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Aliens vs Predator: Blood is an Aliens vs Predator fan fiction that takes place in the year 2553.

Rated T for Blood and Gore, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes and Violence.


Before he was even born, his father, Z'loss was held with great honor within his clan and was named the clan's leader right before his son's birth. After his birth, his father gave him the name S'loss and devoted himself to training his son to become a great hunter like him.

As soon as he came of age, his father began teaching him the ways of the hunt and it soon became obvious that he was a natural. Eventually, he and four other Yautja Young Bloods were given the chance to become "Blooded" by hunting the Yautja's most respected prey, the "Serpents". All of his fellow Young Bloods were killed one-by-one by the Xenomorphs until only he remained, but he refused to give up and managed to even overcome a Predalien that had been born from one of his defeated comrades.

At the hunt's end, he had collected many trophies and had also managed to mark himself to become Blooded. Due to his victory over the "Abomination", he was granted a place in his father's clan. Proud of his son's hunting prowess, Z'loss gave him his glaive.

Shortly after giving him his glaive, Z'loss and his hunting party went on a hunt, but never returned. Most of the clan members believed that Z'loss had fallen in battle, but he refused to believe it. He abruptly made his way to the planet his father had been hunting on and found it to be infested with Xenomorphs.

Seeking to find his father, he destroyed every Xenomorph he encountered as he searched the planet relentlessly, but the only sign he found of his father was his damaged bio mask; however, before leaving the planet, he encountered a strange hunter fighting a Praetorian, but the hunter slayed the Xenomorph and vanished before he could catch up to him. Eventually, he was forced to return home.

His countless kills on the remote planet and his bloodline earned him the honor of being the clan's new leader, but the loss of his father outweighed his achievements.

As the years passed, S'loss would lead his clan on many glorious hunts, but one hunt would lead to a chain of events that would eventually reveal what had really happened to his father...

Chapter 1

The colony of planet LV-739 was a lively one albeit the planet was a desert planet and the temperatures were in the triple digits all year round. It had been established many years ago and since then had flourished, but peace never lasts forever...

A team of six workers were surveying a barren wasteland outside of the colony in hopes of using it to expand the colony when suddenly what seemed to be a meteor crashed behind a nearby hill. Curiosity got the best of one of the men and he rushed to see what had happened. He soon discovered what had crashed was no meteor, but a strange scorpion-like vehicle which rose from the crater and began depositing leathery egg-like structures which were colored dark green. He approached one of them and it began to open slightly. As he drew closer, a creature emerged from the egg and latched onto his face.

Concerned about their co-worker, the other men went to find him and discovered him on the ground with a yellowish hand-shaped creature with a long tail on his face. The men tried to pull the creature off, but to no avail, it's tail tightened around his neck as they did. Suddenly, one of the men noticed the eggs six of which were starting to open. The men started to slowly back off, but the creatures emerged and latched onto their faces...


Two days later...

Within two days time, the egg-depositing machine had deposited all it's deadly cargo and self-destructed. In that short amount of time, the entire colony had become infested with the nightmarish creatures known as Xenomorphs. They reported the infestation to Weyland-Yutani who quickly sent an elite unit of Colonial Marines to deal with the problem.

A Marine Battleship, the USS Andromeda responded and upon arrival deployed a dropship of Marines to the planet. The dropship landed several clicks away from the colony. Upon landing, seven Marines quickly exited the ship in an orderly fashion with their weapons readied. Two of them were women, both of which were Caucasian of average height and weight. One had blue eyes and blonde hair, Private Felicia Hendrick while the other had black hair and brown eyes, Private First Class Sarah Smith. The rest were men which were also of average height and weight and included: Private John Palmer a Caucasian man with brown hair and brown eyes, Corporal Steven Matthews who was of German descent and had blonde hair and blue eyes and was the tallest of the group, Sergeant William Alvarez who was of Mexican descent and had black hair and dark green eyes and Private Mark Johnson who was African-American and had black hair and brown eyes. Each of them were clad in standard-issue armor but each of them had personalized it with paintings on certain articles of their armor and had adorned their helmets with nick-nacks such as poker cards and painted-on artwork such as hearts, smiley faces or skulls.

"Alright Marines, it's time to exterminate some bugs!" exclaimed Alvarez.

"Sir yes sir!" replied all the Marines with the exception of one, Matthews who pulled out a cigarette from the band on his helmet and began to smoke it.

"I didn't hear you, Corporal!" yelled Alvarez.

"I'm here to squash bugs, not talk, sir," said Matthews as he suddenly fired his smart gun and killed a Xenomorph that was sneaking behind the Sergeant. The jet-black bug-like creature screeched as his gun shredded it which was followed by the sound it's acid blood hissing as it melted through the steel wreckage the Xenomorph had been creeping through.

The Sergeant simply nodded at Matthews as they headed towards the colony.

"What's the deal with Matthews?" asked Hendrick.

"The man lost his wife to these things and his family before that, I would be mad, too," replied Palmer.


Meanwhile, a Yautja mothership uncloaked on the other side of the planet and deployed a dropship of it's own.

The ship landed near where the egg-deposing machine had two days prior. The ship's doors opened and footsteps could be heard, but nothing could be seen. Suddenly, eight Yautja uncloaked- Each of them were clad in the usual Yautja armor four of which were colored bronze while four others were clad in silver- each of them also had dual wrist blades rather than the usual one. One of the silver clad ones was their Clan Leader and wore bio mask that was different than the others' as it was shaped like a Xenomorph's face- it was S'loss who was also much taller than the others standing at ten feet tall. After scanning the area, S'loss let out a roar as to announce the hunt would begin.

