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invented by the original members of task force samsara-46, heliconian twisting is a martial art that combines Pencak Silat, SCARS, and an alien martial art called Qoeron-Kre. heliconian twisting values speed and flexibility over strength, and seeks to achieve "oneness with the senses." there are two variants: Kirshodahr-Vo, which is focused on combat with humans, and Kirshodhar-Kul, which is focused on combat with xenomorphs.


unteachable, idosyncratic techniques unique to the individuals who design them. one has to invent at least one Qahtuan in order to become a true master of heliconian twisting.


Sijilith: a variant designed to be used against yautja. invented by a group of interplanetary mercenaries in the 2040s.

Jekatka: invented by Jorgen "Stormwalker" Johnson of the original task force samsara-46, jekatka is a collection of psionically-enhanced techniques designed to be effective in zero gravity. though only psionic practitioners can use them, the tactical advantages of these techniques are unquestionable.


heliconian twisting is an homage to the foundation series, which mentions another fictional martial art of the same name.