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Phase 1- Aliens vs Everything:

After attacking an Engineer colony on a piece of Alpha Halo/Installation 04, a Xenomorph Hive accidentally damages an experimental reality manipulator the Engineer scientists had been working on. This causes a massive temporal shift which sends out the members of the Hive to different places in time, space and reality.

Aliens vs Dinosaurs

A space-jockey ship is transporting a nest of Xenomorphs in stasis through deep space when they are hit by the temporal shift. The temporal shift shorted out the ship's systems, which then caused the ship to crash on a jungle planet- killing all of the crew in the process. (Or does it?). Due to the ships systems shorting out, the Xenomorph stasis cycle ends- unleashing them from their captivity. It takes a day for all of the Xenomorphs to awaken  and explore the ship. The Xenomorph Queen then commands them to go in search of new hosts so the Xenomorph drones oblige. A pair of drones then come across a pack of Velociraptors whom are hunting a gallimimus. The Xenomorphs watch as the Raptors take it down and tear it apart- seeing them as a positive host the Xenomorphs begin to advance on the pack. One of the raptors notices the duo and begins staring them down and growling. After a short stare-down the raptor leaps at one of the Xenomorphs. They both roll around tearing at each other however the raptor makes the mistake of tearing into the Xenomorph's head which kills the Xenomorph but spills acid over the raptor- melting it. This shocks the other Raptors whom stop advancing on the other Xenomorph. The other Xenomorph instead begins advancing on them. The raptors turn-tail and run with the Xenomorph close behind them. After a short chase the Xenomorph manages to catch a raptor and incapacitates it. The Xenomorph drags it back to the crashed ship where the raptor is impregnated with a Face-Hugger. Soon enough, the continent the xenomorphs landed on had been partially infested.

Aliens vs Cavemen

Aliens vs Ninjas

Aliens vs Frankenstein

Aliens vs Dracula

After a temporal shift two Xenomorphs end up on a dirt road leading towards a castle in Transylvania.

Aliens vs the Mummy

After a temporal shift five Xenomorphs are transported to a pyramid in Egypt where an archialogical dig is taking place. The Xenomorphs spread out and begin to explore the area- avoiding being sited by any humans.

Aliens vs Godzilla

After the massive temporal shift a large number of Xenomorphs and Face Huggers are deposited into Tokyo. The Xenomorphs and Face-Huggers amass in the sewers of Tokyo and build their numbers up slightly by kidnapping a few hosts from above ground and impregnating them with Face-Huggers. However as time progresses it becomes evident that the Xenomorphs and Face-Huggers that travelled to Tokyo through the temporal shift are mutating in various ways: one of the Xenomorphs grows a second tail, one of the Face-Huggers just keeps growing. Soon the Face-Hugger grows beyond the constraints of the sewers and burst onto the surface of Tokyo. People panic so the government attempts to bomb the Face-Hugger is unaffected by the missiles so it continues its rampage.

Aliens vs Flood

After the temporal shift, a Praetorian had been teleported to planet infested with flood.

Aliens vs Macbeth

After the temporal shift a number of Xenomorphs and Face-Huggers are deposited into Scotland.

Aliens vs the Avengers

After the temporal shift a number of Xenomorphs (including a Praetorian) and Face-Huggers are deposited into Times Square where people immediately panic at the sight of them, so the Xenomorphs promptly begin killing and impregnating the people in the area. This makes the news pretty quickly and Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D. contacts the Avengers to ask them to try and save the area from the "Alien Creatures".

The Avengers team that enters the area consists of:

  • Captain America (Steve Rogers)
  • Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  • Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
  • The Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner)
  • Wasp (Janet van Dyne)
  • Giant Man (Henry Pym)
  • Power Man (Luke Cage)

Upon entering the area the team are immediately attacked by Xenomorph Drones and Warriors. In the opening fight a Face-Hugger burns through Iron Man's helmet and latches onto him, implanting a Chestburster. The Avengers are then attacked by Spitters who are clung onto nearby buildings. Captain America protects himself with his Shield and most of the others are immune to the Acid's effects however Giant Man struggles to dodge some of the Acid and his face/helmet is heavily burnt by the Acid. The Spitters are swiftly dispatched afterwards however by Captain Marvel and Hulk.

Aliens vs the Justice League

After the temporal shift a number of Xenomorphs (including a Praetorian) and a number of Face-Huggers are deposited onto the streets of Metropolis.

Aliens vs the American Government

During the temporal shift a Xenomorph named Kane merges with Presidential candidate Brian Cals. The merger causes Brian to look like Kane however Kane gains the memories of Cals. Kane stands in Cals' bedroom dazed as Brian's Secretary enters the room. "Well the polls are down by 99% so basically we're...oh fuck." Kane turns to see the Secretary staring at them. Kane stands up and looks at the Secretary curiously. "Please don't kill me!" The Secretary shouts- cowering in the corner. Kane walks over to the Secretary and places their hand on the Secretary's shoulder. Kane then procceeds to do something no Xeno had done before. "I'm here to take over" Kane says. "Wh-what?" The Secretary snivers. "I'm here to take over the...government." Kane growls. "Oh".

Aliens vs Daleks

Aliens vs Jaws

Aliens vs Sea-Monsters

Aliens vs Jedi

Phase 2- Aliens vs Reality: