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The tale of Charles follows the story of Charles Web, who is a young recruit working as a security officer in the colony of LV-624 which is a ice world.

His first day happens to coincide with a Xenomorph outbreak and Charles is forced to try to survive this event.

This takes place between Alien 3 and resurecction.

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Two colonists venture away from the colony to explore the ice caves of LV-624. During their exploration one of them stumble upon a unknown ship of alien origin.

Inside the explorer finds a room filled with thousands of eggs with a blue mist above it, as he investigates one of the eggs hatches and a creature lands on his face rendering him unconcious.

First Day

Charles Webb, who begins his first day as a security officer of the colony of LV-624, is asked to aid two other men in finding two missing colonists who went out on a exploration and have been missing for about a week. Despite Charles's inexperience he is forced to go as every one else is busy investigating other cases of missing colonists within the very colony.

Charles joins the two men (whose names are Connor adn Scotty) in a snow vehicle and drive off to find the missing colonists. Upon arrival the three split up though not long after Scotty reports seeing a figure walk into a sewer line. Charls, Connor and scotty re group and investigate the sewer line.

Once again the group split up however screams are heard from Connor and not soon after from Scotty. Charles however continues to investigate the area and finds some sort of foreign coating onf the walls and floors of the sewers, however within minutes something knocks Charles on the back of the head and he slips into a state of unconciousness.


Meanwhile back at the colony. a Yaujta stalks human prey, he notices a blizzard is starting to appear around the colony, being somewhat a advantage to the Preadtor. The Yaujta continues to watches the humans, specifically a group of them sitting at a table eating some sort of food.

The Hive

Charles wakes up to find that himself trappd in some sort of webbing, although most of it stern, he is able to break one of his arms free and uses it to help free him self. Still armed with a pistol he searches the area for his two colleagues, he notices thousands of eggs scattred around the sewers, some are hatched while some are not. He finds many bodies stuck to the walls of the sewers, most of which were assumed to be missing.