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Grand Master K'Ramaar is the founder of the late Jedi Order.


K'Ramaar is a human species who born on Settel system. He was the last son of 3 brothers. His father, Viazant, was a pilot of smugglers. On 1,500,040, his father was killed by a mercenary called Jho'ar from Gevist species. Because there's only his mother left and his brothers, at age 8 he began to work as inner system pilot. He met a hunder of many species from hundred planet even hundreds criminal. He began to understand world for criminal and evil and becuse of that, he meditate to be more understand of evil. On 1,500,021 his brothers was killed by secret police of the republic. His mother was shock and she had a coma for a years. K'Ramaar who dissapointed with republic act, he vanished from civilazation an went into Zabator system. He heard a legend says that when a men went into Zabator system, he will understand the true meaning of peace. He reached it and he was greet by unknown species but he stated his nam as Vizz. He is a guardian and a guide for a person who want t learn the true pieace in Zabator. For many years K'Ramaar trained and fought many enemies. Finally he reached the true inner peace and he can control his own 'force' power. As he became strong, he made a secret group who want to bring order in the universe. He named his little organization the Jedi.

The Jedi Order

He found the Jedi Order on 1,500,000 BPW. He gathered all the species who want to bring order and justice to the universe. K'Ramaar then searched for a suitable weapon for the Jedi. He, with help of Acteryan blacksmith create a lightsaber and specially for K'Ramaar has the white light color. Other is orange, blue, yellow, purple and green. He then create the 12 moves of the Jedi. The Jedi became famous across the universe because for K'Ramaar act. He defeated a 10,000 bounty hunters, mercenary, and sith warriors on his own.