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This is what the 9'3 xeno looks like

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History and about.

This Xenomorph is very powerful.DB-X or Double Blade was born with two tails and a inner jaw that has extra teeth on it.In 2553 during the second Human/Covenet war experiments were going on that even the Spartans didn't know about.The creature made on Janurary 5,2553 named DB-X was born.He was born a preotorian.Later in his life he became a King Alien.He now lives on Xenomorph Prime as the overlord of Xenomorphs.He was born on the Pillar of Inferno for using it against other Xenos,that was bad choice.He was branded Specimen 13.Oddly enough he was born Friday and was branded 13.


  • Name:DB-X or Double Blade
  • Height:9'3
  • Rank:King
  • Species:Xenomorph
  • Weapon:Itself