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The Devourer is an extraterrestrial life-form, created due to effects the Gene-flaw Virus has on human beings.


After humans had been infected with the Gene-flaw Virus their death is inevitable. The first symptoms are Jutting black veins, Pale skin, Glassy eyes, Massive hair loss and Intense exhaustion. Death normally arrives after 24 - 72 hours. Before dying the victims throw up worm like creatures with a length of 2 meters or longer. These creatures die in regular situations in a few minutes. The only exception is when other specimen are near by. Then these worms try to find each other and melt together to a new organism: the Devourer.


The monstrous creature hasn´t got a definite shape, but most of the time it has a lot of uncontrolled lashing tentacles however, neither a face not other sensory organs. Only one thing is always the same: On his skin, which is always changing its color, are an uncountable amount of pores, that spread the so called D-Type (Special Subtype of the Gene-flaw Virus) everywhere.


The Devourer don't need to eat anything in the traditional way. Instead he needs to "collect" new biomass to keep himself alive. He is able to absorb the biomass of infected organisms. Healthy organisms without a Virus Infestation can't be absorbed. Two to three full grown humans per month are the optimal amount of biomass to keep him alive. File:Devourer.pdf Author´s Note concerning the picture: I am not a professional drawer so please don´t expect a professional, perfect drawn picture.


One important ability is that the Devourer could put himself to sleep to reduce his biomass consumption. This allows him to exist without further organisms to eat for at least a few years. It is compareable to hypersleep.

He is also able to reanimate died infected Virus hosts and use them as his servants. With the help of unknown powers he can improve their strength, intelligence and height.

Via a kind of hive mind he is able to control anybody he reanimated or infected. Hosts infected with the Virus by another source can't be controlled by him. He is able to prevent an infected host from dying and make him an so called Abnormal. Abnormals created this way also throw a worm like creature that grew inside of them however, don't die.
Abnormals are able to seperate themself from the Hive Mind however, will die a few days later, because abnormals only can live when the Hive Mind kind of "feeds" them with unknown energies.

If the Devourer is able to speak or communicate through another way except his hive mind is totally unknwon, but Lieutenant Bliss Gore insisted that the Devourer was able to send him messages through the hive mind as well. Sergeant Timber reported the same experiences and also told officers of Seegson that he had telepatical conversations with the Devourer. Most scientists have got doubts about Gore's and Timber's reports, because both men had been isolated from other humans a long time before wittnessing these telepatical conversations.
There are also many scientists who doubt existence of the Devourer in general, because research teams never found evidence of these creature ever existing. Neither on the colony Gore and Timber had encountered this monster nor on other colonies which had reported that they successfully killed a specimen.
Due to this fact many supporters of the Devourer theory thought that these monsters biomass disintegrates only a few hours after the death of the creature. Another obscure "ability".