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Corporal Kingston and her five men team entered the darkened research facility, not ready for the terror inside.

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"Sweetie, Mommy has to go now," Kingston whispered into her duaghter's ear. Carly had refused to let go of her mother, and Kingston had to leave. Her mother may not make it back alive, and Carly knew that. Kingston's mother gently picked up Carly and said to her, " Don't worry, dear. I made some cookies. Want some?" Kingston nodded and said to her father, "Thanks Dad for letting her stay." Her father chuckled and replied, " Make sure you kill some bugs for me." With one last kiss to Carly, Kingston boarded her train with her team.

She tried not to cry as she watched Carly's pudgy hands reach for her, especially not in front of her team.

Chapter 1

Kingston entered the fray with her team. Lieutenant Mead muttered under his breath how stupid Weyland-Yutani was. Sergeant Bennent exclaimed, " Alright team, we got ourselves a bug hunt. Team Pheonix confirms that there may be survivors before we lost contact. We don't know what to expect. So stay frosty and keep together!"

Private Orton nervously looked around, her motion tracker kept pinging. Mead placed a hand on her shoulder and said to her, "We will make, Private. Don't worry." In the front, Kingston anxiously watched for movement. A strange croaking noise caught Private Barreta's attention. He cautiously walked towards the noise, not noticing a hidden figure stand behind him. "Barreta get out of there11' He shouted , firing at the figure. The invisble creature quickly slit Barreta's throat and jumped out of there.

"What the hell was that!!" Orton cried , eyes widened. " Probably one of those jack-offs, what do they call 'em?' Kingston said reloading her pulse rifle. "Their called Hunters." Bennent said through clenched teeth. "Rrright." She chirped and continued on. "Whats up with her?" Mead cleared his throat and replied, " The guy who dumped her after she had Carly lives here.'

Their footsteps echoed through the hallways, and they knew the xenos were watching them. "ORTON WATCH OUT!!" Kingston shrieked, shooting at the xeno. Orton screamed for help as she was dragged away. The team did their best to hold off the attack, but narrowly escaped and locked themselves in a room.

"Oh thank God!" A man yelped as he stood up from his hiding place."Scientist." Mead muttered, ignoring him. Suddenly , Kingston charge the man and held her pulse rifle to his throat. "I should kill you right now, you spineless coward!" The man fell backward with Kingston's rifle held at him. "Dammit Kingston back off!" The sergeant pulled her away from the man.

"Guess we found Daddy." Mead chuckled as he helped him up.

Chapter 2

'So whats going on here?" Mead asked. The man kept his eyes on Kingston, and said " One of our experiments, a creature we call a Yuatmenmorph, somehow escaped and made the facility her Hive...The monster can speak human and the hunters' language, so be warned. She came from a Predalien, but has human DNA grafted into her...She is highly dangerous." Kingston luaghed, but it was not light hearted, it was hrash. " So you idiots created some kind of super alien? Thats real great." She said sarcastically, " Thats great cos hey I do have a duaghter i take care of." Her eyes were cold, and Mead knew she was in her cold personalities.

"Well we can't wait here til we die. Lets go.' Bennent said, and slowly exited the room. "Everythin-' He was cut short by the Yuatmenmorph, who had been listening on their converstaion. She grasped his head with her mandibles, and forced her childrens' embryos into his throat. "Such a fine young man...Too bad I'm not human..." She hissed jeeringly and quickly leapt into a nearby vent. " Sarge no!' Kingston screamed adn tried to wake him up. She looked at the man and said "Don't you have surgeries here???" He nodded numbly, mostly terrified by the appearance of Yuatmenmorph.

They decided to take the sarge to surgery and were halfway there when a small red light appeared on Mead's head. "Mead look out!" Kingston yelled shoving him out of the way and letting her shoulder take the hit. She screamed in agony, but tried to keep holding onto Bennent. They heard the creature mimick Kingston's scream, and they began to run faster. Kingston was losing blood, but they made it to the surgery. Kingston sat with her back against the wall and tended to her wounds. The man began the surgery, and only one chestburster was left to be taken out.

