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Amy Hanusk is a fan character created by

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Amy was a 16 year old volunteer at a zoo. She was the host for Specimen 11, or Athena. The teen ws cleaning an exhibit for the deer display when a buck's chest was ripped open by a strange creature. It slithered away, and the girl fell back on her butt, trying to scream as a facehugger approached her.

It attached itself to her face, and the teen was doomed.

The teenager was known for being defiant and stubborn, which are the traits seen in 11 as well. She was 5'3" short for a 16 year old. This was also seen in 11.

When she came to, Amy was surprised when she saw the thing dead beside her, and staggered as she stood. A sudden pain in her chest stopped her, and she began screaming in pain as the same creature she saw in the deer ripped free of her body. She was dead before she hit the floor.

The zookeepers saw the body and knew the symptoms of a xenomorph's being. They immedaitely colsed the zoo, and searched for 11 before she could molt. Luckily they netted her small form and put her in binds. They marked the 11 on her forehead and trained her. She was the most loved exhibit by all the visitors, though they never knew she thought dark things and could not wait to escape to slaughter them.