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Bloody Mary is the affectionate nickname given to Project Lazarus Alpha, a designation given to an attempt by Weyland-Yutani to clone the extinct 'Red Xenomorph' strain seen first encountered on Xenomorph Prime. Bloody Mary is a Cloned Red Xenomorph Queen, recreated from fragments of genetic material recovered from the detonation site of the original Red Queen Mother's hive. When Hunter-Killer broke free, Bloody Mary used the opportunity to free herself and her own brood, decimating large swathes of the base before setting up a rival hive to Hunter-Killer's in the ruins of the specimen lab.


Due to the degradation of Red Xenomorph genetic samples in the nuclear remains of the Red Hive, Weyland-Yutani scientists utilized genetic fragments from several compatible Terran invertebrates, and human genetic material, similar to the case of the experiments on board the Auriga. Unlike the Cloned Queen, however, Bloody Mary possesses no live birthing apparatus, and is so named because of its unusual diet.

In most ways, Bloody Mary resembles a red version of the Cloned Xenomorph of the appropriate caste, as do her spawn, possessing less biomechanical qualities than the standard strain and favoring houndlike, quadrapedal movement. The most notable difference is that instead of a secondary mouth, Bloody Mary and her brood possess a prehensile, sharpened proboscis. Mary and her spawn are carnivorous and voracious hunters, just like regular Xenomorphs, however, when they feed, they inject their prey with a powerful acid. The prey's organs dissolve into an organic slurry over the course of a few painful seconds, allowing the Xenomorph to ingest the protein-rich liquid using the proboscis. Chestbursters of this strain exsanguinate their hosts from within before chewing free of their chest cavities.

Unlike standard Red Xenomorphs, Bloody Mary and her brood flush red when they are well fed, and when they are hungry, turn an unhealthy pale color.

Bloody Mary and her spawn have been tested for sapience multiple times, concluding that their intelligence is equal to that of the average Xenomorph of the appropriate caste.

Mary's Brood

Mary's Brood (given the Designation WY-RXX121), Mosquitomorphs, or Bleeders are remarkably similar to the Cloned Xenomorphs of the Auriga, bearing the same double-jointed limbs and quadrapedal aspect. They display a similar level of intelligence and problem-solving ability, capable of quickly capitalizing and taking advantage of the chaos left in Hunter-Killer's wake in order to orchestrate their own escape. Mary's Brood are physically almost identical to the 'standard' Xenomorph phenotype, with the exception of their blood-red carapace, sanguinary diet, and possession of a feeding proboscis rather than a secondary set of jaws.

Mary's brood retain their genetic rivalry with other Xenomorphs, and both species will attack each other on sight.

Due to the slight human genetic corruption and their diet, Mary's brood bleed vibrant red blood, though it is just as acidic as that of a normal Xenomorph.