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A King Xenomorph is a Praetorian infected with the Gene-flaw Virus, that lets him molt into a King.


The Gene-flaw Virus is resident on the planet Cholestika and was stored inside a space craft of an unknown species. It is theorized that this species created the virus.

When a Xenomorph is infected by this pathogen human DNA or at least very similar DNA is integrated into the genome of the Xenomorph. A specimen who is contaminated with foreign genome normaly dies after a few hours. An exception are Praetorian Guards, they are mutating into a new strain, the King Xenomorph.


A King Xenomorph is large (25-30 feet), much larger than either a Queen or an Empress and similar in size with a Queen Mother, and is similar in appearance to a Xenomorph Queen, though lacking the pair of secondary arms. His crown has slight green colouration on the sides, and is similar in shape to that of his female counterpart. On his tail is a large scythe, as with all Xenomorphs, but the King's is slightly larger than a Queen's. He has the spinal ducts/vents on his hips rather than his back, and on his back are large spikes, another trait he shares with the Queen. However the most distinguishing feature on a King are the pincers or horns growing on his head, presumably to fight rival Kings for the Right to fertilize a Queen.

Function in the hive

A King is needed to fertilize a Xenomorph Queen, which isn´t necessary for laying new eggs, but is needed to start a secondary reproductive cycle, that leads to the creation of a Newborn similar to the Newborn on the USM Auriga. This Newborn normaly kills his mother directly after she gave birth to her child, because it doesn´t accept her as a mother.

Unlike the Cloned Queen on the USM Auriga normal Queens aren´t able to give life to a human-xenomorph hybrid, so they have to be fertilized by a King. This happens during an in detail unknown sexual act between the King and the Queen. After the act and the transfer of human DNA which took place, a womb is starting to grow inside the Queen. When it is fully grown the birth process of the Newborn is starting and last for 2 - 3 hours. A fertilized Queen is able to give birth to an unlimited number of Newborns, because one fertilization leads to a continous pregnancy of the Queen. Also after the beginning of the pregnancy the Queen is unable to create a new ovipositor and lay new eggs.

King Xenomorph

Intelligence and behaviour

Kings are as intelligent as regular Xenomorphs, but unlike normal creatures they have the intense desire to fertilize Queens and create a Newborn Xenomorph. Their parental instinct is also very distinctive and they want to take care for their "children".

These creatures aren´t interested in guarding the Queen, protecting the hive or searching new possible hosts, but become very aggressive if their children are endangered by invaders who are entering the Hive. Kings won´t stop chasing their prey until they´ve succesfully killed it.


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The Newborn's physical appearance was far more humanoid than any other Xenomorph. Notably, it was the product of a live birth, and did not involve the use of an Ovomorph, Facehugger and Chestburster like other Xenomorphs. Its physical appearance was also dramatically different, particularly in that it was twice as large as a standard Warrior. While the Newborn still possessed an elongated skull, it was far shorter and more human in shape, fusing with the upper back, and the creature's head included eyes, a nose and a mouth at the front. In fact, many of the signature physical aspects of the Xenomorphs were not present at all — the creature had no tail, no inner jaw and no dorsal tubes. The Newborn had pale skin that was fleshy in both appearance and texture, and was generally devoid of the bio-mechanical appearance associated with the Xenomorphs. The creature's teeth were also more akin to those of a human than the metallic teeth of the Xenomorphs, although the large fangs remained similar in shape. The Newborn adopted an upright, bipedal stance.

Intelligence and behaviour

Perhaps the greatest difference between the Newborn and other Xenomorphs was its apparent ability to perceive and experience emotions. Despite the creature's emotional capacity, the Newborn was psychologically immature and almost child-like in its behavior; it would often greet the aftermath of its horribly violent actions with curiosity, frequently toying with the bloodied remains of those it had killed. In short, the Newborn displayed a cruel innocence, similar to many human children who don't yet understand the repercussion of their actions.