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The Hexidus are a species similar to the Yaujta.They are strong,fast,and they have madibles like the Yaujta except they've got bone-like mandibles that look like daggers.They come out of the top and bottom of their mouths.They are mostly brown with black spects on their face.They don't have dreadlocks or any hair at all.They have the look of a lizard-mammal.They have yellow or red eyes.They were from 7-8'6 feet tall.

History with Yaujta

There was a war between both of their species in 2310-2312.After two terrible years they settled their differences and now work together.Zel'no'di was part of the war and so was a Hexidus named Drienx.


They are ranked similar to humans Hexidus are marines and Yaujta are spartans.


Drienx is a wise and powerful Hexidus.He is faster and stronger than most Hexidus.


He is taller than the average Hexidus standing at 9'4 one inch smaller than Zel'no'di.He has one red eye and one yellow eye.He is bulked up bigger than some yaujta.

History with Zel'no'di

Drienx is a royal guard to Zel'no'di's family.They fight along side with one other in the war with the Covenet and Unsc.They are like brothers.


Double Wristblades



Dark Blade clan Glaive

Dark Blade clan Maul

Smart Disc



Special plasma gun