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Draiel is a bounty hunter.He takes lives for upgrades to his weapons.He is the brother of Zel'no'di.Draiel has two older brothers.The other brother is Braiidus.Draiel hunts with Braiidus as bounty hunting brothers.Draiel is a powerful Yaujta among others.He usaully relies on his weapons.His nickname is Phantom.His brother Braiidus is Trident.Zel'no'di's is Slayer.Draiel is one of the tallest of his species.He hunts the Spartan named Tom

The bounty hunter and all his glory


Being a bounty hunter he has to hunt more than humans.He also has to battle Rogue yautja,Bad bloods,Super predators,and Killers.He may while not on a mission fight with the covenet and human marines.Although he is a bounty hunter,which usaully don't have very much honor,he has more honor than most predators do.