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Chapter One

A G.U.N Helicopter flew above Westopilis. In it's Cargo Bay there was a Xenomorph, it was Six, she was chained up. Eight Guards surrounded her. "Everything alright back there?" Inquired the Pilot. There was sounds of a Commotion. Six ripped open the Side Door and jumped on the Wing. The Guards were Uncouncious. "Talk about Low Budget Flights! No Food or Movies? I'm outta here!" Spoke Six as she ripped off a chunk of Metal. She jumped off on the makeshift Board and grinned, her Teeth shined for a Moment. "Damn! This is the Second Time this has happened to me!" Yelled the Pilot.

Six landed and Surfed down the Streets, avoiding Cars along the way. She used the Board to Grind on a Telephone Wire after useing a Ramp. She jumped off the Board and landed in a Park. She ran through it. She destroyed Four G.U.N Robots along the way. Fifteen G.U.N Beetle Mechs flew after her. She avoided their Shoots while running. She took a Cornor and leaped into a Manhole. The Mechs just flew by. She continued to Walk through the Sewers.

Chapter Two

Last Night...

A Xenomorph stood atop a Bridge. Cop Cars were below. She had a Seven burned on her Forehead. The Green Chaos Emerald was in her Hand. "Humph. Look how Pathetic they are." Seven spoke. She grinded along a Suspension Cable and sped through the Highway, destroying all the Mechs along the way. A Jet flew after her but she Chaos Speared it and it crashed. She continued to speed along and ran into the City.

Chapter Three

Six jumped out the Sewers and walked through the Empty Street. It was Night-Time. A G.U.N Walker Mech landed in front of her. She dodged it's Attacks and repeatedly Jump-Kicked the Cockpit. She crawled along a Building, Jumped off and Clawed at the Walker's Back. She dodged a few Missiles and then Homeing Attacked it. The Mech fell down, the Pilot was Uncouncious.

"Phew." Six said, out of Breath. "It all starts with this, a Jewel containing the Ultimate Power." Said Seven as she stood atop the Mech, Chaos Emerald in hand. "So... You're the one that's causeing Trouble. The Military must have mistaken me for the likes of you! Well say something you Fake Xenomorph!" Spoke Six as she ran towards Seven. "Chaos Control!" Exclaimed Seven. Seven Ran past the Frozen Six and reappeared on a Rooftop. "Whoah! She's Fast! Wait... It's not her Speed, she must be useing the Chaos Emerald to Warp!" Said Six. "I'm Seven, the Ultimate Xenomorph. Goodbye. Chaos Control!" Spoke Seven as she disappeared in a Flash.

A Bunch of Cops and Mechs surrounded Six as she took everything in. "Oh Crud." She mumbled as she put her Hands up.

Chapter Four

Seven stood in a Lab Room with her Arms folded. "Excellent Work, Seven, You are possibly my Greatist Creation yet." Spoke Eggman. Seven nodded. "Now i have another important Task for you... But first meet your Partner." Eggman said. "Partner?" Inquired Seven. "Yes, Partner." Replied Eggman.

A Green Hedgehog with Blue Eyes, wearing a Black Leather Jacket, with Flames on the Sleeves, and Red Sunglasses walks in. "Perfect timeing, Scourge." Said Eggman. Scourge grinned. "You didn't tell me my New Partner was a Chick. What's up Babe? I'm Scourge, Scourge the Hedgehog." He said. "I'm Seven and i'm NOT your Babe." Replied Seven. "Somebody got out o' the wrong Side of the Bed this Morning." Scourge responded. Seven growled. "Calm down... Babe." Chuckled Scourge.

"Alright now that's enough." Said Eggman. "I want you both to go to Glacier Island and retrieve the Three Chaos Emeralds stored there." He continued. They both nodded and exited the Room. "You know you should chill out." Said Scourge as they walked through the Hallway. "I want to maintain my Focus so no, i will not 'Chill out' as you put it." Spoke Seven. "Jeez." Replied Scourge.

