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Aliens: Out of the Shadows - (A collaboration )  By Stodgy and Xeno 117

A Lifeless Yautja lay on a Table in a Lab, deep within a Secret Weyland-Yutani Facility on the Planet LV-445, better known as Durushi. No one was else was in the Room... The Yautja started to shake... A Chestbuster burst out of the Corspe. It looked around then scurried into a Vent.

A mutated grey Chestburster raised it's head in it's cell. It had heard a scurrying in the vents to it's right, with the scent of his kin burrowing through the air. He opened his jaws and called to the free Xenomorph to come and release him from the human's lab.

A 7 Foot 5, Brownish-Red, Predalien bursts out a Vent rips a Scientist in Half. A 2nd Scientis chops off it's lower Right Mandible with a Knife. The Predalien Roars in Pain then rips off the Scientist's Head. "Broken-Tusk" then Smashes the Cell Doors in.

The grey chestburster begins to slow down, before it's hide began to then split and stretch. Darker grey began to appear beneath it's shredded skin, it's body then grew radically taking the usual shape as it's warrior brethren. Though with added differences. Such as two tusk-like mandibles at the front of it's hardened chitin skull. With stronger jaw muscles, which increased it's bite strength. But the increased jaw strength has been a mutation which has used the "inner-mouth" to increase the muscle tissue. So the usual tongue has been replaced by a human-like one, though it is a light cyan colour. The newly grown xenomorph glanced at it's mutated sibling. Tilting it's head, it then hisses at the predalien. Turning away, it then pounced at the grated wall before climbing through a malfunctioning ceiling fan's vent.

Broken Tusk roars. It throws a Table at the Ceiling. It had set its sight on "Purifying" the Hive of Mutants, with a direct Scent Trace, Broken Tusk crashes through a Wall, in pursuit. Androids aim their Sniper Rifles at the Brute. Using it's Adrenaline Rush, it effortlessly dodges the Speeding Bullets and Jumps from Wall to Wall. Broken Tusk swipes the 2 Androids off their Feet with it's Tail, then while they're falling it Punches them through the Chest, ripping out their CPU-Hearts. It sees the Outline of the Mutant through Walls. It rips Doors open and smashes through Walls to create Shortcuts.

With a quick hiss, the grey xenomorph uses it's protein mutations to alter the genetic pheromone all xenomorphs sense. In simpler terms, the alien becomes invisible to the xenomorph's view through the metallic walls. The mutant then quickly turns and scurries through another vent direction to further escape it's enraged sibling.

Broken Tusk Roars in a fit of rage over losing track of Grey. It starts to wreck the Room. After destroying everything possible in the Room, it stands in Silence. A Silence broken by a Exo-Suit breaking through the Wall, and throwing Broken Tusk outside, into the Courtyard. The Exo-Suit jumps out the Hole and it's Right Arm transforms into a Gatling Gun. A Rocket Launcher appears on it's Left Shoulder. Broken Tusk stumbled up. "This is Blue Falcon engaging the Target." Spoke the Pilot. The captured Queen contacted Broken Tusk through a Telepathic Link. "Show these Vermin the True Power of the Hive... Destroy their Toy!" The Queen hissed.

The silver alien watched the battle via scent through the metal walls using it's enhanced scent. It could hear the sound of it's Queen through the walls. Hissing back, he rushed through the walls with purpose to attempt to locate the bound matriarch of the Hive.

Broken Tusk jumped back and forth, dodgeing Bullets and Rockets. It jumped onto an APC. Blue Falcon fired a Rocket. Broken Tusk jumped away, as the APC was destroyed. "When the Machine's Weapons overheat, strike it's weakened back." The Queen Hissed. Broken Tusk jumped over Blue Falcon, and onto it's back. It swiped at the Power-Pak, ripping it off. After tearing apart the Circuitry inside, Broken Tusk leaped away, as Blue Falcon exploded, setting the Courtyard ablaze. Broken Tusk smashes through a Doorway, rushing through Hallways and Corridors. It reaches a large inner Complex. Android Bodies are littered all over. It notices an Elevator Shaft and jumps down it. It lands, Fist-first, creating a Shockwave. It looks around... Hive Webbing covers the Walls. Broken Tusk roars then runs off, on all 4s.

