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Chapter 1: A start

The last school bell rang the halls, as the children flooded the doors. They rushed to their homes to hear the news of up coming events with the parnets. On the T.V the director of the U.N.S.C appeared. "To all lessioning to this, we are on the eve of war with an enemy more fearsome than the covernet.. We are about to go to war with a fearless army that knows no bounds. Fear is not in their vocabulary. That's why we need YOU! You will join own arimes and show these monsters what fear is! We will divre them to the aybss. They have spilled human blood for the last time. NOW THEY DIE! NOW THEY PAY!

Later at night in a baracks, Sue is writing to her parnets. "Dear mom and dad, I fear this war between the U.N.S.C, the Brutes and own oppents, the Legion, will end badly for us. Because the war with the covenet and the elite-brute war just ended, I fear everyone but the Legion have lost to many soldiers to fight. I can feel that the worst has yet to arrive and end us all. Love Sue."

Chapter 2 : Hell's Gate Opens

Meanwhile in xenomorph space. Master De Lacurmist speaks to all the xenomorph and other creatures living in the Legion's space. "My beloved people, The batards of both the U.N.S.C and the Jiralhanae dare to rase there hands to us and declare war on us. We my brave beloved people are gods to these monkeys. So we will burn them where ever they make their stand."

"Goremedy and Slena to capture a new human test subject for Mr.Green's test." Ordered Lacurmist. "Understood sir." They said in unionson. "So Slena who should we capture? How about the U.N.S.C's leader." They said to each other as they boarded a dropship.

Chapter 3: the Super Aliens

Chapter 4:The assassin

Chapter 5: Darkness rising

Chapter 6: Now It begins