The Predators quickly cloaked their ship and themselves again and parted ways in search of big game. S'loss headed in the direction of the colony and soon discovered the Marine's ship and the corpse of a fallen "Serpent". As he made his way through the wreckage in front of the colony, a Xenomorph tail began to slowly rise from the ruble followed by the Xenomorph itself. It seemed as though S'loss was unaware of the Xenomorph's presents until it got close. Suddenly, his plasma caster turned and blasted the creature and it fell to the ground dead. He then turned to his kill, claimed it's head as a trophy and then entered the colony.


As S'loss made his way into the colony, another of his clan members who had tan skin and was clad in basic Yautja armor which was colored silver entered in through another entrance. Unlike S'loss, this Yautja was young and not very experienced- for him, this was a blooding ritual. He walked cautiously as he scanned the area for prey. Suddenly, a Xenomorph attacked him and clawed his chest. The Young Blood discovered that his cloaking was useless against the Serpents the hard way. He quickly deployed his wrist blades and attempted to behead the Xenomorph, but it dodged and pounced him pinning him to the ground. It then attempted to deliver a leather headbite with it's inner jaws; but the Yautja grabbed them with his hands and cut them from the Xenomorph's mouth. He had miscalculated his move; however, and the Xenomorph's blood melted his wrist blades and spewed onto his chest. He roared in pain as the Xenomorph's blood burned his flesh as the creature itself then attempted to impale his head with it's tail, but to no avail.

The Young Blood quickly grabbed the beast by the neck and threw the Xenomorph across the room. He then rose to his feet, removed his melting breastplate and drew his combi stick before firing several shots from his plasma caster all of which missed. The Xenomorph attempted to pounce him again, but he managed to catch it with his combi stick. The Xenomorph screeched in pain as the Young Yautja attempted to finish it off. During the struggle, the Xenomorph managed to knock off his bio mask; but in the end, the Yautja managed to slay his first Serpent. His victory was short-lived; however, for as he attempted to mark himself with the Serpent's blood, a second Xenomorph managed to sneak up behind him and impaled him through the back with it's tail. The Yautja groaned in pain as he fell to the floor at the Xenomorph's feet. Before he could even react, a Facehugger crept up to him and leaped onto his face.

Chapter 2

The Marines entered the powerless colony and found themselves in a large labyrinthine complex. Everything was quiet, too quiet.

"Stay frosty, Marines," said Alvarez.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." muttered Johnson who was at the unit's rear.

"You always have a bad feeling," replied Palmer.

Suddenly, a pair of black hands grabbed Johnson through a hole in the ceiling. "OH MY GOD!" exclaimed Johnson as he began firing his pulse rifle, but to no avail, the Xenomorph delivered a headbite and killed him instantly.

"Bugs!" exclaimed Matthews as the ceiling behind the group gave way and a swarm of Xenomorph's dropped into the room.

Matthews' smart gun began locking on the creatures automatically as he fired dispatching them one by one. Alvarez quickly joined in with his smart gun while Smith joined in with her shotgun and Palmer and Hendrick used their pulse rifles and grenades.

"There's too many of them Sarge!" exclaimed Hendrick as she continued to fire her pulse rifle at the seemingly endless flow of Xenomorphs.

"She's right! We need to back off before we run out of ammo!" exclaimed Matthews.

"Get going! I'll hold them off!" exclaimed Palmer.

"Are you crazy?" exclaimed Hendrick as she knew her friend would not survive.

"Get going!" exclaimed Palmer as he opened a large zipped bag and pulled out a minigun.

"I won't leave you!" exclaimed Hendrick.

"GO!" exclaimed Palmer.

Smith quickly grabbed Hendricks' arm as Alvarez yelled. "Marines! We are leaving!" The Marines with the exception of Palmer quickly exited through a small door which Palmer then closed shut before opening fire with his minigun.

At first, Palmer was doing quite well, but what he didn't know was that he was being watched. Behind one of the massive fans which had lost power due to the Xenomorphs cutting it stood a cloaked S'loss who watched the battle closely. When Palmer ran out of ammo, S'loss drew his spear gun and began dispatching Xenomorphs with alarming speed.

S'loss' attack on the Xenomorph's gave him a chance to escape, but for some reason, he stayed as he wanted to see what was killing the Xenomorphs. When the last Xenomroph fell, Palmer saw something jump down from the fan above, but it wasn't visible and was definitely not human. He then remember stories about alien hunters who often hunted the Xenomorphs as well as humans for sport. In a panic, Palmer drew his pulse rifle and fired hitting S'loss in the arm. The Predator roared with rage as his phosphor green blood splattered from his wounds before charging towards Palmer.

Palmer soon realized his pulse rifle had been low on ammo and had ran out. He attempted to fire a grenade, but he was also out of grenades. He then tried to reload it, but his hands began to shake as the Predator approached which caused him to drop it. With the Predator now close to him, he drew his pistol and fired it at the Predator several times, but the Predator's point-defense system neutralized each shot. The Predator deployed his wrist blades and drove them through the Marine's chest and lifted him from the ground. Blood poured from Palmer's mouth as he felt the creature's hand digging through his chest cavity and eventually reaching his spine. Once S'loss got a grip on his dying foe's spine, he tore it and the skull from his body and tossed his headless corpse to the floor before holding up his skull and spine and letting out a triumphant roar.


"We have to go back!" exclaimed Hendrick.

"No, we have to keep going!" exclaimed Alvarez.

"We can't just leave him!" exclaimed Hendrick.

"He made his decision," said Matthews.

"How can you be so cold when you know what it's like to lose people to those things!" exclaimed Henrick.

"Look! There's no guarantee they got him! He may even catch up to us!" exclaimed Matthews before turning to Alvarez while trying to ignore Hendrick's yelling. "We need to call him some more troops."

