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Aliens vs. Predator: Acidic tides is a survival horror/First person shooter game featuring the AvP universe, as well as some added fanon content.

There are three unique campaigns, some single-player challenges, a multiplayer feature with several maps, and survival and arena modes that can be played offline or online.

Playable races

There are 3 normally playable races and 2 rarely playable races.

U.S. Colonial Marine

The U.S. colonial marines have the most variability, and have a large array of weapons. There is a flurry of weapons that are each customizable with various paint jobs and upgrades. Most weapons can be found throughout levels, and some of those weapons can be equipped in a loadout, though others are earned by completing levels or getting achievements.


The xenomorphs can perform a light or heavy attack, climb on walls, and take no fall damage, but they must press the attack button rapidly to pry open doors. They spray acidic blood around themselves upon death, and they have two findable weapons, the placable egg trap and the facehugger. The egg trap explodes into a facehugger upon an enemy being in the vacinity, and the facehugger can be used as a finishing move that soon spawns an NPC ally chestburster from the enemy. There are three playable Xenomorph classes:

  • The soldier: the largest xenomorph, slower than the others, but capable of dealing out and taking more damage.
  • The spitter: the weakest xenomorph, but can fire acid from afar.
  • The Runner: the fastest xenomorph, runs on 4 legs and does medium damage.


The predator only has a customizable helmet, and has several weapons as well as melee attacks. It's weapons must all be found in levels, and are:

  • Combi Stick
  • Net Launcher
  • Plasma Caster
  • Cloak
  • Promximity Mines

Predators are capable of dealing out the most damage, though they require a great deal of precision to deliver maximum damage.


The Zedreomorph is not usually playable, but a soldier can be played in the Arena and Deathmatch modes, and several castes appear as enemies in the campaign. The soldier has the stats of a Xenomorph soldier but is immune to headshots, and it's heavy attack (a mandible snap) does far more damage, while it's light attack does far less. It is also slightly slower, and it can see trails of blue, lime, and red where marines, xenomorphs, and predators respectivley hav recently tread.


The Synthetic is only playable in Deathmatch and Arena modes, but appear as enemies in the campaign. It is essentially a marine with higher health and slower movement. It sinks as soon as it enters water and must climb out. The synthetic starts automatically with a submachine gun and shotgun, but can pick up additional weapons from around the map or off of dead marines.


Maps for the different gamemodes, most are made for all gamemodes, Arena and Survivor have their own special maps. There are often two versions of each map, with one having three bases for the Aliens, Predators, and Marines, and the other having two for Red and black Xenomorphs, or two non-species-specific teams.

  • Acid tides - Two or Three islands in the middle of an ocean, each one with one team on it. Damaged robotic boats go from each island to the other, and are the only way across, as the acidic water will slowly kill anyone who tries to swim.
  • Outpost - (All modes with marines) The marine team starts in an outpost and the predators and aliens are in the wilderness. The map is foresty and cliffs mark the borders of the map.
  • Zedreomorph Tower - (All modes except deathmatch) All teams are separated by a massive Zedreomorph tower, and must fight through or climb over it to kill one another, while NPC Zedreomorphs attack all teams. This map was initially unbalanced, as Xenomorphs could climb over the mound while the others had to fight through it, so the Zedreomorph NPCs now prefer to kill Xenomorphs over Marines or Predators.
  • Bunker - Takes place entirely underground, with long halways, vertical shafts, air ducts, and mining equipment strewn everywhere.
  • Bottleneck - Two or Three long canyons lead from open base areas to a central spot, and the opposing team attempts to reach the other end.
  • Space - (superiority only) a Predator ship, Marine ship, and Xenomorph-infested ship are all connected with long tubes, and heading strait towards a sun. Players can travel through tubes to attack enemies, and whichever team has the most kills by the end will activate their ship's controls and escape while the remaining two will melt from the sun's intense heat.
  • Ascent - (Arena and Survivor only) A ship at the top of a Zedreomorph tower sends down synthetics, which join the Zedreomorphs in attacking the player(s) as they try to scale to the top, while also being chased upwards by attacking


The following are available gamemodes, Those Italicized are only available in single player, while those in bold are only available online.


The player can play as a Xenomorph, Predator, or Marine, facing off against waves of Weyland-Yutani Mercenaries, Red Xenomorphs, and the species the player didn't pick.

The player can activate turrets as a marine, place proximity mines as a predator, or place egg traps as a Xenomorph to protect their base. Egg traps are useless against Red Xenomorphs, Turrets can be shot, and enemy Marines sometimes carry minesweepers, and will destory mines.


Predators, Xenomorphs, and Marines are in species teams. Whichever species/team reaches the kill limit, or has the most kills by the time limit expiration wins.


Teamless gamemode where all species, including Zedreomorphs and Synthetics, fight one another with no allegiance in hopes of getting the most kills.

Team deathmatch

Two teams of various species fight to get a set amount of kills, or have the most by the time limit expiration.


Players fight eachother and various enemies in an arena, with several bosses appearing occasionally, including a Predalion, A Xenomorph queen, a mercenary in a powersuit, and a predator.

Red vs Black

Similar to team deathmatch, but with Red Xenmorphs fighting Black Xenomorphs. Both sides have a queen, and whoever loses their queen loses the match.


A highly-rated gamemode from AvP 2010, where one player is selected to be an alien and kill all other players, who are marines. Death turning a marine player into a xenomorph player. There was a change in Acidic tides which spawned a respawning NPC xenomorph instead of selecting a player to play alien, so that all players would get a chance to win the match as a marine, and it was impossible to get an AFK alien player.




There are three unique campaigns, one for the United states Colonial Marines, Xenomorphs, and Yautja respectively.

