David is a 22 year old man with hair that can cover his eyes e weas a green jacket with lue baggy jeans and a black under shirt he has red and grey air max nikes and is 5'11.

Early life

David spent his early life living with his parents In New York city manhattan.When he was 12 his father was found dismembered in central park,a three year long investigation following the murder,no suspect was found and two months later a 7 foot long xenomorph was found roaming times square killing 12 people before capture.When dave was 18 his girlfriend was killed by an usually large grey xenomorph with a praetorian head and retractable spikes(mars).Dave was almost killed.David then was abducted by wetland yutani workers and shipped to xenomorph prime were he will encounter his old enemy.

Personal life

Dave had a girlfriend in college who was killed by mars.Ever since that Dave has had numerose failed relationships.