Blade master predator by bender18-d38xl2i
The youngest brother of longblade, and swift spear.

But also the most bloodthirsty.

A master of medium range with his extra long blades.

carring the least amount of gear he is the fastest, most agile,

but weakest of his brothers.

On a recent hunt blade runner is seperated from his clan.

And three elite predators come for him as a trophy.

he sprints at the first one and slashes his throat.

the seconed elite throws his galve but misses but that is all he needs to do to die.

breaking his spine with his blade instant death. the third blasts the ceiling with his plasma cannon.

crushing blade runner from the wasit down. the elite leaves blade runner to die not worth the deaths of his friends.

leaving him would be the elites last mistake. blade runner crawled towards him ripping his head off. taking him as a trophy.

crawling back to his clan he is rubuilt with the dead fleash of the elite.