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AVP: Return to Akaron


The howling winds of akaron moved through the new colony on L.V.-426 as trash came along with it. This planet, it seemed was never ment to be touched by humanity for it held a dark secret. Long ago the original colony "Hadleys Hope" was gone as the atmospheric processor exploded. On the surface of the colony it seemed peaceful. But on the inside it was hell. Dark creatures lurked in every shadow, every corner, every body. But the marines did not know that... They also did not know about the other species on they way to join the battle.

The marines strapped on their gear and loaded their weapons as the engineering crew looked over the drop ships interior. The Squad ,named "Hunter Sqaud" had suffered a loss of two marines and an engine failure on their last asighnment. The squad took a while to get ready. It was a standard rescue mission, nothing special. Then their sergeant walked through the entrance to the barracks. He looked around "Marines!" He screamed and they snapped to attention. The sergeant allowed a smile to form on his lips. He was a stereotypical african american marine sergeant with the cigar and all. "Line up!" They did. "Private Ramirez, Private Clarckson, Private First Class Gerome and Corporal Steele!" He looked up "All acounted for except...Well you know." He waited in silence then gave an order. "Alright go, go, go, go!" They jogged and loaded up into the Drop ship. The sergeant walked past them and banged on the door to the cock pit. "Alright, alright...Shit..." The pilot complained. The drop ship hovered over the drop bay and lowered as a door closed around the ship carrier and the bottom opened slowly. The pilot spoke over the innercom. "5...4...3...2...1 Go!" The ship fell and began to nose dive. "Yeeeeeeeehaww hah ha ha!" A marine exclaimed. The ship rocked as it revealed itself from the cloudy skies. The pilot spotted the landing pad and set down on it. The door opened and the marines ran out with the sergeant giving orders at the same time. "Get out get out get out! Steele, give me the binocks! The rest of you cover me!" All was silemt except for the wind and rain. "...No movement..." He informed. He pulled out his motion tracker. Nothing showed up. "Alright move up." They sprinted for the door. "Steele hack it.we'll cover you." Steele pulled down the pannel and stuck the hacking device into it a tapped in a code. They waited and the door opened. "Steele stay here. We will secure the perimeter." Steele nodded and put his back against the wall.

Ven'Tar'Kan stood near the view screen as he watched the oomans run into the complex and made his ship land farther off. He knew this was going to be a great hunt. The ship landad and he stepped into the rain. The Elder put his hand on Ven'Tar'Kan's shoulder and spoke to him in their language. "Ven'Tar'Ken... This will be great hunt and songs will be sung of our names." Ven'Tar'Kan looked up in suprise. "Our names? Elder you are to old to hunt." The elder raised a hand for him to stop. "When I saw the oomans I knew: If this is to be my last hunt then let it be a good one." Ven'Tar'Kan bowed and ran into the distance and into the complex.

The hunters stalked around the complex looking for the Kainde Amedha they picked up when they scanned the planet a week ago. A blooded warrior stalked in the medical labs and scanned some sort of container that held the first stage of them. He heard a crash and turned to investigate it. he switched to his vision mode to better see the prey. He peered through the door and the Kainde Amedha leaped onto him. It screeched at him and spittle flew onto his visor. he grabbed the kainde amedha by the neck and wipped off the spittle he grabbed the frontal lobe of it and cracked its neck. He let out a victory cry and began to remove the head. When he finished tearing it off a tail flew through him crushing his spine and puncturing his chest. He slowly faded away. and the Kainde Amedha dropped him.

The marines heard the yell and they began to run twoard it and kill it. The segeant turned the corner into a room and a Xenomorph fell on him. He stuck a shotgun in its mouth and fired. It's head exploded but the acid fell on the sergeant. He tore off the armor and tried to wipe it off of his face. "Ahh ahha AHHHHHHH!!!" He screamed as it burned through his skin and another one flew out of another hallway. Steele was about to open fire on it when a bronze armored beast jumped on it ripping out an inner mouth. Two more fell on it and It stabbed one with a wierds wrist guantlet while tearing the other in half. Two more Xenos raced to the marines and were suspended in mid air by another hunter. This one was older and gray hair. The Marines took off and heard the sounds of battle going on behind them. one Steele grabbed his arm he was bleeding violently.

Ven'Tar'Kan dropped the corpses while the elder ran after the oomans. He tracked them to a forked hallway and knelt looking for a trail to follow. he searched as he heard the elder fight behind him. He found thwei and made his bio mask track it. He ran down the corridor until he found the entrance to the hive. Judging by the amount of thwei they had considered going in here and facing him. They entered the hive. "Smart choice." Said Ven'Tar'Kan and entered the hive.

The Elder also was following a trail. A trail of Yautja blood he needed to know what had become of his hunting party. He Knew none were as experienced in the hunt as Ven'Tar'Kan. He found a young blood finishing off the last of a horde of Kainde Amedha. He looked up "Elder." He bowed. "How goes the hunt?" The elder asked. "Not good we have lost one hunter and the Kainde amedha have had much more time to mature." The elder grunted in understanding. "Ven'Tar'Kan is hunting the oomans now. Come let us continue our hunt." They continued on down the colony and the youngblood was ambushed by a kainde amedha. The two fought but in the end another kainde amedha arrived and even as the elder tried to capture it before making it to the fight it had already slayed the young one. The elder was old he knew one day he would die soon and if this was the day he would do it with honor. He let out a battle cry and engaged them in battle.

Steele led his marines into the queens chamber unknowingly. The queen spotted them and ordered her childern to kill the intruders. "KILL THE BITCH!" He yelled and straffed at her egg sack area. the other shot grenades at her body. This enradged her she tore herself free. and fought them. She picked up Gerome and tore his head from his body ands shoved her tail through clarckson tearing him in half. She charged at Steele and ramirez and knocked steele off of his feet as she bit ramirez in half. She turned twoard him andgrabbed him with one massive hand. And just as she ended him a blue bolt sizzled through air and smashed into her head knocking her over with steele too.

Ven'Tar'Kan knocked the queen down and was about to deliver the final blow standing on top of her.He raised a spear and she grabbed gim and pulled him over to a steam pipe. Dragging her self she smashed through the metal and tried to stick him into it. he kick flipped out of it while the steam killed the queen. He pulled out his burner. He shot her face off. Her arms flaied around te bleeding area her face used to be and she finally fell over...Dead. He looked at the ooman and decided to spare him: Any ooman who could face a queens jaws without cowering deserved that much. He planted a bomb in the hive and ran off carrying the ooman.

Steele woke up. He gasped for air snd looked around the colony was no more than smoldering wreckage. He turned to see the two others from earlier. The beasts that fought the bugs. The dark haired one with bronze armor held out a gun and said "Take It." they turned and left.

In orbit The elder and Ven'Tar'Kan looked at the planet shrink. "I and that ooman." will meet again he told himself. The elder grunted. Ven'Tar'Kan turned to go hang his trophies and looked forward to the next hunt.