"Affirmative," replied Alvarez as he attempted to make radio contact with the Andromeda. "This is Sergeant Alvarez calling the USS Andromeda! We need more reinforcements! Do you copy?"

"We read you, Sergeant. We will deploy some troops and send them to you. USS Andromeda over and out... DEAR GOD!"

Suddenly, Alvarez lost contact with the Andromeda and only heard static. "USS Andromeda, do you copy? Do you copy? ...Blast it! We lost the connection! All we can do is hope they send reinforcements like I asked before we were cut off."

Little did Alvarez know the connection had not just been lost, but the USS Andromeda had been destroyed as it had been attacked by an unknown spacecraft which had been cloaked. With the Marine ship destroyed, the ship uncloaked and launched three pods to the planet below...

Chapter 3

Outside and inside of the colony the Yautja had been busy hunting the Serpents, but they couldn't help but notice that there were more Serpents than expected. Two of them had already fallen and they'd lost contact with one of the Young Bloods.

One of the Yautja stood cloaked above the entrance of the colony where a group of Xenomorphs had gathered. He knew the Xenomorphs would be able to see through his cloaking, but he was also aware of the human presents there. He quickly aimed his plasma caster at the Serpents and drew his plasma pistol before opening fire with both and picking them off two by two. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. He turned and saw a silhouette similar to that of on of his clan mates cloaked. He quickly shifted to a vision mode that would allow him to identify the other Predator; but as he did, the other Predator threw his smart disc at him and beheaded him before uncloaking.

This Predator was no Yautja- he was almost as big as S'loss, had green and red skin, was clad in dark brown armor that was much different that the Yautja Clan's and had red "hair" rather than the usual black "hair" of the Yautja- he was a Super Predator. The Super Predator collected the fallen Yautja's skull before jumping to the ground below and attacking the Xenomorphs which he almost effortless slew with great and ruthless precision using his plasma caster which fired almost like a chain gun. Two Xenomorphs attempted to catch him from behind, but he quickly grabbed both of them by the neck and slammed their heads together and killing them. With the Yautja warrior and Xenomorphs defeated, he let out a triumphant and eerie roar which the Yautja could easily hear and knew this was not a roar from one their clan brothers...


Meanwhile, the Marines moved through the dark corridors with their weapons readied. As they reached an incredibly dark hallway, Smith tossed a flare and revealed a group of ten Xenomorphs that had been hiding in the darkness. The creatures charged at the Marines who opened fire. Within seconds, Matthews and Alvarez shredded three on their own and Smith dispatched two more with her shotgun. Hendrick found here pulse rifle was out of ammo and she was out of clips, so she quickly drew her shotgun only to notice a Xenomorph in her face.

"Eat this!" she yelled as she placed the gun's barrel in the creature's mouth.

"NO!" yelled Matthews, but it was too late, Henrick fired and the Xenomorph's acidic blood splattered on her chest and left shoulder.

Hendrick screamed in agony as the Alien's acidic blood burned her flesh and began to eat away her armor. Smith quickly rushed to her aid removing her armor in an attempt to save her as Matthews and Alvarez dispatched the remaining Xenomorphs.

"Hendrick, can you keep going, soldier?" asked Alvarez.

"Yeah... I think so..." muttered Henrick as she staggered to her feet grasping her badly burned shoulder.

Suddenly, the four Marines heard a blast followed by a headless Xenomorph crashing into the wall behind them which was followed by Palmer's voice. "Get going!"

"Palmer!" exclaimed Hendrick as she rushed to greet her friend; but upon doing so, she found herself face to face with a monster- S'loss.

Hendrick screamed and fell to the ground at the sight of the creature who was seemingly just ignoring her, but her instincts told her to fire on it, so she drew her pistol, but before she could fire, three red dots appeared on her head which were followed by a blast of plasma which blew her head into chunks. The other Marines stood in shock as the saw Hendrick's headless body fall to the floor. They quickly ran back down the hallway, but couldn't find what had killed her.

"What did this? A Xeno?" asked Smith.

"No... it was one of those hunters... great! Those ugly things are here, too!" exclaimed Alvarez.

"Hunters?" asked Smith.

"Yes, we often encounter them in situations involving Xenomorphs. They're some kind of hunter race from another world that enjoy hunting Xenomorphs as well as humans." replied Matthews.

"Well if that's the case, we need to keep moving before that thing comes back. We're running low on ammo and if backup doesn't arrive soon we're sunk," said Smith.

"I can help you," said a male voice.

The three Marines turned to see a slightly damaged Synthetic standing behind them.

"Who are you?" asked Alvarez.

"They call my Glitch around here, but my real name is Charles Stallard. I'm a Synthetic Science Officer who's been working here on the planet. If you're running low on ammo or weapons. My friends and I can help," replied the android.

"Friends?" asked Smith.

"Affirmative, there's a few survivors here besides me. Of course they're human unlike myself," replied the android.

"What about Hendrick?" asked Smith.

"We have to leave her... we can't afford to carry dead weight..." replied Alvarez with a tone of regret in his voice.

"You were a good solider, Hendrick..." muttered Matthews.

"Alright, Glitch... lead the way," said Alvarez.

The android nodded and the Marines began to follow him down the corridors.

Chapter 4

As the Marines followed Glitch, another of the Super Predators made his way down the corridors on another side of the colony. This Super Predator had the usual black "hair" but was still much larger than most Yautja and had green and yellowish skin. He wore silver armor and a matching silver bio helmet was adorned with the bones of an unknown creature. As the Super Predator crept down one of the halls, he came up on an opened room and discovered the fallen Young Blood Yautja with a hole in his chest cavity.