Chapter Five

The Tornado MK.II flew through the Sky. Tails was flying. A Red and Yellow Hedgehog with Blue Eyes stood on the Wings. It was Shimmer. "Glacier Island is just ahead." Said Tails. Shimmer nodded. He jumped off and Glided down on a trail of Fire.

In the frozen Jungle part of the Island. "This used to be Prison Island... It got destroyed... They rebuilt it and made it Snowy... To help hide the Heat Signatures here." Spoke Scourge. Seven nodded. "You go get the Emeralds, i'll Distract the Guards." She said. "If you say so." Replied Scourge. Scouge ran off. Seven headed into the Jungle.

As Seven ran through the Jungle she ripped apart the Mechs that she found. More chased after her. She dodged their Attacks and turned them into Scraps. She continued to speed through the Jungle and draw attention. Meanwhile Scourge was breaking into the Vaults. He destroyed a few Mechs here and there. He ripped open a Door and walked into a Dark Room. He could see the Chaos Emeralds inside.

"Target Located. Begin Evacuation... We'll blow these Terrorists sky-high." Spoke a G.U.N Soldier within the Security Room.

Chapter Six

Shimmer walked through the Jungle. He saw a Xenomorph, back turned, stand infront of him. "Hey! Six, there you are..." He said as he ran forward. Seven turned around. "Whoah! Sorry, my Bad!" Shimmer said as he stopped. Seven hissed and stuck out her Little Mouth. Shimmer ran off.

A Short Time later he arrived outside Six's holding Cell. He opened the Door. "There you are." He chuckled. "Shimmer? Oh thank Primus, you're here." Replied Six as she stood up. They walked out the Cell. "Hard to belive there's a Second Xeno on this Island." Said Shimmer. "What!? That Faker is here?" Replied Six. "Uh, yeah." Shimher responded. Six sped off. Shimmer shrugged.

Seven was walking when her Wrist-Radio beeped. "Hello? This is Scourge... I'm kinda trapped in the Vaults and... There's a Bomb." Sighed Scourge over his Wrist-Radio. "Grr... Trouble-Maker." Mumbled Seven as she sped off. Seven sped through the Jungle. She jumped through the Tree Branchs. Six was walking through the Jungle. Seven landed on a Branch near her. They both noticed each other.

"I've found you, Faker!" Exclaimed Six. "Faker? I think you're the Fake Xeno around here! Hah. You're compareing yourself to me? Hah. You're not even good enough to be my Fake!" Responded Seven. "I'll make you Eat those Words!" Shouted Six. They both leaped at each other.

Chapter Seven

Both Six and Seven grappeled with each other. Seven kicked Six into a Tree. Six jumped up and Homeing Attacked Seven. Seven got back up and Tail Whipped Six away. Six swung on a Branch after regaining Control and kicked Seven in the Face. Seven fired some Chaos Spears but Six dodged them and Elbowed Seven in the Jaw. Seven spindashed Six and then pummeled her in Mid-Air. Six punched Seven. They both fell to the Ground... They both jumped back up and started to rapidly Kick each other, they kept deflecting eachother's Attacks with their Kicks. They started to Grapple again. Six kneed Seven and then threw her into a Tree. They both Homeing Attacked eachother at the Same Time.

They stood faceing eachother, out of Breath. Seven's Wrist-Comm beeped. "The Bomb's gonna go soon! Speed up!" Exclaimed Scourge. Seven rushed off. "Oh no! I gotta get the others off the Island before it blows up!" Exclaimed Six. She ran off. Scourge was sitting on the Floor with the Red, Yellow and Purple Chaos Emeralds in hand. The Bomb's Timer displayed 8 Seconds left. Seven broke in. The Timer was at 6. She ran towards Scourge while shouting "Chaos Control!". They both warped off the Island as the Timer reached 0. The Island was covered in Explosions soon after. Tails, Shimmer and Six were on the Tornado, flying away, while it happened. All the Personnal were sailing away on Lifeboats at the same Time.