Marine Campaign

The Marine Campaign was built to be significantly different from that of previous AVP/Aliens games, having a focus on decision making and the repercussions decisions cause in addition to action-centric sections, as well as an attempt to make the campaign less linear than previous installations.

The Marine campaign is considered to be the "main" campaign of the game.

Alien Campaign

The player controls a Xenomorph soldier, the main antagonists are the Marines and Red Xenomorphs, with the secondary Predator and Zedreomorph antagonists.

The player soldier roams through a jungle during a cutscene, and moves onto a ledge, noticing several marines walking by. The player then takes control and must kill Marines wondering through the jungle area, before a cutscene triggers, during which the xenomorph gets captured and is brought back to a lab. The player must solve various puzzles before Xenomorphs overrun the facility, allowing the player to escape and kill the remaining scientists and marines.

After this the player must go through several levels fighting Zedreomorphs and ending up in a boss battle against the queen and her Guardians, having to kill zedreomorphs holding xenomorph soldiers back to allow them to rush in, until eventually the queen is vunerable to attack.

On the return to the hive, Red xenomorphs attack the black xenomorphs, and the player must fight them off from the commandeered Zedreomorph colony, while also warding off a few Zedreomorph army remnants.

After this the player has to fight through several levels of Marines and battle a predator to finally reach the Red xenomorph hive. After destroying the Red xenomorph hive by setting off a bomb that had failed to detonate when it was first attempted to be used, the player fights and kills the red queen, ending the campaign.

Predator Campaign


Weapons are drawn or holstered with the "e" button on PC or the square button on the Playstation; Players can move faster and use levers, buttons, etc. when their weapons are holstered, but cannot fire and need to draw a gun.


Three weapons of any type and one pistol can be equipped, they are mapped to the D-pad on consoles and either the 1, 2, 3, and 4 buttons, or 4, 8, 6, and 2 buttons on computers, depending on the type of keyboard. Weapons in bold cannot be equipped in loadouts, and must be found in a level. Guns are based on the category of bullet they use.


  • Pulse Rifle - Moderate in every category, semiautomatic and the basic weapon of the marines
  • Submachine Gun - Similar to the pulse rifle, but fires in 6-round-bursts
  • Blunderbuss - Similar to a shotgun, fires bullets in every direction with a short range, has a flared muzzle
  • Battle rife - A long-ranged rifle, good for sniping
  • Cane Gun - A gun that looks like a cane, has the quickest draw of any gun.


  • Basic Shotgun - A shotgun that fires a slew of ball bearings with little range, more effective than a blunderbuss
  • Double-barreled Shotgun - A double-barreled shotgun that can fire out of either one barrel or both
  • Ball bearing bomb - A plastic canister full of shotgun ammo and gunpowder, explodes after 3 seconds


  • Service Pistol - The basic handgun, does little damage but has unlimited ammo
  • Combat pistol - a faster-firing, less damaging handgun
  • Smoothbore - not a real pistol, double-handed, single-shot and doing a lot more damage than other handguns


  • Frag grenade - The basic tactical weapon, has a small fuse and causes an explosion
  • Firebomb - A  tactical weapon that explodes in a fiery inferno upon contact
  • Sticky grenade - sticks onto an enemy, but there is a 1/16 chance it will be disloged in a jump
  • Grenade Launcher - A gun that shoots a grenade.


  • Survival knife - A melee weapon, does around the same damage as a combat pistol, with no reloading
  • Fire Axe - A slow melee weapon with better range and damage than the combat knife
  • Switchblade - A fast-equipped, fast-attacking knife with little damage and a small range


  • Claymore - A placeable tactical weapon that explodes from proximity from enemy units
  • Smartgun - The iconic smartgun, fires a stream of bullets at enemies, which it auto-targets
  • Flamethrower - A fire-spewing weapon that can spread flames or spew out flamable liquid


  • Egg trap - Placed down as a trap, when a marine or predator comes by, a weak facehugger will attack
  • Facehugger - Thrown at an enemy, if he is killed while a facehugger is attached, a chestburster will spawn
  • Chestburster - Obtained from dead marines, can be placed down or thrown and will attack on their own


  • Combi Stick
  • Net Launcher
  • Plasma Caster
  • Cloak
  • Promximity Mines

Marine Customization

The player marine is also very customizable, using a system similar to that in Aliens: Colonial Marines, however, it will now also affect singleplayer appearence. The full list of customization options is:

  • Gender
    • Male
    • Female
  • Helmet (color changes with armor)
    • Standard Issue
    • None
    • Goggles (cover eyes unlike in ACM)
    • Smartgun Headset
    • Blast mask (covers entire face, and adds an extension around the head)
  • Armor: Includes a variety of various styles, including all those in Aliens: colonial marines, and an army-made style
  • Cloth: Includes a variety of various styles, including all those in Aliens: colonial marines, and a blue camoflauge to match standard camo 3 armor
  • Pattern: Includes the carious patterns the player could use in Aliens: Colonial Marines, as well as a black skull and crossbones, a red handprint, and a red hourglass. Can be applied to both shoulderpads, the chest and the helmet. The eyes on you mark was also made to change depending on where it is placed, so that it always retains it's angry appearence, even when on the helmet, chest or left shoulder.
  • Shoulder
    • Both
    • Right only
    • Left only
    • None
  • Gloves:
    • Standard
    • Gauntlet
    • Fingerless
    • Sleeved (extends up entire arm)
  • Belt: There are 5 belts with a differant appearence, as well as the option to have no belt.
  • Head: Allows player to select from 12 differant heads
  • Hair: Allows the player to select from various hair styles.
  • Facial hair: Allows the player to increase or decrease the amount of facial hair on the marine.
  • War paint: Allows the player to choose from several differant styles of War paint on their face.