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The Benthos Monks (often referred to as "the Monks) are a mysterious race native to the Daemoniverse. Like the Veiled Ones, they cover their bodies in rich robes. They are at war with the Daemons.


No one has ever seen a Monk; they wear rich robes and cloaks over their bodies. They carry self-destruct devices, and so they explode when killed.

It is believed that the Monks are hermaphroditic.



It seems that the Monks worship the Veiled Ones, having heard of them through ancient hieroglyphics on their homeworld.

Monks often make alliances with other enemies of the Daemons, such as the Angeli, the Typhons, and the Rennites. However, they do not interact often, and when they do, they do not share information about themselves.


The Monks report to an individual known as the "Holy Knight". Nothing whatsoever is known about this entity.


The Monks possess gleaming energy swords, similar to Blueblades, which they use to slice their enemies into pieces. They fly small but fast starships, capable of FTL.

Each Monk carries a nuclear fusion device into battle; if the individual is killed, the device will detonate, thus destroying the body and all enemies that killed it.


After their home planet was occupied by the Daemon Soulbane, the Monks fled into space, where they conduct guerilla warfare against the Daemons.