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"It stands to reason that the Hunters couldn't be a monoculture, but I shudder to think what one could do to be exile among them."
— Dr Valek

The Evolutionist mocking a civilian with the flayed head of her husband.

The Evolutionist is a sadistic, rogue Yautja, who unlike the rest of his species has a very unique and aberrant approach to the hunt. His full motivation is unknown, but what is known is that the alien maintains control of a small temple built by its kind, long abandoned on an ancient hunting ground. The exiled Yautja found and accessed the temple, as well as the dormant Xenomorph Queen inside. Since then, the Yautja has been seen on many inhabited worlds, capturing both humans and exotic xenofauna, and using them to breed new and unique species of Xenomorph.

Modus Operandi

The Evolutionist is so named because of the creature's apparent obsession with the Xenomorph life-cycle. He brings live victims in stasis back to the unidentified planet he makes his base, being one of the few Yautja to ever attempt to take its prey alive.

This mercy is short lived, as the prey soon find themselves awakening in the depths of the temple, surrounded on all sides by a Hive of hungry Xenomorphs. The Evolutionist controls the temple completely, and is capable of rearranging floors and structures to trap prey in the labyrinth. The Hive contains many unique specimens of Xenomorphs, hatched from exotic creatures taken from known space and beyond.

The Evolutionist descends to hunt these unique creatures, but only goes after the prey before it has been impregnated if it makes significant progress in escaping. His knowledge and intimacy with the Xenomorph race has allowed him to modify his cloaking device, allowing him to sacrifice his invisibility to generate a field of infrasound that renders the creatures around him 'blind'. He can switch between these two modes.

The Evolutionist is considered a vile criminal by other Yautja, and proves more than willing to experiment on them. Several Predaliens in the Hive speak of the Evolutionist's success in hunting his fellow Yautja, and he holds a reverence for them, seeming to view them as holy beings. It is believed he may be trying to breed a true Predalien Queen, perfectly combining the traits of both races. He seems to have almost succeeded with the Chimeric Queen.


The Evolutionist is noted for being sadistic, even by the standards of other Yautja. The Bad Blood has no honor, and will quickly, cleanly and efficiently make use of any weapons or tricks at his disposal to kill his enemies. If time is an important consideration, the Evolutionist will kill quickly and mercilessly, without bothering to take trophies. The Evolutionist cares nothing for fair play, and will blast unarmed enemies apart with a flurry of plasma if it proves expedient.

With more time to act, the Evolutionists takes an extremely disturbing joy in torture and other sadistic acts. When he takes trophies, he leaves behind bizarre, almost abstract sculptures of gore, mostly from the body parts of civilians. Experts in Xenolinguistics theorize that this is an act of blasphemy on his part, and a show of rejection for wider Yautja culture.

The Evolutionist also has an extremely unsettling habit of recording its preys (lengthy) dying screams, and playing them as he hunts victims.


  • Due to his Bad Blood nature, ruthless fighting style and association with Xenomorphs, the Evolutionist may be a surviving member of the Killers Clan