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This is Yoggie project, please don't edit it i you don't have the permission. This Jedi Order is different from Star Wars Jedi Order.


Jedi Order was found by Grand Master K'Raamar around 1.500.000 BPW. It is first formed to establish order in Vordiuox universe. In that time, the whole multiverse is well know about them. Almost 20 year after the founding, K'Raamar devolped the way of the force and with the help of Acteryan blcksmith, he create lightsaber. The new Jedi Order only have 30 Jedi in the first time but the Tuskan Council support their action and with only short time, they have almost 400 new Jedi. But with their justice ideology, they also make many foe. But again, only with short period time they have establish justice over universe.

First Jedi War

In 1.499.940 BPW, the Jedi had a great conflict with Valanorican. First, the Jedi had sent a massanger to Planet Valacor. Because the Valanorican had already sick to face the Jedi false treaty, The Valanorican killed not only the massanger but a whole Jedi legion along with the ship's crew. Knowing this, Grand Master K'Raamar doesn't act anything. Beside he wants to send another massanger. The Tuskan Council saw the lack of leadership within Master K'Ramaar so they made another decision. The Counsil then want to form an army with purpose to invaded the Valacor. Master K'Raamar knowing this and decide to stop their invasion. But he remember that within his position, the Council decision cannot be debate. The Council didn't know about the Valacor hidden superweapon, a creature without name with shape like a dragon. Not only that, Valanorican also have more greater technology than the Council expected. Their real battle experience can't be equated with the Jedi. When the Jedi came into Valacor, The Valanorican made a massacre. They killed almost 120 Jedi with almost 896 the Council army. One of the Jedi general, General Vertrand, made an ambush into Viha'ra city and took the city with a great battle. The Jedi has made a fortress in that city before they can took the whole planet. But the most terrifying technology of Valanorican is to made a powerful Neo-Being or a living organism with a very special fire like Pyrokinesis, Cryokinesis, or even Heliokinesis. After a long 500 years war, many famous Jedi have fallen including Grand Master K'Raamar and General Vertrand. Finally the Jedi have met the leader of Valanorican, Ish'bar. Ish'bar have abllity to control the solar or Heliokinesis. With his power he almost killed everyone on Valacor planet by making a large solare flare from it's nearest star. But by an act from a brave Jedi name Ratoclas, he stab Ish,bar and saved everyone on Valacor. By the end of the war, the Council has choose master Xeron to become the Grand Master of the Jedi.

The Convergence

Some time around 1.499.760 BPW, the Council of the Tuskan made an invasion to expand it's territory. It's campaign was led by the Sephatorian Jedi. Her name is Kiara. The Jedi generals along with 40,000 troops was travelling onto the outside of Vordiux outer belt. After they reach outside of the Vordiux belt, they were ambushed by unknown life form. The lifeform itself is a group of Hecatoncriys. Because it's size, many of trooper ship was destroyed. Until there's only 14 ships left, Kiara retreat from the battle. Because of her cowardliness, she has driven into unknown universe. That was happened because the paralel belt on Kiara ship was broken and it drove her ship into unknown universe. Kiara ship reached one of the unknown planet. They hit hard on a snowy planet and they were greet with human species. But the most made them surprise is that the humans were a jedi too but from different order. They are the Holy Order of Jedi Knights. Because the Kiara thought they were a dark force, she battle with the Jedi. But with Kiara wound from the ship crash and with her few troops, she was easily defeated. Following of her disappearance the order was sugesting that the attack was made by an unkown species outside of th universe. The counsil then using tracking beacon searching for Kiara. Finally, the order reached the planet where she was crashed. In that planet they found nothing but an extinct civilazation. Because nothing on the planet, they decide to go back. Before they can go back, they were attacked by the Holy Order. After vicious battle, they were draw. The defense of the Jedi Order was impressive so they were welcome into Centro. In Centro, Grand Master Yoda and Grand Master Xeron discuss about making of alliance. While Xeron objective to makng alliance is to made a larger territory and order, Yoda objective is different. His objective is to defeat the Yiazmatorian or the universe merger. The Yiazmatorian believe with their technology to merge to universe, they will achieve a power to control over it. But this act can killed trillion lifeform in each universe. The spy of the Holy Order said that the Yazmatorian is about to merge the universe of the Holy Order of Jedi Knights and the Jedi Order universe. Xeron and Yoda form an army from a jedi and trooper. The Yazmatorian itself is a very great threat with it technology and also with it, they can match the power of the two order. They also brilliant at strategy and they never underestimate the potential of their enemy. The war itself took 10 years long. From both side they had great casualties. Finally with one lethal strike in the heart of Yazmatorian, they were defeated. The survivor of Yazmatorian were banished from civilazation. After the war, the Holy Order of Jedi Knights and the Jedi Order form an alliance. But along with it's time, they status began not clear whether they were an alliance or just a different order. Because of this status, each side begin asking their territory.