The grey xenomorph was quickly developing a taste of synthetic "blood" as it was high in protein, which gave it the ability to alter it's genes. Though it could kill like all xenomorphs, this one wasn't like other Xenomorphs. The protein it had gathered would surely give it an edge in any later conflicts, huge amounts of protein were building up which still weren't enough for the mutations it had in mind. But first, It used some protein build-up to mutate it's brain, and improve it's comprehension of the world around it. Studying the rooms. The materials. Noticing patterns and organizing which mutations should be priority. And also developing knowledge of where it could gather more nutrients for transformative genetic altering.

Broken Tusk sniffed Android Blood splattered on the Floor. It smelt repulsive towards... It tasted it. "Urgh! I think i'm going to puke!" It thought to itself. And Puke he did. The Acidic substance burned through the Ground. A Crimson Predalien with Jet Black Dredlocks, about 7 Foot 2, with a Sleeker build, compared to Brokrn Tusk, watched from the Shadows as the other Predalien ran off. It looked at the Elevator Shaft, then the Tunnel. It wanted entertainment and so it secretly followed Broken Tusk to the Queen, though it had no Instinct to serve her.

The Grey xenomorph continued to pounce and climb down corridors towards the Queen's chamber,, hissing in annoyance of the long distance. Spotting a synthetic, it instantly stood still, before the light began to warp around the cells of it's chitin hide, cloaking it. The synthetic continued forwards down the corridor. Before walking into the invisible xenomorph, the mutant alien grasped the robotic soldier's head in a strong grasp before lifting him into the air. With a roar of triumph, he lurched his head forwards catching the robots head in it's powerful maw, before pulling him down with his claws, tearing the head from the body. He then noticed the squirting stream of synthetic blood, before clasping the neck in his jaw, drinking the protein-rich substance. When no synthetic blood was present, he tore the body apart by simply pulling with both of his claws at once. Shrieking with new found strength, he continued to plow down the corridor with new found vigor.

Broken Tusk stomped down the Corridor, smashing everything in his way. he ripped a Ttanium Door of its Hinges and continued onwards. He saw the Synthetic Corpse on the Floor. He growled in agitation. The other Predalien watched from the Shadows as it stomped on the Body. Broken Tusk ran off. As 'Red' looked on, a Sniper Rifle cocked and was put against Red's Head. The Predalien growled. "Specimen loca..." Before the Synthetic could finish Red was forceng it onto the Ground and ripping it's Spine from it's Stomach. Red roared in victory, then ran off to follow Broken Tusk, who had arrived in the Queen's Chamber. 

The grey xenomorph then pounced onto the hard chitin of the queen. Climbing on top of it's bound head, it forced it's sharp claws through the binding of the queen's head. He then pounced down and released the rest of the bindings, releasing the queen from her bound state. Roaring with pride, he then began to tear open another vent and began it's escape through the gap. Before leaving, he tore a loose metal sheet and launched the thrown weapon, landing directly in the face of the pursuing Predalien. Hissing in success, he jumped through the opening, through the vents, and escaping into the surface.

