Template:CharactersCorporal Don Masters is a Yautja-Human Hybrid created by the BioWeapons Division of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation in the year 2150. He was the first success into creating a new generation of super soldier designed to battle Xenomorphs.


Weyland-Yutani managed to capture a young blood Yautja and took it for study. They realized that they were dealing with a long lived species of humanoid and so they planned to create a super soldier with the use of it's DNA. They extracted multiple samples and injected it into pregnant women that were willing to do it for money.

The Experiment

10 women were chosen and were given a bribe of $100,000 in order be apart of the experiment. They injected the Yautja's blood into all 10 subjects.

The Result

After the injection; most of the women gave birth early and others went completely mad; however only 2 were successful. The first one was Don and the other however was Kate Jones.

Post Experiment

After the birth of the 2 infants; they were separated from their parents and were trained for the most extreme of combats; trained with new weapons and given their own armor. Despite being trained to the max; Don was treated extremely well for a common grunt. The tragic aspect of it was that he was lied to about his mother; whom he thought died while giving birth to him. What he didn't know was that she was actually being tested by Weyland-Yutani; they wanted to know what caused her to not go insane or cause a miscarriage like the others.


By 2179; Don was given a position as a private in a rescue mission over LV-426; which was a mission to rescue the USS Sulaco. He was placed aboard the USS Sephora and was apart of a crew aboard a UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship. After the destruction of the Sephora; the dropship he was on was damaged by debris from the now destroyed Sephora and the dropship was sent onto the planet.

Planet Side

After the dropship crash landed; the only 2 still alive were Don and Kate Jones. They managed a 2 day travel due to a tracking node on a wrist computer he had.

Mating Season

On the night before reaching a whole group of Colonial Marines; Don and Kate rested. They ate and got rest; however she had a dream about her and Don engaging in sexual intercourse. She woke up breathing heavily and she also woke up Don too.

Don comforted her and she told him her dream. This actually shocked Don because he had the same dream as she did. This led to them actually fullfilling their dreams and they both made love to each other. The strangest thing was is that when they had sex; they both scratched each other and they noticed glowing red blood. They knew now that they were destined for each other; however fate intervened in Weyland-Yutani's plans.


The next day; Don and Kate found a whole group of Colonial Marines on the planet; getting ready to ambush a Weyland-Yutani base in order to get aboard a FTL-Capable Ship that was in the hands of Weyland-Yutani PMCs.

Boarding an APC; Don and Kate stormed the base and fought their way to the FTL; where they managed to get aboard the ship. He later assisted in capturing the ship and he; along with Kate were the only 2 people awake on the ship.

Return Home

When Don and Kate returned home; they were given the Medal of Honor by the President of the United States and were given their own planet to rule and create a new race of beings. Weyland-Yutani hoped that they would be submissive and send these troops into battle.

The New Race

While on the planet; Kate and Don had several children and then Weyland-Yutani managed to replicate the experiment and created more Yautja-Human hybrids. They later mated and reproduced new offspring. Sooner than they thought; a new age dawned for the Yumtja.


Now with a race and new technology; Weyland-Yutani planned to collect many Yumtja in order to destroy the Xenomorphs and Yautja; however because of their race and technology; the Yumtja ambushed Weyland-Yutani forces before they could even get off the planet.

Rise to Power

Now after declaring independence; the Yumtja people declared Don and Kate; their god king and queen. Don and Kate accepted the job and he declared that Weyland-Yutani is to never have the Yumtja people to submit to their will.

Powers & Abilities

Don's physiology is known to be made of both the Yautja and Human DNA; Therefore he does possess several capabilities that make him extremely unique from other lifeforms.

  • Immortality: Because of the Yautja-Human hybridization; the DNA of the Yautja is known to be long lived. His DNA is actually capable of replicating constantly; therefore being possible for him to not age.
  • Superhuman Strength: Don's strength is known to be more powerful than any human's and despite possessing a human half; he is actually capable of engaging a pure Yautja in combat and have the strength to break bones.
  • Superhuman Speed: His speed is known to be faster than any human and even a Yautja's speed.
  • Superhuman Agility: Don's agility is also extremely amazing. He is known to actually have the capability of dodging attacks with moves that cannot be even matched by a professional gymnast.
  • Superhuman Leap: Because of a Yautja's natural capability to leap farther than a human's; Don possesses a leap that can over exceed the Yautja's leap.
  • Supermentality: The mentality of the Yautja is known to be extremely intelligent; meaning that Don's mentality is extremely intelligent as well.
  • Genetic Memory: When he was born from the Yautja's DNA; Don is capable of remembering everything about the Yautja's life, code of honor, hunts, language; even their knowledge on creating weapons and technology.
  • Heightened Senses: Because he is a hybrid of the Yautja and Human; Don is known to possess the ability to change his spectrum of light; going from the UV spectrum to the common Human spectrum. He even has the capability of seeing Xenomorphs while in the dark and even in plain sight. His sense of smell; as well as his hearing is also extremely heightened to hear things and smell things that no other species can smell and hear.
  • Accelerated Healing: Don's healing is known to be extremely fast and known to actually heal as soon as he sustains injury. He also is capable of regenerating lost limbs as well.

Don is known to speak many languages; ranging from the modern and ancient languages of Earth and even the Yautja's language. He also is known to be extremely innovative when it comes to inventing.


Like every other known species encountered by the USMC; Don is known to be just as vulnerable to conventional and unconventional weapons. He doesn't stay down for long however due to his healing.

Weapons & Equipment

Don was known to have utilized plenty of weapons while in the service and even as the god king of the Yumtja.

  • M-41A Pulse Rifle: Don utilized an M-41A Pulse Rifle while he was in the service as his primary weapon.
  • M4 Pistol: The service pistol used by Don was in fact an M4 Pistol.
  • 88 Mod 4 Combat Pistol: Was Don's extra weapon that was packed within his survival kit; in case he lost both his primary and sidearm.
  • Wrist Computer: Don is known to wear a computer on his wrist that is capable of interfacing with Human and Yautja technology. It is also known to be the generator for his cloaking device; which allows for more perfect invisibility than the Yautja's.

Personality & Traits

Don is known to be a very nice guy and easy to get along with most of the time. He is also known to be extremely serious when it comes to protecting his people and when he's on missions. He is also known to be a faithful husband to Kate; as well as a faithful father to his children.

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