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About Alien Fanon Wiki

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Welcome to the Alien Fanon Wiki!

This Wiki is dedicated to the writing of fanfiction centered around the Alien Franchise (and, to a lesser extent, the Alien vs Predator franchise).
To find information about the official canon you can visit Xenopedia.

Creativity is the main aspect that rules this Wiki and should be respected. Only a few rules are set to control the creativity. So before creating new Alien fanfiction please check out our official Rules! These are the Quality Policy, the Canon Policy and the Main Rules.

Got any questions? Don´t hesitate to ask our Administrators!

At this point a great "Thank you!" goes to the Founder of this Wiki: Cute Grunties.

Happy editing!

The Admin Team

A Little Bit About Our History

The Alien Fanon wiki is an online fan-fiction site devoted to the fans of Alien franchise. This wiki was created by Cute Grunties on the 16th of April, 2009 and did not seem to be in a good shape though as of the 8th of March, 2012, user Nanosoldier successfully adopted the wiki and hopes to bring it into a new era.
On the 4th of April, 2018, user InquisitorZylon adopted the wiki and will reorganize and improve it to finally make it a successfull and famous Wiki.

Featured Articles

Hunter-Killer, or Specimen 382, is a Xenomorph Drone of unusual intelligence and ferocity. The first attempt by the Weyland -Yutani corporation to weaponize the creature, the drone was hatched from a subject that had been genetically augmented and dosed with steroids, in hopes that the resultant creature would assimilate some of the traits of its 'parent.' Unfortunately for the corporation, the researchers, and especially the civilians that had financed the project, Hunter-Killer, as it came to be known, proved to be far beyond the researchers' ability to control it. [...]

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The praetorian shadow stepped forward, the crackling hiss of television static and the hum of swarming flies increasing in volume as it did so. Soon, the sound drowned out everything in the room. The sepia room began to melt away, revealing an empty whiteness. A disembodied voice spoke to 07. It sounded… distant. Like a recording on a VHS tape. [...]

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