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Name: Howaito Temnota or Subject 7.1.o.8

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Race: 1/2 human 1/4 xenomorph 1/4 yutija

Lover: Sill 3.0


Human form

well built with long white shoulder long hair with black eyes. wears a short sleeve top, black fingerless gloves, black jeans, black combat boots, white trimmed sunglasses with black tinted glass and a black jacket with white trim.

Alien (XenoYutija) form

In this form he is a white xenomorph but looks like a pure white Yutija, with white horns and white angel like wings and a white xenomorph tail with a blade on the end of it.


Born with Xenomorph and Yutija dna in him because the dna was put in to him before he was born.. The dna was put in to him by the solar skiers company who have been compeating with nasa for a very long time. He was raised by someone who was part of project white who named him after the project it self, when he was 5 she turned to run away with Howaito to keep him safe but she was found out and they got rid of her as Howaito watched because they did not care if he saw this or not.

The next 8 years he had loadsof tests done to him as well as being made to train in many things, like hand to hand, guns, swords, how to fly ships and other things.