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Daleks vs. xenomorphs is a story about a huge colony of xenomorphs encountering a troop of daleks and the battle between the fierce sides battling to the death.

We are daleks you are... EXTERMINATED!!!


On a heavily fogged and forested planet there is a peaceful silence, large shiny xenomorphs walk around through the fog searching for food. Suddenly the silence was broken by a huge ship coming through the atmosphere fiery and menacing the huge ship crashed to the ground with am explosive bang.

The xenos moved in and scoured the ship's exterior for anything they could eat, then the ships door opened and many small lights flashed around searching... watching. The xenos moved forward when a huge blast hit the foremost one electrocuting him and a wave of acid shot forward as his lifeless shell fell to the ground and shattered, the xenomorphs ran but were swiftly all shot and killed, one xenomorph however had never moved in, he survived and sprinted away as fast as possible. One shot xeno was still alive and tried to drag himself away but was noticed by the creatures within the spaceship.

Unknown creature: *hovering noise getting louder*

Xenomorph soldier: *growling noises* *hissing*

unknown creature: "Prepare for brainwave extraction!" *sticks a black suction cup on the xenomorphs face*

unknown creature: "species designation is xenomorph, xenomorphs have infested this planet like pests!"

unknown creature No.2: "there is only one thing that can be done about pests..."

Dalek No.2: "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!!!!"

chapter 1

coming soon!