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The Exomorph is a type of Xenomorph which is created when the embryo starts to melt together with its host.


Normaly after the full evolvement of a Xenomorph embryo to a Chestburster it leaves the Host and kills him/her. Sometimes this didn´t happen. The embryo starts melting together with its host during the evolvement to a Chestburster. From host to host the melting process differs in lenght from a few hours to a few days. It is very painful for the host when his/her body slowly begin to mutate and become a disgusting mix of a Xenomorph and the host species. After the melting process is completed the mind of the host is usually destroyed and the Xenomorph takes control over the new formed body; however, on rare occasions, the host has what the Brotherhood of Obsidian calls an "awakening", in which the host's personality and memories are retained, but are augmented by xenomorph instincts. these "awakened" exomorphs are held in high regard by the BoO, and many serve in high-ranking positions.

The reasons for this mutation are unknown but a few scientists leaded by Doctor Jonah Prince and Hannah Reed tried to explore the mystery behind the Exomorphs Creation (See also: Project #23XX121).

Because of their unnatural strength and height the Exomorphs are respected by other Xenomorphs and take the lead over Xenomorph Drones and Warriors and in later stages of their evolution even over Praetorians. however, they are always subordinate to Queens.


Examples for host-based appearance (Only for the "Potent stage")

Specimen Ex3 (Human-hosted)

(See also: Specimen Ex3)

The rare Exomorph specimen created by Reed and Prince were hosted by a human and was after the completed Mutation 10 feet tall which is the normal height of a Praetorian Guard. Its strength is also comparable to that of a Praetorian. Its outer appearance was a strange mix of a human and a Xenomorph. It got a typical Xenomorph tail and inner jaw however, his torso was slightly human except the typical Xenomorphs pipe that were growing out of the back of the creature. Also the skin color of the being were a very dark green and its skin were more flesh-like than of other Xenomorphs. The mutated head was as long as the head of regular Warriors and had the typical ridged sample while the eyes were nearly human-like. The teeth had the metallic and razor sharp appearances like the teeth of other Xenomorphs. Arms and legs of this creature were unnatural long, even for a Xenomorphs and ended up in strong and big claws. The completed Exomorph was like all Xenomorphs, except the egg-laying castes, genderless.


Shortly before Doctor Prince was killed by the Xenomorph Queen he breeded in his laboratory, he witnessed that the human-hosted Exomorph Specimen Ex3 has different life-cycle stages:

  1. Mutation stage: The growing embryo and the host are melting together.
  2. Potent stage: Influence of the host is still notable (Description: above in chapter 2.1 for different hosts).
  3. Adult stage: Molts into a much more Xenomorph-like creature: Host-like eyes disappear, skin becomes more resin-like and the whole appearance becomes more biomechanical. Four little arms grow out of the stomach and the height of the Exomorph increases (ca. 15 feet tall if human-hosted).
  4. Final stage: Two very strong big arms grow out of the back of the Exomorph and it grows to its final height (ca. 20 feet if human-hosted).

These evolutionary stages are common for all types of Exomorphs, but the individual specimen differs in height and their host-influenced appearances, because of different breeding organisms (examples above in chapter 2.1).

Intelligence and behaviour

The Exomorph species is very intelligent because it absorbs the intelligence of the host he has melted together with and so is even able to use technic equipment and weapons. This ability is only limited by the technical knowledge of the breeder, but in regular situations the Exomorph would only take weapons as the last chance to survive.

Its behaviour is very calculating and rational, so it attacks its enemies with sneak attacks or curls them into a trap they can´t escape from. The instinct to protect the hive´s Queen is so distinctive that the Exomorph would even sacrifice its own life for the Queen, like it is seen during the infestation of LV-5449, when an Yautja-hosted Exomorph creature in the final life-cycle stage stepped into the fire of a Colonial Marines unit what enabled the Queen to escape.

Exomorphs are not interested in finding new breeders for the hive, they are only interested in killing every threat for the Queen and the hive and eating it. These creatures are one of the rare Xenomorph types which are seen eating killed organisms.

Known Specimen

  • Specimen Ex3; created by Jonah Prince and Hannah Reed on the scientific-research base on an unknown planet, human-hosted Exomorph.
  • Regulak; Yautja-hosted Exomorph, seen as the personal bodyguard of the Hive´s Queen on LV-5449, larger than Ex3 and common Queens (Final stage: nearly 30 feet).
  • The Daemonic One; a unique archon-hosted exomorph left over from various ADVENT xenomorph-weaponization projects. the creature's monstrous appearance combined with it's jet-based locomotion caused the troops who first encountered it to mistake it for a demon.
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