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The Kaland'or are a bipedal, reptilian, passive race of ancients that live inside a red dwarf star named Gal-65. They are referred to as ancients because they have given up spacefaring life to settle down and peacefully contemplate philosophy inside their star, Gal-65.


The Kaland'or have long outgrown the necessity to hunt or trade for food. Carnivorous in nature, they now create organic matter easily by combining various elements such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon. This food is distributed across Gal-65. No Kaland'or citizen is ever hungry, and food is delivered promptly and on time every solar cycle. The Kaland'or are only able to survive inside Gal-65 due to the heat shields built inside, which will be briefly outlined in the technology section of this report. The Kaland'or are in constant need of solar radiation. The reason for this being that they developed on the planet Kalos IV, a planet very close to it's red dwarf star, similar to Mercury. When the Kaland'or eventually achieved star travel, they soon found that they needed a large amount of solar radiation consistently to live. The star Gal-65 emits the radiation which is then filtered down to the right amount for the Kaland'or inside.


The Kaland'or have four legs and two arms. They also have a tail. The Kaland'or's chemical balance means that they will only ever have one mate. The mates will match up perfectly chemically. When the male wishes to impregnate the female, a gas is emitted from the pores in his tail. The female responds with a similar, yet chemically different gas, which signals that she is also ready for impregnation. The male has a tail spike, which he holds his sperm is. The female is forcibly injected with the sperm. In 4-5 Kalos months, an offspring is conceived. The Kaland'or are very reptilian in nature, with scales and claws. They are also warm-blooded creatures. Primitive defense blades grow on the arms of most males. Females possess a special scent gland capable of knocking out would-be assailants. Nowadays, both the blades and the glands are usually removed surgically, as they have no more use. A mouth filled with razor sharp teeth appears on the head of the Kaland'or, and three eyes are also apparent. The bottom two are normal optical organs, while the uppermost eye is able to see thermally, when activated. The Kaland'or are able to blink, unlike some reptiles.


The culture of the Kaland'or is not all that different from our own, with minor exceptions. Kaland'or participate in an active showing of family life. A mother, a father, and one child. The children participate in a coming-of-age rite when they are 8 Kalos years. In early Kaland'or history, this was often a fight with a wild beast. Nowadays however, it usually consists of insight into the philosophy of the universe. If the child demonstrates a basic understanding of philosophy and the universe, then the child is deemed a full-grown, a member of the Kaland'or society. The Kaland'or also have strong religious beliefs, that will be outlined later in this report.


Once, great fleets of the Kaland'or military prowled the galaxies in search of other races to fight. Up until now, the Kaland'or had been a feisty militant race. They thought that the only way to ascend to a higher plane would be through conquering other races. Eventually, they met a race called the Purgons. The Purgons called a great council with their many ally races, and deemed that the only way to defeat the Kaland'or threat was to use force. The Purgons and a dozen other races called to arms and fought against vast armadas of the Kaland'or. Eventually, the war ended with the destruction of the Kaland'or home world. The fleets of Kalos were diminished and surrendered. The Kaland'or rejoined spacefaring society as a peaceful race. After around 5000 years, the Kaland'or retired themselves to the star Gal-65, where they will wait out the rest of their existence until Gal-65 goes supernova, destroying their race once and for all.


The Kaland'or were a very technologically advanced race. Unfortunately, the height of their technological avarice was when they were a militant race. Most of their weapons and designs are now lost to history, seeing as how no more ships or weapons are produced by the remnants of the civilization, and the original designs were destroyed along with Kalos IV. However, the Kaland'or still retain a certain technological know-how. Seeing as how they were able to devise a heat shield around a massive colony that could support the full brunt of a red dwarf. The Kaland'or are now cryptic, and refuse to share technologic designs with any other race, afraid that it might change the "Way things are".


The Kaland'or worship an almighty being they call "Mother". Mother supposedly protects the universe and all it's inhabitants. When they were a militant race, the Kaland'or worshiped a being called "Father" who enjoyed the sport of war and would offer any race who could delight him a passage to a higher plane. Mother is the opposite, a kind soul who only wishes peace on the inhabitants of the universe. The Kaland'or believe that Mother will give them a passage to a higher plane if they repent, and end their race in a supernova. The Philosophy of the Kaland'or mostly consists in finding alternate dimensions and finding proof that Mother and Father both exist. The Kaland'or see themselves as "Child". Child, who makes mistakes and is punished for it, but then grows into a respectable being.

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