Chapter Eight

A short Time later, aboard the Egg Carrier MK.II.

Seven was in the Observation Room, looking out of the Window, to the Clouds below. Scourge was also in the Room. "Thanks. For saveing me back there... Partner." Scourge said. Seven nodded. "You could've just left me and took the Chaos Emeralds." Scourge followed up. "It would've been Bad for my Reputation if i lost my Partner on the first Mission." Seven responded. "That's not the only reason." Teased Scourge. Seven was silent. "I..." Seven was about too say something but then Eggman walked in. "Excellent work you two on that Island. Twice it's been blown up now, you know? Anyway. With these Chaos Emeralds we have a huge Advantage." The Doctor said. Scourge and Seven nodded. "Consider the rest of your Day too be free. You've earned it." He continued. "Thank you Master." Replied Seven. Eggman nodded and left the Room. "So, you got any Plans... Hot Stuff?" Chuckled Scourge. "Just because i saved your Green Ass don't mean i want it." Replied Seven as she turned her back on Scourge. "You don't have too keep up the strong Lonewolf act, didn't you hear the Doc? We got a Day Off... I know how i like to spend those." Said Scourge. "Hmph. Well find some other 'Chick' to do that with." Responded Seven. "There's no other Women here, worthy of my Time... Besides i know how to treat a Lady." Replied Scourge. "I find that hard to belive." Laughed Seven. "Why don't you let me show you?" Inquired Scourge.

An Hour later Seven was curled up next too Scourge in his Bed, the Quilt covered them. She was rubbing circles on his Chest with her Finger. "Well... That was... Interesting." Said Seven. "I told yah i can treat a Lady well." Sniggered Scourge. "I think this is the start of a Beutiful Partnership." Teased Seven. "I agree..." Chuckled Scourge. Seven climbed on top of Scourge and grined. "Ding Dong... Round Two." She whisped in his Ear. "Ladies first." Grinned Scourge. Seven smiled, kissed Scourge's Cheek, then his Chest and then she slid below the Covers.

Chapter Nine

Meanwhile in a Canyon. A Red Hedgehog, with Brown Stripes, and Blue Eyes, wearing a Black Jacket with Two White Stripes on both Arms, White Gloves and Black Shoes, with a White Strap, stood next too a Brown Fox, with Black Stripes, and Blue Eyes, wearing a White Shirt, White Gloves, Black and White Jet Shoes and Glasses. "This place is f*cking Creepy." Said the Fox as he drunk some Beer. "No wonder they call you the Angry Video Game Nerd...We just gotta get moving James." Replied the Hedgehog. "Well let's get moving Joe." Responded AVGN. Both Angry Joe and AVGN sped off. They used a Dash Pad to speed up.

"Bet i can get the Chaos Emerald first." Taunted Joe. "Bull... I'll get there First!" Responded AVGN. They took a Loop-De-loop and then used Spring Pads to reach another Ledge. AVGN overtook Joe. "See ya!" Sniggered AVGN. Joe ran faster and got to be side-by-side with AVGN. "You were saying?" Chuckled Joe. they both Grinded on Rails.

A Predalien with a Robotic Left Arm, Right Leg, Shoulder Cannon, Plasma Blade on his Right Wrist and a Spiked Ball on his Tail stood on a Ledge was watching them. "Come in Doctor. This is Skorge. Silver Chaos Emerald located. A Hedgehog and Fox are preceeding to it's location." Skorge Spoke into his Wrist Comm. "Sonic and Tails!?" Exclaimed Eggman. "No. Angry Joe and the Angry Video Game Nerd." Replied Skorge. "Hah! What Fools! defeat them and aquire that Chaos Emerald!" Ordered Eggman. "as you wish. Chaos Emerald Aquistion begining. Skorge out." Stated Skorge as he turned off his Wrist Comm. He grinded down a Rail.

Chapter Ten