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Geogoths are large, hulking sapients native to the Golem System in the Daemoniverse. They have been enslaved by the Daemons.


Geogoths are hulking, turtle-like humanoids, which have thick, bony shells. Their arms and legs are short but thick, and they have small necks holding up small but surprisingly durable heads. Geogoths are normally mud-brown in color.



In Geogoth culture, honor was seen as the most noble of traits. Self-sacrifice was seen as one of the highest vitrtues an individual could ever achieve. Individuals were encouraged to go forth and fight for their tribes when the need came.


Geogoths have invented many primitive machines, such as catapults, pulleys, and sailing ships.


The Geogoths have had a long but turbulent history; unfortunately, most records of their early years have been destroyed. A few hundred years ago, The Seven Soulbane captured this planet, thus adding it to the Daemon Empire.