Suddenly, a group of Xenomorph came charging down the hall. The Super Predator quickly activated his chain plasma caster which began shredding through them; but a few got within close range, so the Super Predator deployed his massive sword-like wrist blades and began slicing through the Xenomorphs with little effort. Once all the Xenomorphs were slain, he started to continue on, but what he didn't notice that there was a Predalien hanging above him. The creature made a clicking sound with it's mandibles which caused the Super Predator to turn. When he did, the creature whipped him with it's tail which sent him crashing to the floor. The Predalien leaped down to the floor and let out a loud roar.

The Super Predator quickly rose to his feet and fired his plasma caster, the Predalien dodged it and attempted to pounce him, but the Super Predator managed to slash the creature across the top of it's head with his wrist blades. The Predalien screeched in rage as the Super Predator tackled it and sent it crashing to the floor. The Super Predator then pinned the creature under his foot and attempted to finish it off, but he hadn't noticed it's tail was behind him and it impaled him from behind. The Super Predator let out a pained roar before the Predalien rose and dug it's claws into his shoulders. The Predalien then launched it's inner jaws and delivering the killing blow with a headbite. The Super Predator fell lifeless to the ground and the Predalien roared in triumph.


After following Glitch for awhile, the Marines found where he and the other survivors had been hiding in a blood-stained mess.

"What would have done this?" exclaimed Glitch as the group discovered all the other survivors' bodies skinned and hung from the ceiling.

Alvarez began scanning the room. "Glitch, start scanning, Synthetics can see through the hunter's cloak-" before he could finish, a spear-like weapon impaled him from behind. He was lifted off the ground by a cloaked Super Predator which proceeded to decapitate him and threw his body to the floor.

"Sergeant! NO!" exclaimed Smith as she drew her shotgun.

The creature quickly responded by locking onto Smith; but before he could fire his plasma caster, he was hit by a Yautja's plasma caster. His assailant was none other than S'loss who uncloaked and revealed himself to the Marines and the Super Predator. The Super Predator then uncloaked and revealed the severed head of one of S'loss' clan mates he had slain earlier. S'loss let out a angered roar and tacked the Super Predator causing him to drop his combi stick.

"What's with them?" asked Smith.

"I don't know, but we had best get out of here while they decide who's the ugliest!" exclaimed Matthews as he, Smith and Glitch fled.

As the Marine's fled the Predators continued to struggle with each other. The Super Predator knocked S'loss back, drew his smart disc and threw it, but S'loss destroyed it with his plasma caster before it could even get close. S'loss then fired several shots at the Super Predator, but he dodged them and countered with his own which S'loss also dodged. The Super Predator then deployed his wrist blades and fired one at S'loss, but he dodged it and deployed his own wrist blades before attacking the Super Predator again.

At first the Super Predator managed to parry S'loss' attacks, but S'loss eventually managed to sever his right arm. The Super Predator roared in pain as S'loss attacked again and knocked off his bio mask revealing a face that was red and green with red eyes and mandibles that were much larger than a Yautja's. The Super Predator attempted to knock S'loss back with his left arm, but S'loss blocked the blow and finished him off by stabbing him through the skull with his wrist blades. With the Super Predator defeated, S'loss let out a triumphant roar before pursing the Marines once again.

Chapter 5

The Marines followed behind Glitch, who lead them to the colony's control room.

"This keeps getting worse and worse!" exclaimed Matthews. "We have those things to deal with plus the Xenomorphs! To make matters worse, this place has no power!"

"We could possibly remedy that," said Glitch.

"How?" asked Smith.

"If one of us could get to the backup power source, we could get the power up and running."

"But who?" asked Smith.

"I'll go," said Glitch as he pointed to a vent.

"In case you don't realize it, bugs love hiding in those things," said Matthews.

"It's less risky than going the long way," replied Glitch.

"Fine... take my radio and we'll keep in contact using Smith's radio," said Matthews.

"OK," replied Glitch as he opened the vent and crawled through.

As Glitch entered the dark vents and vanished from view, Matthews and Smith began to talk. "I overheard Palmer and Hendrick talking about you when we arrived here... Palmer said you lost several loved ones to the bugs," said Smith.

"Yes..." replied Matthews as he reloaded his smart gun with his last drum of ammo. "When I was a kid, I lived on this very colony..."

"So you're the kid that survived the big LV-739 infestation twenty-one years ago," said Smith.

"Yeah, but my mother, father and sister weren't so lucky... the bugs got them..." replied Matthews.

"I'm sorry..." said Smith.

"I'd be dead, too... if it weren't for one of those hunters... I was being chased by a Xeno when it happened upon us. It killed the Xenomorph, but let me go... I guess because I wasn't armed..." replied Matthews. "So, what's your story?"

"My father was in the Marines when I was a little girl... He went on a lot of missions, but he always came back..." said Smith as she looked at the floor. "But one day... he didn't... he died trying to save several colonists from a Xenomorph Hive..."

"I'm sorry for your loss, but at least we have the opportunity to get some payback," said Matthews.

Suddenly, they heard Glitch on the radio. "I'm down at the backup power source, but once I activate it, I'll be trapped down here as a Xenomorph burned a hole in the duct; and if I go back through, I'll be sucked into a fan below it."

"Activate the power, Glitch, we'll come down there and get you," said Matthews.

"Understood," replied Glitch.

Within seconds, the power was back on. "Lets get going!" exclaimed Matthews.

"Right," replied Smith. "But what's the plan? I mean we're outnumbered and alone..."

"We need to find the Queen bug and kill her... or blow this entire colony... either will work," replied Matthews.


