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A Destructor, in its prime

Known Aliases: The Destructor, Fear, Death, Bringer of Doom, Bringer of Destruction, DeathLord, God

The Destructor is the last of an unnamed race of dragon-like creatures. It is many hundreds of metres long and weighs many hundreds of tonnes. It lives on a small world at the edge of the unknown Universe. It is said to have the power to see anywhere in the universe, and into the future, but it is viciously territorial, and those who seek its advice never come back.

It can breath white-hot fire for days on end, completely searing all the surrounding area. Its scales are several metres thick, and completely impenetrable by the most advanced weaponry. Its claws are made of the rare substance neutronium-metal, as are its teeth, and its tail spike. As well as this, it is in possession of a large, car-sized bomb. This bomb, when detonated, has enough power to destroy the Universe itself.

On the planet, it lives on a raised plateau with sheer sides, making it unreachable by foot. It never ventures down from the plateau.

The End of the Universe


The daleks descended to the planet. It was uninhabited but for a giant creature, lying on an enormous plateau. The dalek leader amplified its voice so it would be heard.


Lasers arced through the air towards the hide of the creature. They were stopped several metres short by some form of forcefield. The creature stood up.

"Fools," it growled. "Such feeble technology cannot destroy me. You will be destroyed for your insolence."

It lashed out with its tail, tearing the first wave of daleks to shreds.

"That all you got?"


Missiles were launched from the dalek saucers and more daleks landed on the plateau, shooting lasers. The lasers were again stopped short, and the missiles exploded several metres before touching the creature, the debris thrown backwards. Lazily, the creature incinerated the next wave of daleks, and a group of dalek saucers, by breathing out white-hot flames.

"Pathetic," it mocked the daleks.

As more descended, weapons blazing, it reached out with a taloned foot, grabbing and crushing several daleks at once, before repeating with the other foot. Still the dalek weapons fell hopelessly short.


The cries became more frantic as the next wave was crushed under the creature's weight; it also lashed out with its tail, knocking dalek saucers from the sky. Then it stood up again, beating its wing, and the wind created alone buffeted the next wave of daleks off the plateau. They were smashed to pieces on the rocks hundreds of metres below.

"Your attacks are pointless. I can destroy you all."


"It is."

A sweep of the creature's tail cleared the plateau of daleks.



"I can do this all day," said the creature, as its jaws tore apart more daleks. Then, the creature took to the air, lashing out at dalek ships with its hind legs, tearing them to shreds and causing them to spiral down to the plateau.

"Get off my land!" the creature cried, buffeting the saucer carcasses off the plateau merely by beating its wings. Then, it landed again.

Out of desperation, a dalek saucer, about the size of the creature, dive-bombed it. The saucer exploded several metres from the creature, and all the debris was thrown backwards, slicing more daleks to shreds. The creature spoke again.

"Daleks. I am the Destructor. I hold in my hands the power to destroy the universe."


The creature tore apart the next wave of daleks.

"I have a bomb, with the power to destroy the universe."


"Not to you simpletons, no. Now leave this planet."


The dalek was destroyed, along with the rest of the wave.

"I shall show you, then. I shall destroy the universe!"

The creature stamped on the plateau, causing the earth to crumble and reveal a hidden chamber, in which was a bomb, about the size of a car.

"Witness before you, daleks, the destroyer of the universe."


The Destructor barred the dalek's missiles from the bomb, and they exploded before touching the creature.


The Destructor bit down on the bomb.

There was an enormous flash, a bang that could be heard light-years away, and fire ripped away from the planet, tearing the very matter of space to shreds. The force of the explosions ripped the space-time continuum, its power completely blowing matter itself apart. The explosion was billions of times brighter than the brightest star, and the fires spread, impossibly, through the universe at the speed of light.

It was the end of the Universe.

The end of reality itself.

While the Universe is Ending

The Destructor, now the only thing still in existence in this corner of the Universe, was thinking. It would take far longer than all the time the Universe had been around so far to destroy it completely. With a flick of its wing, it teleported to Earth.

"Feeble earthlings. I bring you news of your demise. In not too long, a wave of impossible fire will reach this planet, destroying you and your solar system, and eventually the universe. I started this. Fear me."

"You will leave or be deleted."

Earth was no longer populated by humans. They had all become Cybermen.

"You cannot feel fear? Well I shall make you."

It tore apart all the Cybermen in front of it with a single swipe of its tail. "Know me as Fear."

Then, focusing its energy through its mind, the Destructor opened a rift from the fire of the explosion, to Earth. The effect was immediate - Earth was incinerated. The fire spread outwards, consuming the rest of the solar system.

"Why didn't I think of this before," said the Destructor, alone in the inferno. Using its mind force, it opened rifts all over the Universe, allowing the fire to spread much faster than it should have. Fires expanded outwards, all over the Universe.

"And now to the Medusa Cascade."

As the fires spread there, they poured through the existing rift, into every parallel Universe and dimension.

"Daleks, Cybermen and the like. All shall bow to me. I am Death itself! I am unstoppable!"