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The Gene-flaw Virus was a pathogen that was capable of infecting the Xenomorph species. Though its origins are unknown, it is safe to assume that it is not naturally-occurring.



The Virus was first discovered by a group of interstellar pirates who landed on the planet Cholestika to escape from the USM. They landed inside a giant gorge which turned out to be the landing place for a gigantic, apparently alien space craft.

Inside the ship the pirates established a hideout and stored their own ship inside the hangar. One night the Captain stole away from his crew to explore the unknown windy corridors. What he found were dozens of empty hypersleep cabins and a kind of ancient control room. Only one cabin wasn´t empty: A human was inside the cabin, sleeping for probably about thousand years or longer. His veins were black and could be seen on his whole body; however he seemed to be still alive. The Captain then found a room that resembled a storage. In it were a large crate with a sign on it similar to a "Biohazard"-sign. The man decided to steal the box and stored it secretly inside his ship before fleeing with his crew to another planet. He never mentioned his findings in front of the crew.

First Infestation

After a succesfull escape from Cholestika the crew seperated and the Captain started working for a rich director of Seegson, the box still in his possession. He later sold the box to his boss and then left the company. A few scientists and director Benjamin Mason decided to open the crate and examine the included objects: six metallic cylinders which seemed to have no openings. They were inlaid in a saline solution consisting of calcium phosphate. Mason himself decided to take one of the small jars out of the solution. He stared at it for a few seconds before it suddenly opened in the middle and seperated itself into two halves which both fell down. A white gas leaked out of the receptacle and infected all in all five scientists and Mr. Mason with the at this point unknown Gene-flaw Virus.

After those Events the rest of the cyclinders were left inside the saline solution and the box was sealed. The remains of the first jar were examined thoroughly, but nothing could be found. During the medical examiniation all doctors, nurses and assistants were infected with the Virus too. After a short incubation period first symptoms were apparent:

  • Jutting black veins
  • Pale skin
  • Glassy eyes
  • Massive hair loss
  • Intense exhaustion

Seegson decided to abandon the affected settlement. All 126 inhabitants were finally infected by the highly aggressive Virus however, the company still didn´t send any help or try to find a remedy. Instead director Jenson Bryce wanted to analyse the results of the infection and maybe use the Virus as a new biological weapon.

A few years later a expedition team was sent to the settlement to collect the remains of the colonists and employees of Seegson and establish a new colony after making sure that there was no longer a contamination. Although the company has claimed that there would be no survivers the team discovered a group of humans hiding inside the abandoned and destroyed buildings. They were somehow absolutely normal and also were well trained and very large.

"They looked more like bodybuilders than scientific or military employees of Seegson. It was an absolutely absurd picture!"
— Sgt. Cleve J. Timber, lone surviver of the expedition team

It was totally impossible that the inhabitants of the settlement could have survived the abandonment, because the stocks only were calculated for one year. Then a supply ship should bring new stocks to the colony.


The members of the team then were taken hostage by the surviving humans. however, the ship was destroyed to prevent the mutated humans from leaving. The Mutants were able to save a communication device, so they contacted Seegson directly and demanded a space ship in which they could finally leave the planet. Seegson refused to meet their demands and waited. This period of time made it possible for the Virus to infect the hostages except Sergeant Timber who somehow was resistant against the pathogen.

Finally after nearly three month Seegson decided to send a United Systems Squad to safe their emloyees. An Auriga-Class ship was sent to the colony and arrived in orbit two weeks later. Only two men stayed on the ship while all the other nearly twenty soldiers landed on the planet and encountered the abnorm humans fast. During the first encounter six soldiers died and only one of their mutated enemies.

The Devourer

Lieutenant Bliss Gore realized that their enemies have no need to eat, drink or even sleep, some other forces gave them their power to live. He was also the man who found the source of energy which kept the abnormals alive: It was a giant organism called the Devourer, who was created out of the pure biomass of the Virus´ hosts. In time spans of a few month two or three mutants "feed" their "master" and sacrifices themself to keep "him" alive. Then they melt together with the Devourer and make him stronger and bigger. The creation process already has taken 30 former colonists so at the moment only 23 abnormals were left, including the mutated expedition team from Seegson. This was the reason the great master put himself to sleep until new "servants" would arrive.