As the Matthews and Smith prepared to rendezvous with Glitch, S'loss continued to hunt his prey. He was on the trail of the Marines; but then he could sense Xenomorphs approaching, he quickly switched to Xenomorph vision mode and readied his plasma caster as nine Xenomorphs came running down the corridors.

As the Serpents came into view, S'loss found that there were three on the ceiling, three on the floor and three on each side. He quickly fired three shots from his plasma caster dispatching the three on the ceiling. He then activated his gauntlet plasma bolt firing three shots to dispatch the three on the floor. The three on the left wall had gotten too close and one of them leaped at S'loss, but he quickly dispatched it with his smart disc which also dispatched the two behind it and the three on the right wall before returning to S'loss. The sound of the Alien's acidic blood eating through the floors was the only thing that could be heard as S'loss turned and kept moving.


Matthews and Smith rushed down the halls hoping to avoid the bugs and the hunters. So far they had no trouble from either. They were finally close to Glitch's location; but as they moved down the hallway, their motion trackers began to bleep continuously.

"Where are they?" exclaimed Smith?

"I don't know!" exclaimed Matthews as the two readied their guns.

Suddenly, Matthews felt a sharp pain in his ankle. As he looked down, he found a Xenomorph had grabbed his leg through a hole in the floor.

"They're under us!" exclaimed Matthews before being pulled under.

"Matthews!" exclaimed Smith.

"Over grown roaches!" yelled Matthews as he kicked his attacker away from him and dispatched it with his smart gun before activating his image intensifier which revealed he was in one of the creature's hives and surrounded. "Smith! Get to Glitch! I'll hold them off!"

"No, I'm coming down to help you!" exclaimed Smith.

"Negative!" exclaimed Matthews as he opened fire dispatching Xenomorph after Xenomorph with his smart gun. "Get to Glitch and get out of here! That's an order!"

Smith obliged Matthews' orders and left as he continued to fire on the incoming Xenomorphs.

Chapter 6

As Matthews held off the Xenomorphs, Smith ran down the corridor and entered the room where Glitch had radioed them. She discovered that despite the power being restored, the room was dark and ominous. "Glitch," she called as she held her shotgun ready. Suddenly, a large Xenomorph attacked her and knocked her shotgun from her hands before pinning her to the wall. Though it was dark, Smith found the creature looked as if it were half Xenomorph and half Predator- the Predalien.

Before Smith could react the creature grabbed her face with it's mandibles and forced several Xenomorph embryos down her throat which caused her to fall unconscious. The Predalien then let out a roar before rushing out of the room. The door then closed behind it and the lights came back on before Glitch entered the room.

"I am sorry about this, but I have my orders and they're to bring back some Xenomorphs alive for study, and what better way than to bring back than in a living host?" said the Synthetic as he approached Smith's unconscious body.


Matthews unaware of Smith's plight continued to fire on the Xenomorphs dispatching them, wave after wave until everything went quiet.

"Just in time, too..." muttered Matthews as he threw his smart gun to the ground before drawing his pistol. "Just great, this is all I'm left with..."

He cautiously walked down the resin-covered corridors being careful not to step in any of the acidic blood left behind by his kills. As he advanced, his motion tracker began to bleep, but there were no Xenomorphs in sight. Suddenly, he looked to the floor and noticed a Facehugger which leaped at his face. Matthews fired a shot from his pistol and dispatched the creature.

"Not today, bug!" he yelled as the creature fell lifeless to the ground.

After walking down the corridors for a short time, he came upon a room marked 'Armory'.

'Why would a colony have an armory?' he thought to himself before entering the room.

Once inside, he discovered various weapons all of which were Marine-issued. "Must be my lucky day..."

Suddenly, Matthews heard the sounds of Xenomorphs from down the corridor. He quickly closed the door and locked it- this left him with nowhere to go but the armory, but at least it would buy him some time.

After searching through the supply of weapons Matthews collected acid-proof boots and armor, a grenade launcher, a flamethrower, several seismic survey charges and a minigun.

Just then, Matthews noticed that this room also had a link to a video feed from down the hall. He activated the monitor and saw a horde of Xenomorphs just waiting beyond the door. Suddenly, he saw one one of the hunter's plasma casters firing at the creatures and dispatching them. He instantly recognized it as the hunter that had killed Hendrick and stood off the other hunter which allowed himself and Smith to escape.

"That thing hunts like a Viper in the Night... That's a good name for him... Night Viper..." muttered Smith as he watched the hunter dispatch Xenomorph after Xenomorph with his plasma caster. Several managed to get close to him, but they were quickly dispatched by his wrist blades.

As Matthews looked on, more Xenomorphs entered the fray. Seeing their overwhelming numbers, the Predator drew his plasma pistol and fired it along with his plasma caster. Suddenly, Matthews saw a large Xenomorph that had traits of both the Predators and the Xenomorphs- the Predalien. Upon noticing the creature, Night Viper attempted to fire his plasma caster, but the creature hit him in the chest with it's tail which caused him to fall and blast a hole in the floor. Night Viper rose to his feet and attempted to fire at the creature with his plasma pistol, but it pounced him which knocked the weapon from his hand and caused both of them to fall through the damaged floor.

"Well that was good while it lasted..." muttered Matthews.

Suddenly, he could hear Xenomorphs tears and clawing at the door. Once eventually managed to open it but simply found itself staring down the minigun Matthews had collected. "Say cheese!" yelled Matthews as he opened fire and shredded threw the Xenomorphs as they attempted to enter the room. After shredding through them, Matthews made his way down the hall firing the minigun as he did until he reached a large room which the Xenomorphs had transformed into a nesting chamber.

A look of fear and anger appeared on Matthews face as he saw countless victims hanging from the walls. Some had already died from their gruesome fate others were only moments away from it, while others were not being used for Chestbusters, were being transformed into eggs.

