed above.
  4. All articles must be published without image placeholders.
  5. Any and all youtube music players added to user pages must be clearly visible. This includes placing them at the top of the page beneath header templates like property, construction, tabletopfriendly, etc. Any attempts to hide the player through coding tricks will be reverted.
  6. Quotes must use a Quote Box.