It haven´t passed a long time and except Lieutenant Gore the members of the rescue team were either killed or infected. He had no chance contacting his ship caused by the fact the mutants had already destroyed the landing ship and all communication possibilities. Gore hide in a cave and met an abnormal who had seperated from the will of the Devourer and was close to death. he was the source of the Lieutenants foundings and insights. The former colonist told him that Sergeant Timber was still alive and the key for creating a cure for the apparently undefeatable Virus. Another fact gained from the tellings of the Seegson employee was that the master somehow fed his servants and gave them an endless live, even the mutant who has been apparantly killed by the rescue team is still alive, stronger then ever, because the Devourer reanimated him. This creature was also the reason for the uncomparable strength, height and intelligence of the abnormals. The Gene-flaw Virus normally leads to the death of the victims however, before dying the infected throw up worm like creatures, nearly 2 meters long. These creatures regulary die after a few minutes except other worms are near by then they combine their bodies to become a larger being and so on and so on until the Devourer is created. This monster depends on being fed with a massive amount of biomass. So he uses his supernatural powers to reanimate the dead victims and makes them stronger and larger than before so they can bring new food to their master.

In this case there haven´t been so much organisms so the Devourer had to go to "sleep", because it wasn´t his intention eating his loyal servants, cause he also needed them to protect him of enemies. Why he hasn´t devoured the Virus resistend Sergeant Timber was unknwon to the abnormal. After he told Gore everything he knew he died and the Lieutenant burned his body to prevent further infestations.

Later Gore found out that the Devourer is only able to absorb infected organisms, so Timber was save from being "fed" to the Devourer.

Final Showdown

It took Lieutenant Gore days to find the cave the Devourer had hide in. During this time he had to encounter the abnormals a few times however, could always escape and prevent himself from being infected by the deadly Virus.
As he arrived he discovered that the Devourer lived in a giant cave and had a height of nearly 200 feet. The organism didn´t have a definite shape, it was changing all the time. Gore was also unable to find something like a face or other sensory organs. A lot of out lashing tentacles tried to hit him, but the Lieutenant was able to hide behind a stone. Another distinctive characteristic were a lot of pores which were located everywhere on the skin of the giant creature.
File:Devourer.pdf The Devourer in his cave
Later it was discovered that these pores were used by the monster to infect new victims by spreading a special subtype of the Virus later known as the D-Type. Unlike the normal Virus this subtype could only infect new victims by being inhaled
Caused by an unknown reason the abnormals weren´t in the cave so Lieutenant Bliss Gore was able to set the whole creature in flames by using his flamethrower. Pure luck saved him from being infected with the D-Type the Devourer spreads everywhere with its pores. Only a few hours later all abnormals have died and Timber and Gore were able to repair the communication devices and contact the Contestoga ship in the orbit.


Later Gore and Timber disappeared and were never seen again. Unknown sources reported that both man were kidnapped by Seegson or other organisations like Weyland-Yutani or the Brotherhood of Obsidian, because of the things they´ve seen, but nobody ever could confirm these theories.

King Xenomorph

Years later the mankind is again confronted with the Gene-flaw Virus however, this time not the humans are infected, but the Xenomorphs. Because of an offically unknown reason, it is theorized that the Brotherhood of Obsidian is responsible, a jar with the Virus reached the planet LV-5449, a planet fully occupied by the Xenomorph species.

Biological Influence on different species



  • Jutting black veins
  • Pale skin
  • Glassy eyes
  • Massive hair loss
  • Intense exhaustion
  • Throw out worms with a length of nearly 2 meters shortly before death
  • Death within 24 - 72 hours


  • Intense exhaustion
  • Incapable of producing hive secretions
  • Incapable of using the inner jaw
  • Death within 36 hours
  • Exception: Praetorian Guards become King Xenomorphs

Further Biological Information

The worms thrown out by humans only have a life span of a few minutes. The only exception is if other worms are within a few hundred meters, then the worms try to get to each other and if succesfully completed that goal melt together to create a new organism the so called Devourer.