Matthews closed his eyes as he heard the weak cries of the dying people. Suddenly, one of them let out a scream and a Chestbuster emerged from his chest. Matthews opened fire on the creature and then went into a frenzy- shooting everyone and everything in the room- the victims, eggs, Facehuggers and Chestbusters. A horde of adult Xenomorphs entered the fray and attempted to save the next, but Matthews easily shredded them with the minigun. He continued firing until the gun ran out of ammo and still attempted to fire it for awhile thereafter.

Upon regaining his composure, Matthews drew and attached a proxy mine to the ceiling before taking cover. After the mine exploded, it made a large hole in the ceiling which Matthews used to get back to the upper level.

"It's time to find Smith and Glitch and get out of this nightmare!" exclaimed Matthews as he readied his grenade launcher.


Meanwhile, Night Viper (S'loss) and the Predalien struggled with each other on the lower level of the colony. The Predalien had the Predator pinned and attempted to deliver a headbite, but S'loss drove his wrist blades into it's neck and threw it into the wall before quickly getting to his feet. He tried to fire his plasma caster, but it had been damaged in the fall. The Predalien charged towards S'loss, but before it could pounce, he fired the left set of his wrist blades at it which tore off the dreadlocks on the left side of it's head. He then threw a shuriken which tore off both of it's right mandibles.

The Predalien attempted to catch S'loss with it's tail, but he quickly avoided it while drawing his netgun which he used to capture the creature in a net. The Predalien roared in pain as the net began to tighten and S'loss slowly approached it. He then drew his combi stick and prepared to finish the abomination off, but before he could it broke free and attacked. S'loss managed to block the attack with his combi stick, but the Predalien managed to break it in half with it's inner jaws. Then it slashed S'loss across the chest with it's claws which knocked him to the ground, but drew his maul before the Predalien could attack further. As it attempted to attack him with it's tail, he used his maul to severe the barbed end. The Predalien roared in pain and attempted to spray it's blood on S'loss, but it had no effect as his armor was crafted from Xenomorph carapaces and was resistant to their blood.

S'loss and the Predalien let out a loud roar at the same time as they prepared for the final showdown, but suddenly, the sound of the Queen calling her children could be heard throughout the colony. Hearing the Queen calling, the Predalien quickly retreated before S'loss could react. With his foe having fled, S'loss retreated into the darkness in hopes of finding a quiet spot to access his situation and heal himself.

Chapter 7

Matthews rushed down the hall to the backup power room, but all he found was a dark room with no sign of life. He quickly activated his image intensifier which allowed him visibility. As he had thought there was no sign of Glitch or Smith although there was a slight sign of a struggle. Matthews cautiously made his way through the room until he found a broken door on the other side of the room which he kicked down and entered. He found himself in some kind of laboratory where Xenomorph bodies had been collected. Some were apparently being dissected while others were preserved in tanks. He also discovered a human corpse which had already badly decomposed, but the cause of death was easily seen- whoever this was had been the victim of a Chestbuster.

As Matthews searched the room further, he discovered a blood-stained desk with a computer that had apparently been used to keep track of Weyland-Yutani's progress. With all the files opened, Matthews began to look through and made a horrific discovery. Weyland-Yutani had been trying to use the Xenomorphs as a bio weapon and care nothing for the people that had been lost to them. Marines, scientists, colonists were all expendable. Matthews anger further festered when he discovered the outbreak that lead to his wife's death was because Weyland-Yutani had been studying Xenomorphs and several had managed to escape and free all the others.

"You miserable corporate fools! I'll make sure you pay..." muttered Matthews as he backed away from the computer and fired a frag grenade which destroyed it. He then quickly made his way out of the room through another door and discovered Glitch, who hadn't noticed him, was talking to someone through a comlink.

"All is going according to plan, Mr. Weyland... I have an infected specimen in a cryo-tube. Yes, the one called Smith... the USS Andromeda was destroyed by one of the hunter tribes and the only other Marine is more than likely dead... All I need to do is commandeer the Marine's dropship..."

"Well, well... if it isn't glitch..." said Matthews.

"Oh! Corporal Matthews!" exclaimed Glitch. "I'm so glad to see you're still alive."

"Why is Smith in a cryo-tube?" asked Matthews.

The android paused a moment. "Well... you see... I discovered that the USS Andromeda was destroyed and I-"

"Cut the crap! I know what you're up to!" exclaimed Matthews.

Suddenly, Glitch drew a pulse rifle and opened fire, Matthews quickly avoided it, but Glitch fired a grenade which he also avoided but caused him to fall to the ground.

Glitch pinned Matthews to the ground with his foot and pointed the pulse rifle's muzzle at his face. "You just couldn't leave well enough alone..."

"Beware..." muttered Matthews as he heard the hunter's usual clicking noise and then saw a cloaked hunter come behind Glitch. The Predator drove his wrist blades through Glitch's back and lifted him from the ground before throwing him across the room. Glitch attempted to fire at the Predator with his pulse rifle, but the creature countered with a full charged shot from his plasma caster which blasted Glitch to pieces in an explosion. The hunter then aimed it's weapon at Matthews, but before it could fire, Matthews launched a frag grenade at him which exploded on impact and badly damaged the Predator- even knocking off his bio mask.

"That's one ugly face..." muttered Matthews as he staggered to his feet and went to Smith's cryo-tube. "Smith... I'm sorry..."

Suddenly, Matthews heard his own voice being replayed. "I'm sorry..." followed by a manic laugh. Matthews knew what was happening almost instantly- the hunter had activated a self-destruct device they were all equipped with. Matthews quickly used a proxy mine to blow a hole in the floor before opening Smith's cryo-tube and pulling her from it. He then jumped down the hole which took them to the sewers. Moments later, the hunter's self-destruct device went off and leveled over half of the colony, but due to the reinforced steel above them, Matthews and Smith were safe... for now...

