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The Everson Experiment was a number of experiments carried out by Lasalle Bionational to find out if there are organisms that can´t be infected by Xenomorph embryos.


On August 3rd, 2136 Lasalle Bionational arrived on LV-5449 and founded the Scientific Research Station "Esol Prime". The official reason for their stay on this planet was that they wanted to examine the local flora and fauna, but the real reason was the examination of Xenomorphs. The company brought all in all over 20 Ovomorphs to the planet to infect local animals.

Behind that actions stands the thirst for knowledge if there are species that can´t be infected by Xenomorph embryos.

First experiments

After the Arrival and building of the station Lasalle Bionational started hunting and collecting native life-forms on August 12th on the planet. At least 20 different species that were physically large enough to serve as a host for a Facehugger. During this hunts 3 scientists died or were lost somewhere on the planet and never seen again. Each specimen were prisoned inside a large box crafted out of armoured glass in which a Ovomorph was brought inside with a secret lift. Most animals reacted aggressive and tried to attack the Xenomorph egg however, were then charged by the Facehuggers. Not a single organism were able to succesfully defeat and repel the parasites.

On August 18th the first Chestburster was born. The most embryos left their breeding bodies as a Chestburster after four - five hours and started molting into adult Xenomorphs. 20 new host-based strains were created during this first experimenation phase. Unknown to most of the remaining scientists the leading officer Sean Eldritch McCoy brought a 21th egg to the planet. He used it to infect one of his partners after he trapped him inside another armoured cell on August 20th. The result was a regular Xenomorph Drone used as a comparable specimen to the new variants.

The First Queen

One of the succesfully breeded Xenomorphs was a Queen, but caused by the new host-based appearance the scientists of Lasalle Bionational didn´t recognized it. They first recognized it after the new majesty began to to create an ovipositor and to lay eggs on August 22th. The breeding organism was a Metamorph Hound, so the first Queen of LV-5449 was able to change her outer appearance to that of another organism she had touched as long it was similar in size. However, caused by the fact that the genom which is responsible for the morphing ability wasn´t complete it was still possible to identify the Queen even in another appearance.

Inside the Research Station a special egg-laying-area were installed to make it possible to store more Ovomorphs. Later these eggs were transported to a high security area outside of "Esol Prime" which they called "The Reservation".

The Reservation

Breeding new Xenomorphs

Inside the new established area a lot of local animals were trapped and used as hosts. After a short time the whole Reservation was fully populated with Xenomorphs. Then 20 of the 21 specimen inside the main complex of "Esol Prime" were also brought to the Reservation to live there, only the Queen was still locked up inside an armoured cell.

Ones released into the open area only limited by a giant glass dome the Xenomorphs bulit a Hive and started to hunt down the animals which were brought into the dome by a secret elevator in the middle of the Reservation. This elevator also from time to time brought Ovomorphs to the Xenomorph Hive so that the number of Xenomorphs increased fast. On September 5th 104 Xenomorphs lived inside the Reservation plus the Queen still trapped inside her egg-laying-area. At this moment the scientists stopped bringing new hosts and eggs to the Hive and tried to kill the Queen and then examine her dead body.

About this time a group of 3 Yautja Hunters arrived on the planet to discover that their planet was abused as Xenomorph breeding ground. They interrupted the scientists in the moment they tried to kill the Queen and so inadvertently made it possible for the majesty to escape and kill at least 5 scientists and 1 Yautja Hunter.

Xenomorph Outbreak

The outbroken Queen ran to the glass dome and with her immense strength destroyed it so that the Xenomorphs were able to escape the Reservation. During the attempt of killing the Queen her ovipositor was detached from her which led her to hide in a huge cave on the planet so that a new ovipositor could grow.

The Xenomorphs after that events attacked "Esol Prime" and killed nearly all of the remaining scientists except 6 however, with the help of the Yautja Hunters Lasalle Bionational was able to fight back the creatures.

Arrival of the USCM

On September 8th the US Colonial Marines arrived in the orbit of LV-5449 with a Conestoga-Class ship. They were informed by panical scientists about the Xenomorph outbreak. Not only Marines has been on the ship, also 12 scientists from Weyland-Yutani Corporation who heard about a possible infestation.

In a very short time the Military Station "Fort Breston" and the Scientific Research Station "Breston #1" were succesfully built. The collaboration between the USCM and the yautja Hunters first was at Risk, because of a lot of disputes. Officer McCoy discovered that Weyland-Yutani wanted to catch one of the organisms and bring it to Earth for further experiments. He was enthusiastic about the latest progression and betrayed the remaining 5 scientists of Lasalle Bionational to abuse them as breeding organisms.

Lieutenant Colonel Trever Wreen of the USCM tried to contact his Home Base on September 12th after he realised that the Xenomorph Infestation already has taken over the whole planet. He wanted to get an authorization for a nuclear attack on the planet, but was killed by one of the Yautja before transmitting the complete message. This Predator didn´t want that humans destroy a holy sacrament of Yautja culture, because that is was the planet was at that time. Unfortunately the Hunter also sabotaged the communication devices and the Cheyenne Dropships. Then he prepared for leaving the planet and let everybody else die on it.

New Xenomorphs

Later on officer McCoy trapped the remaining Lasalle Bionational employees inside one of the Cheyenne Dropships the USCM has landed with and told them to enter the hypersleep cells, because they will finally get back home. In the cells Weyland-Yutani had placed Xenomorph eggs, which then released their Facehuggers and infected the 5 scientists. McCoy told the agents of Weyland-Yutani about his success however, is then killed by them, cause he would have been an unnecessary risk.

A few days later after another intense Xenomorph attack on the new built bases the Yautja Hunter, who had betrayed the humans and his Yautja brother, tried to escape via his hidden ship. Unfortunately while he attempted to start his ship a giant Sauriomorph knocked down the ship and nearly destroyed it. The Predator tried to fight this enormous creature, but get killed after a short fight, because the Xenomorph bit off his head.

The centre of the hive

Agents of Weyland-Yutani together with the new commanding officer decided to send a team inside the hive in the Reservation to finally kill the Queen and to maybe stop this creatures from reproducing. On September 21th the last predator and 12 of the remaining 22 Marines walked into the Reservation to kill the Queen.