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An Interrogator Xenomorph is the program of an Agent uploaded into the mind of a typical Warrior Xenomorph.


(See also: Xenomorphs and Machines War)

After the Machines has created the so called Matrix and humans and machines has created together the truce, a peace keeping agreement, a Xenomorph Infestation reached earth.

The last infestation was a few thousand years ago and only the mainframes of the machine civilization remembered it due to their enormous capacity. However, the machines themselves never wittnessed such an infestation and possessed only theoretical knowledge.

Nearly the whole city of Zion was controlled by the Xenomorph population even the guardians of the machines were unable to safe Zion and fight back these creatures.

After a lot of brutal battles the machine civilization could arrest one of the Xenomorphs and examine him. Due to this analysis it was possible to create an efficient protection against the highly aggressive molecular acid of the Xenomorphs and they decided that they need a new kind of agent to defeat their new enemy and so they connected the Alien with the Matrix and uploaded the program of Agent St. Claire. After that they disconnected the Xenomorph and finally created a very efficient spy to infiltrate Zion. They repeated the procedure with a few more Xenomorphs they were able to catch inside the outer Defence zones of the city. Of course they used different interrogative programs to control the xenomorphs minds. It is important to notice that an Agent who was uploaded to an Alien is not copied (due to the bad experience with Agent Smith), so after controlling a physical body in the real world, he is not longer inside of the Matrix, except his Xenomorph body is reconnected to the virtual reality. It is possible to download a program back into the Matrix so that it is not longer controlling the body of the creature however, the Xenomorphs mind is irreversible destroyed and the body is no longer capable of living.

Later interrogators

In the later period of the Xenomorphs and Machines War the machine civilization started to breed Xenomorphs Warriors on a specialized Fetus Field to ensure that they have enough bodies for their transformations. Due to this fact it were not longer necessary to catch Warriors in the hives directly.

These fields were not as large as the fields to grow humans and were not used continuous. Instead of that the machines created a storage to store these bodies in. It has a capacity of 100 bodies and only if there were less then the field produced new Xenomorphs.


These Xenomorphs are at least normal Warriors and share their typical physical traits. The only difference is

An Agent as he would appear inside the Matrix

that after a short time of being possessed by the program of an Agent the Xenomorphs grow in height and become even stronger. In addition their biomechanical appearance is slightly reduced. The reasons for that physical changes haven´t been explored yet.

Furthermore due to the necessary connection to the Matrix to upload the Agent´s program all Interrogator Xenomorphs have a port in their occiput. After linking a already possessed Xenomorph to the Matrix they will appear in their typical agents form inside of the Matrix.

Intelligence and behaviour

These highly advanced creatures combine the strengths of a Xenomorph in the real world and the massive

The typical port that is also inserted into the occiput of a possessed Xenomorph

knowledge and intelligence of an Agent of the Matrix. Interrogative programs uploaded to a human body can´t unleash their full potential, because of physical limitation, but an Alien body enables far more possibilities and makes them extremely deadly.

It is important to understand that these special kind of Xenomorph has no function inside the hive and is especially not working together with any other Aliens. He was simply created to destroy the Xenomorph population on Earth.

There are on the one hand the infiltrators examining the structure of the hives and creating a plan to attack the hive properly together with the other machines, but on the other hand there are the fighters attacking the hive from the inside to ensure the victory of the guardians. A lot of Alien hives have been destroyed due to this practice of infiltrating and attacking.

After a hive has been destroyed all Interrogator Xenomorphs involved are also killed after re-downloading the Agents programs into the construct of the Matrix. For each hive different Interrogators are used to ensure that they will cooperate properly with the machines and do not rebel against the authority.

Known specimen

  • Agent St. Claire