Chapter 1

A planet orbiting a blue sun resides in the far side of the galaxy. The planet has several large continents and large oceans. The planet has two moons, Adam and Eve. The planet is called Eden. Recently, a Weyland-Yutani mining ship has discovered exotic ore underneath Eden's surface. But Eden has also been found by a race called the Predators, long before the humans. The Predators have been hunting on Eden for centuries. They have hunted the dangerous Gro'Tye, a large "repto-mammal" that has been the top predator on Eden for millions of years. However, a century ago, the Gro'Tye became endangered due to a war between the Predators and an even more deadly species, known as the Aliens. The Predators won at the cost of their lives, sealing the Alien Hive underground. Today, a new clan of Predators have been given exclusive hunting rights on the planet. Also, Weyland-Yutani have set up a base on the planet, near the area where the Predators and Aliens last fought. The explorers sleep and work in large tents that are guarded by Colonial Marines. Nearby, several Eggs, a Praetorian Egg and a Drone lay dormant. They have been trapped in rock and debris for a century, ever since the Alien Hive were sealed.

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