Suddenly Smith began to regain consciousness. "M-Matthews?" she asked. "Matthews! Glitch, he's planning to leave the planet with Xenomorphs that... are in me!" exclaimed Smith.

"I know... But Glitch is dead... sadly the Xenomorphs in you aren't... but don't worry-"

"Matthews..." Smith interrupted. "We both know there's no time and I'll just weigh you down... Do what needs to be done..."

At that moment, Matthews remember what had happened to his wife- she'd asked the same thing of him, but he couldn't do it and she died a horrible death because of it.

"Please... I don't want to die this way..." said Smith.

With a heavy heart, Matthews drew his pistol. "You were a good soldier..."

"Thank you..." replied Smith as she closed her eyes before Matthews fired a shot into her skull which instantly killed her.

Suddenly, several Chestbuster erupted from Smith's lifeless corpse. Matthews quickly drew his flamethrower and burned them along with Smith's remains before moving deeper into the sewers. He could feel more Xenomorphs were just around the corner...


Meanwhile, S'loss accessed the situation- contact had been lost with his entire hunting party. The last clan member warned S'loss of a Queen's presence before he was killed. It became clear what he needed to do. He sat several fire bombs, plasma grenade and proxy mines as traps to buy him some time to treat his injuries. He then went to his medicomp and patched up his wounds before ridding himself of his damaged weapons. This left him with one set of wrist blades, a whip, a few grenades and mines, a ceremonial dagger, his glaive, gauntlet plasma bolt, maul, power glove and sword. If Queen was really present, he would need a powerful weapon to slay her- a burner, but it was on the ship.

Suddenly, his traps went off- the Serpents were close. S'loss quickly used his grappling hook to go up into a vent which would hopefully lead him out of the complex and back to the ship.


Heeding the Queen's call, the Predalien rushed to her chamber and discovered her and it's brethren under attack by the last Super Predator. This Super Predator was easily fourteen feet tall and had four arms, each of which were equipped with a set of wrist blades. The Predator was clad in armor, similar to the other Super Predators, and his bio mask was adorned with parts of a Predalien's skull. The Super Predator was dispatching Xenomorph after Xenomorph with his dual plasma casters both of which fired like chain guns. Xenomorphs that got to close were dispatched by one of his four sets of wrist blades. The Predalien let out a roar before charging at the Super Predator, who opened fire with his plasma casters. The Predalien avoided several shots, but one finally grazed it and caused it to fall at the Super Predator's feet. The Super Predator grabbed the Xenomorph by the neck and lifted it from the ground before slamming it into the wall. The Predalien attempted to pounce again, but the Super Predator avoided it and countered by delivering a devastating headbutt, which brought the creature to it's knees. The Super Predator then let out a roar before slashing the Predalien with all four sets of his wrist blades. A split second later, the Predalien fell to the floor sliced into four pieces. The Super Predator then turned his attention to the Queen and the wave of Xenomorphs entering the chamber.


Meanwhile, S'loss made it outside of the colony, but he found himself surrounded by Xenomorphs including two Praetorians. They were no match for his maul and wrist blades, which he used to dispatch them, but one of the Praetorians among them managed to knock the maul from his hands but it fell out of reach. He quickly activated his gauntlet plasma bolt and fired it several times dispatching both Praetorians; but during the calamity, one of them splattered it's blood on his wrist bracer which damaged and disabled his gauntlet plasma bolt and his cloaking device. Still surrounded by the horde of Xenomorphs, S'loss drew his whip and used it to lash and tear them apart.

With all the Xenomorphs defeated, S'loss made his way to the dropship and collected the burner. As he made his way back to the colony, he received a transmission from the mothership- they had detected the Super Predator's mothership and identified them as an enemy clan. The two ships were now deadlocked in battle. They also warned him that the Super Predator had released a pheromone in the atmosphere which would allow drones to transform into Praetorians and ultimately a Queen which had obviously already happened.

As S'loss made his way back to the colony, he noticed several explosions from the two ships firing at each other along with scout ships which were also fighting. S'loss wished he could help his clan mates, but right now he had to focus on surviving. After scanning the colony, he found the easiest way to the Queen's chamber would be through the sewers. He quickly located an area above the sewer and used his power glove to break through the pavement and dropped down to the sewers. Upon doing so, he discovered a horde of Xenomorphs headed for him. He quickly drew his remaining throwing mines and used them to quickly dispatch them. He then turned his attention to the walkway ahead. He was also detecting a human nearby...


The Super Predator continued to dispatch Xenomorph after Xenomorph. The Queen had seen enough and separated from her egg sac before attempting to impale the Super Predator with her tail, but he quickly avoided it. The Queen hissed and started to charge; but as she did, the Super Predator drew four smart discs and threw them- the four discs easily cut through her carapace. Once they were embedded, the Super Predator used his wrist computer to activate their "haywire mode" which caused the discs to tear the Queen apart from the inside out.

The Super Predator let out a triumphant roar as pieces of the Queen splattered around the chamber. With the Queen slain, the Super Predator's hunt was seemingly over, but he detected a Yautja survivor as well as a human. He decided to test himself against them before returning to the mothership. The sensors in his bio mask detected that they were close to each other and they were somewhere below. The Predator used his dual plasma casters to blast a hole in the floor and then leaped down it in search of his foes.

Chapter 8

Matthews made his way through the sewers dispatching the Xenomorphs with his grenade launcher and flamethrower; but he soon found himself out of ammo and at the end of the sewer's walkway. All he could see beyond the end of the walkway was a waterfall and a deep dark abyss. Suddenly, a Praetorian attempted to attack him from behind; but as it prepared to leap at him, it was ripped in half by S'loss' whip.

