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'He isn't content to find prey from every corner of the galaxy. He isn't even content to pit them against his pets. There's a reason the other Hunters fear him. I think this is it' - Alenna Marik

The Evolutionist's experiments with the Xenomorph genetic properties, using extraterrestrial technology of both Yautja and even more exotic gene-tampering methods, have yielded results. Nicknamed Chimeramorphs, by the few surviving humans unfortunate enough to discover them, as they displayed multiple unique genetic traits and startling intelligence. Yautja call them ui'stbi amedha, roughly translating to 'Abomination Meat'.

Based on the Xenomorph species at its core, the Chimeramorph showcases genetic traits from humans, Yautja, and a multitude of other unidentified extraterrestrial organisms abducted by the Evolutionist. Unlike the typical mode of Xenomorph DNA assimilation, the Chimeramorph is a hybrid creature, created by artificially splicing the genetic traits of many species together, using Xenomorph DNA as a 'binding agent' of sorts.

The Evolutionist, from what little can be understood about his motives, considers these creatures the 'ultimate prey', and refuses to make them docile in any way, even toward himself. Chimeramorphs are presumably made to kill Yautja hunters, to provide them with the ultimate challenge, which may be the goal of the rogue Yautja.

Biological Information

The Chimeramorph, being based upon the Xenomorph species, possesses the same parasitic, hive-based life cycle, with a notable caste system similar to that of its base species. Chimeramorphs, however, are universally stronger than humans, Xenomorphs and Yautja, possessing incredibly advanced musculature, hardened chitinous plating, and rending talons. Unlike the acidic blood of a Xenomorph, the Chimeramorph bleeds an unknown, extremely corrosive superbase, capable of neutralizing Xenomorph acid.

Chimeramorphs, while possessing a heightened physique by default, are just as capable as Xenomorphs of assimilating the genetic traits of their birthing hosts. Because of experimentation conducted by the Evolutionist, the Chimeramorph Hive contains many unique specimens of Chimeramorphs born from different, extraterrestrial genetic stock.

Chimeramorphs possess the Yautja ability to perceive infrared spectrums of light. They are also genetically altered to be more intelligent than a regular Xenomorph, with even drones displaying near human-levels of problem solving and intelligence.

Chimeramorphs are universally hostile to all other life, including other Xenomorphs, that they can and do use as hosts. Even the Evolutionist is not safe from the Chimeras, though he has technology with which he is capable of 'blinding' them.

Life Cycle

The Chimeramorph follows the basic Xenomorph Life-Cycle, with some alterations. Chimeric Facehuggers meld into their host's face after impregnation, injecting enzymes into the victim's body. This reacts with enzymes released from the implanted embryo, which causes the victim to slowly begin to swell up. The embryo drinks the bloated victim's liquified organic slurry, bursting forth from the empty skin when it has achieved a larval form. This Chimeric Larva immediately hunts prey until it finishes its maturation into a drone.

The Evolutionist observes the Chimeric Queen


  • Chimeric Drone: Hatched from a human. 8-ft tall, primarily bipedal, with advanced cranium and rudimentary limbs.
  • Chimeric Runner: Hatched from canine breed. 6-ft long, quadrapedal carnivorous creature, with multiple tongues and an excellent sense of smell.
  • Chimeric Praetorian: Hatched from a Xenomorph. 10-ft tall, primarily bipedal, multiple sets of clawed hands, superbase spit.
  • Chimeric Predalien: 10-ft tall, incredibly strong and fast, unusually intelligent.
  • Chimeric Anomaly: Chimeramorph specimens spawned from unknown alien life-forms.
  • Chimeric Queen: Multi-limbed, mostly immobile behemoth. Extremely intelligent, and capable of coordinating its Hive with an unknown telepathic link.


  • They were artificially created by the Evolutionist in a manner similar to the experiments of the android David. It is unknown if the Evolutionist had access to the Chemical A0-3959X.91 – 15 mutagen that spawned the Praetomorph strain, or had other, more exotic ways of altering combining alien genetic traits.
  • Its appearance is based on the theoretical creature appearing in the original Alien screenplay.
  • The creatures are very similar to the altered Xenomorphs on board the Auriga, though much more radically altered.
  • Due to their hybrid nature, the Chimeramorphs are similar in some ways to the White Hybrids.