Hunter-Killer on the prowl.

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"This specimen's ferocity exceeds all known parameters. It displays such viciousness, such a malign intent, that one would be forgiven for thinking that it is not driven by simple, animal instincts, but by an urge to watch its prey suffer." - Dr. Amarall

Hunter-Killer, or Specimen 382, is a Xenomorph Drone of unusual intelligence and ferocity. The first attempt by the Weyland -Yutani corporation to weaponize the creature, the drone was hatched from a subject that had been genetically augmented and dosed with steroids, in hopes that the resultant creature would assimilate some of the traits of its 'parent.' Unfortunately for the corporation, the researchers, and especially the civilians that had financed the project, Hunter-Killer, as it came to be known, proved to be far beyond the researchers' ability to control it. 


"In this creature we see the apex of evolution. An instinct for community merged with an unrivaled animalistic ferocity. What we are seeing here, gentlemen, is a dominant life-form, unrestrained by the burden of culture or morals.' - Dr. Amarall

Specimen 382 was hatched on a Weyland-Yutani facility on LV-339, as part of the megacorporation's bio-weapon division to weaponize the creatures. This particular drone was hatched from a genetically enhanced host, using drugs and steroids to reach the peak of human potential. As a result, the Drone that hatched from the host was exceptionally ferocious, inheriting its genetic 'parent's' instability. The Drone was stronger and faster, displaying more cunning than regular specimens of the Xenomorph species, but ultimately was written off simply as 'proof' that the company was close to weaponizing the creatures.

Because of its improved nature, the drone was subject to numerous experiments by the scientists, who gave it the nickname 'Hunter-Killer', a military term they had heard the jarheads on the base use. Hunter-Killer was so named for its creativity, and cunning in solving puzzles and traps that the researchers had set for it. They often fed it pigs or cloned bodies, which it dismembered with a worrying ferocity unseen in other Xenomorph specimens.

Eventually, the Drone had grown in intelligence enough to escape its confinement, escaping during one of the tests and reeking havoc on the base as marines tried desperately to stop the creature. Eventually, it breached the containment for the Hive, allowing its fellow Xenomorphs to flood out and slaughter the humans that had sought to keep them prisoners. 

Hunter-Killer's nickname is ironically used in its own way by the Yautja. Theyir nickname for the drone means roguhly the same thing, but it refers to the adeptness the creature shows for killing Yautja. 

Hunter-Killer is recognizable by a long scar that runs along its head, a result of surgical intrusions into its skull cavity. 


"This isn't possible. These things are just animals. Animals! Lock down the section and kill them!' - Sergeant Norris, last words.

Hunter-Killer is a fairly standard Xenomorph warrior drone of the Hominid breed. It posseses the same strength, speed and dedication to the Hive common to its species. 

Hunter-Killer's host was a genetically-enhanced specimen of humanity, and was injected with large quantities of steroids in order to improve his muscle-mass. The intent behind this was to see if a Xenomorph was capable of assimilating these traits from its host. the answer, as it turns out, was yes, as Hunter-Killer demonmstrates a significant increase in the already formidable Xenomorph strength and stamina. Hunter-Killer has shown the ability to deform solid steel with its talons and to survive direct hits with a Smartgun.

Hunter-Killer's true advantage is its intellect. While unquestionably as devoted to the Hive as any Xenomorph, Hunter-Killer demonstrates problem-solving ability, pattern recognition and sheer adaptive cunning equal to a human. The Drone is proven to possess an extraordinariy analytical and tactical ability for its race.

Hunter-Killer, being a unique Drone, shows promise of evolving into a Queen, though has made no major changes in its behavior.


Hunter-Killer displays more aggressiveness and ferocity than a typical Xenomorph drone, most likely owing to the chemical imbalances in the host's body. Despite this, it is capable of patience and sadism, toying with its prey and relishing their fear before killing them. Notably, the drone displays the rather disturbing trait that it tends to 'mark' its kills by shattering its skull with its secondary mouth.

Hunter-Killer's is a deadly and efficient predator, as its name suggests. Equally adept and slaughtering humans, synthetics and Yautja, Hunter-Killer strikes fear into its prey when it is nearby. it is a loyal drone to its hive, of course, and is intelligent enough to keep several facehuggers on it, for quick infection of hosts. Whether it does this out of loyalty to the hive or from amusement at its victim's terror at being made to host a Xenomorph is unconfirmed.

Hunter-Killer takes something of a leadership role among its siblings, working equally well alone or leading a pack of its kind.


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