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Internecivus Giganteus is a deadly species derived from the Xenomorph living in the bowels of Africa. They originated from offspring of Facehuggers whom were fed to Hippopotamus and Rhinoceros by the Yautja thousands of years ago. The Rhinomorphs and Hippomorphs eventually bred with one another creating the Internevicus Giganteus species. To this day they guard Yautja temples hidden from humanity.


The Internecivus Giganteus is a gargantuan beast. Inbetween the Size of a Hippo and a Rhino they have four barrel shaped legs with webbed toes, A huge mouth with large Canines and Incisors with a inner jaw which can tear down a door. Also on their elongated head is Two Horns which can smash though a brick wall. Their scream is one of the most terrifying sounds you can hear, infact they often scream to stun their prey, it can be described as a shill bellowing shriek that can carry miles away. Their skin colour is a browny grey with a black exoskeleton


Like other Xenomorph morphs and species they rely on hosts to reproduce, however the Giganteus Facehugger is the size of a four year old child and can kill a human just by wrestling one down. However they tend to go for hippopotamus and Rhinos as their suitable host. Chestbursters are big and strong enough to kill and even prey on humans. The Queens of the Giganteus species usually reside in underwater caves or temples and are rarely seen even by Yautja but they can exceed the length of two buses. It is said their horns and teeth are so strong that not even a Yautja plasma bolt can destroy them. Standard attack methods are either impaling their prey with their horns, or just crushing them with their massive mouths, as well as the inner jaw stike and the tail stab.