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At a Time when the Engineers were not Evil they Created Humanity to pass down the Mantle of Responsibilty. But Humanity was not Ready so they passed it onto the Yautja first. After many, many Years the Yautja needed to Pass it on. Humanity was still not ready so they created Primus, the First Xenomorph. Primus was sent to a Random point in the universe where he became Xenomorph Prime, the Homeworld of the Xenomorphs. From his DNA the Xenomorph kind was born. At first he created the 13 Guardians. Among them was the Deacon. He also created the Node of Leadership to choose the next Guardians. The original 13 became the Leaders of their Kind and the Enforcers of Primus' Code...

  • Freedom is the Right of all Sentiant Beings.
  • Earth is to be left untouched.
  • Only Harvest Evil Species.

But the Deacon had other Plans... He saw the Humans as Unworthy of the Mantle and turned on his Siblings. The Deacon was the strongest of the 13 but together the other 12 overpowered him and took the Node of Leadership from him. They sent him to the Engineers to be De-Evolved into a New Type of Black Goo. But the Engineers were Corrupted by his Soul and they turned on the Yautja and Xenomorphs. This Event was called "The Great Collaspe" and Yautja and Xenomorph Forces banded together to Defeat the Threat. But the 12 Died in Battle and any Evidance to the Yautja createing Primus fell into Myth. After a Large Percentige of the Engineers died out and the Node of Leadership was Locked away in the Heart of Primus, Also the Core of Xenomorph Prime. Without the 13 to Lead them the Xenomorphs fell into Disarrey and Forgot the Sacred Code. After a while the Tyranical Queen Mother gained Control and set her kind on a Path of Self Destruction.

Millions of Years past and everything of the Past was Forgotten... Well Nearly everything. Xenomorph Mytholgy told of a Warrior who would Rise to Power and set the Record straight... This Warrior was Six. She Travelled to Xenomorph Prime and Fought with the Queen Mother. After claiming Victory and the Queen Mother's head she sat on the Eternal Thrown as Xenomorphs everywhere cheered in Celebration. Little did they know about another Part of the Legend... The Deacon had been Reborn. His hunger for Power had grown stronger. With an Army of Ultra-Morphs he attacked Earth. To everyone's Surprize the Xenomorphs were the First to jump to Earth's Aid... Six had reminded them of their Purpose in the Universe and with Hearts of Pure Heroism they Protected Earth. But the Deacon Escaped... He returned to Xenomorph Prime and Started "the Prime War". the Xenomorphs fought for Freedom and were lead by Six while the Ultra-Morphs fought for Control and Power and were lead by the Deacon. The War caused Xenomorph Prime to slowly Die and the Planet couldent support Life. Six travelled to the Core of Prime and spoke Directly to Primus, who gave her the Node of Leadership and made her the Last Guardian. The Xenomorphs had to abandon their Home. Six, useing Engineer Technolgy created the Ark and used it to get her Kind off their dieing Planet. But a Space Battle erupted between the Xenos and Ultras. Six tried to get her Ship through the Chaos Control Portal but both were sucked in, instead of just her Ship... Their exact Location is unknown.