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A dormant Xenomorph Hive is discovered in the Year 2189 A.D on the Planet BG 117 by Weyland-Yutani. Four Predators arrive to Hunt. Contact is lost, a battalion of Marines are sent to find the cause. Hell unfolds...


Li'sheik ( Elite, Female Predator ), Bo'kash ( Male, Youngblood Predator ), Darande ( Male, Youngblood Predator ), Ca'resh ( Male, Youngblood Predator ), Private Cj Smith ( Male Marine ), Ancient Queen, Predalien.

Part One.

A Yautja Mothership floats through Space. Inside Li'sheik is asleep on her Bed. A knock comes to the Room's Door. She awakes. "Come in." She speaks as she stands up. A youngblood walks in. "What is it Bo'kash?" Li'sheik asks. "I have come for advice Mentor. What would be the most efficient way to eliminate a Group of Serpents?" He asks. "Well first off. Dont let them surround you. Eliminate them quickly and efficiently with your Weopons. Dont rush into Combat. Let them come to you." She replies. Bo'kash nods in appreciation. "To inform you Mentor. We are approaching the Human Colony of BG 117. We'll be there withn an Hour.

Li'sheik nods. Bo'kash bows and then leaves. "Good hunting is to be had... Good hunting." Li'sheik mumbles.