Broken Tusk roared in Anger. He threw Tables into Walls, Doors into Canisters, Crates all over. He started to slow down then stood still, frozen. After 10 Seconds he appeared to explode... But really it was just a Cocoon. Now 8 Foot 2 and with 6 Sharp Spikes on his Back, and increased Muscle Growth. He roared and burst through the Wall, fixated on tearing the Flesh from the Mutant's Bones. The Queen soon followed, using the Mono-Train Rail to escape. Red had went through a Vent and found herself outside. Taking an Android by surprize, by bursting through a Wall. Other Synthetics crowded around and pointed their Guns at her. Looking around, Red decided to avoid open Combat, she wasn't a Tank like Broken Tusk and was a more Sneaky type. She jumped onto a Crate then onto the Rooftops. Running away from the Gun fire. A Dropship followed in pursuit, firing Duel Gatling Guns at her. Red jumped from building to building to avoid the Barrage. A Missile was fired. Using Adrenaline Rush, Red grabbed the Missile, spun around, and threw the Missile back. Boom. Direct Hit. The Dropship spun out of Control. Red jumped down a Cliff, slideing down the Side to avoid the Flaming Wreckage. She jumped at the last Minute and landed in a Jungle. 

The grey xenomorph was limping slowly through the under bush towards the cave it had spotted. Bursting free into the cave mouth, he descended. Latching onto a stone wall, he cocooned while tendrils of hive resin sealed him to the wall as his body went through an advanced growing stage, as his muscles grew and bones strengthened to support the power house of a creature the xenomorph would mutate into.

Broken Tusk walked through the Jungle. He sniffed the Air. Nothing but Plants. He growled. Realising he was extremely tired he hid in the Bushes and fell into a Deep Slumber. Two Hours later. 4 Synthetics tredded through the Jungle. One with a Sniper, one with a Pulse Rifle, one with a Smart Gun, and another with a Flamethrower. A Rustling in the Trees caught their attention. The Smart Gunner and Pulse Rifler fired into the Trees. An Alien Monkey fell out, then limped off. The Sniper laughed. From behind them, a massive Shadow rose, followed by a Rustling of the Bushes. They turned around to see Broken Tusk roar in Anger. They opened fire. The Pyro fired but Broken Tusk absorbed the Flames then spewed them from his Mouth. The Androids decided to retreat and Broken Tusk gave chase.

A silver scaled claw entered the light of the cave mouth, strong pointed claws retracting out of the strong digits. A long drawn out growl escaped the maw of the xenomorph as it ascended from the black void of the cave. It's mandibles covered over it's face while it's mouth was shut, but acted as horns while it's maw was opened. Two curled goat-like horns, both a shinier silver then the rest of the hide, faced forwards with titanium density, just like the rest of it's bones. The scales grown over it's chitin were tightly packed and reduced damage along with the intertwined layers of solid chitin below the armored layer. It's teeth were more silver and were forced into being longer if the beast's mouth was opened, but retracted into it's jaw if the maw was shut. A solid crest stood on the top of it's skull, like a praetorians, but this one was more smooth and would help stop enemies from sticking to the crest due to it's metallic structure. With a roar of purpose, the creature leaped into the jungle to locate more protein for nutrients and mutations.

Broken Tusk heard the Roar and threw the Dead Androids away. Scattering them along the Ground. Broken Tusk then climbed into the Trees and pearched in waiting. The Mutant eventually lumbered into the Grove. It noticed th Bodies and startee to devour them. Broken Tusk perched on the Branch, readied himself. He punced and started to Claw at the Mutant's Back as he clinged on.

The mutant then began to notice a strange, yet weak feeling in his back. Pulling his jaw from the body, letting the corpse fall to the ground he pulled a weight from his back to see the head of his pursuing Predalien. Looking at it once, he threw away his foe roughly into a tree, before continuing to gorge on the bodies till nothing but small smears were left. Rearing up to his full height, he launches forward into the jungle, further away from the facility.

Red ran through the Trees and looked on as the Mutant ran. Broken Tusk was Stubburn and Arrogent, so he chased after the Mutant. Red decided to use this as an Advantage. Luring the two to a Dam in the Jungle, she would let their fight destroy the Dam in the Process, with the resulting Destruction killing the two. The G-force of the Water would cause them to combust... They'd drown too... Whichever came 1st.