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The Hyomorphs are artificially created Xenomorphs native to the human colony on the planet Ti Vau.



Humanity soon discovered the parasitic Xenomorphs on the planet Ti Vau. After managing to kill many of the creatures, scientists began to gather Xeno DNA and splice it with the genes of various animals from Earth. The result was a creature that had most of the Xenomorphs abilities, but was stronger in power. The creatures were under heavy guard until a queen escaped into the wild. The creatures were called Hyomorphs from then onwards. The queen made its nest inside a underground cave located not far from the planets largest body of water. With plenty of hosts, the nest turned into a hive and other queens soon bean to spread across far and wide. With the planet infested with Hyomorphs, many people evacuated until the planet was all but abandoned By the way this is all made up and non-canon.