"So... you're still alive, Night Viper..." muttered Matthews. "Well... I guess it's game over..."

Suddenly, a net came out of nowhere and pinned Matthews against the wall.

S'loss roared in anger, because of outside interference, as he turned and saw the massive four-armed Super Predator approaching him.

"My GOD!" exclaimed Matthews as he drew his combat knife and used it to cut himself free from the net.

The Super Predator removed his bio mask and revealed his face to S'loss. Upon looking at him, S'loss knew this was his father, Z'loss.

Matthews gazed on in awe as the two Predators conversed in a language he could not understand.

Z'loss attempted to convince S'loss to join the Super Predators like he had, but S'loss refused claiming that honor was more important than power and Z'loss must pay for breaking their honor code.

Z'loss let out an enraged roar as he charged at S'loss who attempted to use his whip against the Super Predator; but he grabbed it with one of his powerful arms and used it against S'loss by slamming him into the wall and his whip breaking breaking in half.

S'loss quickly drew his sword and managed to slash Z'loss across the chest, but this minor wound only angered him. He slashed S'loss across the chest with a pair of his wrist blades and sent him to the ground letting out a pained roar. He then attempted to impale S'loss with his four pairs of wrist blade; but S'loss rolled out of the way and attempted to slash him with the sword again. Z'loss blocked the attack; however, and knocked the sword from S'loss' hands causing it to land in front of Matthews. The Super Predator then grabbed S'loss by the throat with his lower arms and lifted him off his feet, before deploying both sets of wrist blades on his upper arms.

Matthews looked on as he saw the larger Predator about to finish off Night Viper. 'I'll probably hate myself for this in the morning...' he thought to himself before he took up S'loss' sword to hack off both the Super Predator's lower arms causing him to drop S'loss. Matthews then attempted to run the Super Predator through as he roared in pain. "Die, you ugly..."

Before Matthews could finish, the Super Predator decked him and caused him to drop the sword into the abyss.

Z'loss approached Matthews and prepared to finish him, but before he could S'loss grabbed his shoulder and punched him in the chest with a devastating punch from his power glove. Z'loss' green blood spit from his mouth as he crashed to the ground with a sickening thud. He then crawled to his knees and bowed to S'loss as if he was going to accept his fate. S'loss drew the very glaive Z'loss had given him; but before he could use it, Z'loss shot him in the leg with one of his plasma casters. He slammed the hilt of the glaive into S'loss' chest before using it to slash his left shoulder.

Suddenly, Matthews jumped on the Super Predator's back and drove his combat knife into his chest; but this only angered Z'loss, who grabbed Matthews by the throat and slammed him into the wall. S'loss attempted to capitalize Matthew's distraction, but Z'loss slashed him across the chest and knocked off his bio mask with the glaive which caused him to fall to his knees. Z'loss threw down the glaive and approached S'loss and prepared to behead him with his wrist blades. As he did, Matthews managed to grab the glaive and threw it to S'loss. "Night Viper!" he yelled.

S'loss looked up to see the glaive coming towards him. He quickly caught it and drove it in Z'loss' chest before he could react. S'loss roared in pain as he tried to pull the glaive from his chest. S'loss slowly staggered to his feet and drew his burner. He then mimicked Matthews saying "It's game over..." before firing the burner at Z'loss. The blast hit S'loss in the shoulder splattering his blood everywhere, as it hurled him over the walkway and into the abyss.

S'loss let out a triumphant roar before he noticed an incoming communication from the mothership. He learned that his clan had defeated the Super Predators and their ship was about to crash on the colony. He quickly collected his bio mask, drew his grappling hook and started off, but he couldn't leave Matthews behind- he had shown great skill. S'loss code of honor would not allow him to leave such a skilled warrior to die this way.

At first, Matthew's was hesitant to follow the Predator but after he managed to make Matthews understand a little of what was happening through sign language, Matthews followed him until they came up on the entrance S'loss had made with his power glove. He then took S'loss hand as he used his grappling hook to pull them both out of the sewers. Once outside, they both could see the ship was about to crash as it lit up the night sky. The duo quickly found cover as the ship crashed into the colony causing a massive explosion.

As the smoke cleared, Matthews staggered to his feet, but found himself face-to-face with several Yautja, several of which were females rather than males, like the ones he had encountered in the colony. One of them targeted him with her plasma caster, but suddenly stopped as she heard S'loss call out to her to spare him.

S'loss then emerged from the smoke and approached Matthews before removing his bio mask. Matthews tried his best not to show disgust as S'loss was probably the second ugliest Predator he'd encounter, the first being the one they had just defeated.

S'loss drew his ceremonial dagger which filled Matthews with dread, but much to his surprise, S'loss gave it to him.

"Take it... you fought well..." said S'loss in a broken form of English.

The Yautja then boarded their ship and flew off into the night.

"Good hunting to you, Night Viper..." muttered Matthews as he looked at the gift the Predator had given him before he went looking for the dropship his unit had arrived in. Much to his relief, it was still there and operational. He then left the planet vowing to destroy the corrupt company that had once been his employer.


S'loss would continue to lead the White Fang Clan as they hunted for big game across the galaxy. Matthews would become a mercenary and make it his top priority to bring down the corrupt Weyland-Yutani Corporation.

It was believed that only Matthews and S'loss survived the second LV-739 infestation, but shortly after their departures, a Facehugger emerged from the wreckage and began crawling over the rubble. Suddenly, a pair of wrist blades impaled it and the bloody hand of Z'loss rose from the wreckage with it's fist clinching...

The End?