"Hurry it up will ya!" Kingston grimaced, tying cloth onto her shoulder. Before they could react, the lights went out, and a Predator beheaded the man. 'Why can't things go right?!'Kingston angrily thought, staggering to her feet and lifting up Bennent. "K-Kingston..KILL ME...please." Bennent said softly, and tears welled up in Kingston's eyes. She held out her pistiol and killed him and the chestburster. She and Mead began to run for it.

Chapter 3

"Why are you teary-eyed?Shouldn't you be happy the man who dumped you is dead??" Mead asked, trying to catch his breath. Kingston kept wiping the tears out of her eyes, and muttered, "That man was the brother of Carly's father... He was the one who convinced him that his life would be ruined if he stayed with me...Her father's actually...Seargant Pual Bennent...Now i had to kill him and i can't forgive myself...After he dumped me, I made sure he couldn't see Carly...Now I see that as a mistake..." She cried and began falling to her knees. She bawled and Mead hesitantly thought," The Sarge? Wow! I never knew..' He patted Kingston and helped her up. "We have to keep moving...That thing might come back.."

They began to run, until Kingston felt a sharp tug on her ankle. A xeno was grinning horribly and yanked her in before they could react. "Max!!" Mead yelled extending his arm. "WATCH OUT MEAD!" Kingston shrieked as the Yuatmenmorph snuck up behind Mead and headbit him. She chuckled and looked at Kingston. "So pretty boy is your baby daddy? How sweet of you to kill my baby. Guess you can't share, huh?" The creature's saliva dripped down, touching Kingston's face.

Kingston spat on the creature, and was answered by a smack from the Yuatmenmorph. It chuckled again, throaty and disturbing. Kingston noticed the same red light on the creature's arm, and braced for the blast. The blast nearly took the creature's arm off, and she shrieked in anger.

Chapter 3

As the Yuatmenmorph shrieked and ordered the xenos to attack, she turned her attention back to the fleeing human. Kingston turned her head around to see if the monster was close, and suffered a slash on the lips from the Yuatmen morph.A chestburster uneasily slithered only to be grabbed and killed by a Hunter. Tossing it aside, he continued to look for his brethren. He heard a clanging noise in the vents, and prepared his plasma caster. To his surprise, a human female fell out. The female didn't notice him until she slowed her breathing and bumped into him.

"O god no!" Kingston cried and the Hunter lifted his spear. He advanced, and Kingston pitifully dropped to her knees, crying and saying "I have a baby girl!Please Please please!" The yuatja studied the crying human, and didn't know what to do. Kingston lifted her blurry eyes and shrieked,"WATCH OUT" as a drone stabbed him through his shoulder. Roaring, the Hunter tossed the Serpent against the wall, and attacked it. The drone hissed, and looked at the human. A horrible grin erupted to its lips. Screeching, it leaped at Kinston, only to be stabbed in the head with Kingston's knife.

It screamed in agony, and died. The Hunter looked at the dead xeno, and kicked it aside. Kingston saw two more cloaked figures come visble behind him. They croaked, and studied her while talking in their strange language. The one that was there furst came to her, and placed a small dagger in her hand and seemed to motion for her to folow them.

Chapter 4

The Yuatmenmorph sat angrily in a research room, using her broken clawed fingers to type on a barely working computer. She searched up a file on the female that got away. "Maxine Kingston...Carly Kingston....Weyland's files....Seems interesting." She cackled in a throaty way, and left. She smelled the enemy, the Yuatjas, and crawled up a vent. One of them slowly walked into the position the monster needed him in. She let out a roar, and leaped on him. The two fell through the wall, metal and flesh being slashed in sync.

Kingston looked down at where they fell, and looked at the remaing Hunters. "Aren't you going to help him??" They ignored her, and a smaller one, she guessed the Youngblood, jumped after his brother and the oldest, the Elite, continued on. That action made her feel angry. "Aren't YOU gonna help them?? Their so young?! You need to help them!" She shrieked and yanked on his arm. He pulled her off his arm and continued on.

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The Yuatmenmorph viciously headbit the Yuatja she attacked first, and turned to the Youngblood, who readied his spear. They rushed at eahc other, looking for blood. The Youngblood slashed the monster across her throat, and the Yuatmenmorph shoved him back. She tried to stab his legs, only to be slashed across her back and getting a spike severed off.